Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Home Management Binder!

I've wanted to make one for my family for a while now but never got around to it and just couldn't think of what to put in there, so last week when Eden posted about hers I said "that's it, I'm making one TODAY".

Eden is so sweet, she emailed pretty much all the forms she used in her own binder and then I also took a look around the web and got some pretty neat ideas from other ladies too. Slowly it's coming together, it's not yet finished but I wanted to show you what I've got so far and maybe inspire someone else to make one. I don't know how I ever lived without mine, it really is a life saver.

So here we go:


I had some pretty fabric laying around, so I went ahead and covered my folder with, just used a little bit of hot glue and it worked well. I then glued a cover sheet onto it, it just says the name of the family and has a cute graphic and a Bible Verse that I love.

On the inside pocket I have a few cute pencils. I'm going to get one of those mesh pencil holders and use that for all my pens and pencils etc, but for now it will do.


The first section is my Schedules. This is where I keep all our schedules which usually change each week depending on the shift that Curt is work.


Next section is my Menu Planning and Grocery Shopping. I have a printable monthly menu, pantry list, grocery list and also coupons. I'm using the ones that Eden sent me, but you can also download some great ones here. Monthly Menu Planners & Grocery Lists.


Next section is my Calendar and I use this form that you can download and print for yourself.


Next is the House Cleaning Section. I have a ton of Fly Lady forms for cleaning, I don't use her personally, I tried before and it just wasn't for me, but I think she has some great ideas for decluttering and cleaning so I keep those in the folder.


I also have a Stain Removal Guide that I found online.


Next is my Brain Files. Now while looking around online at other Home Binders, I found this and thought is was an awesome idea. You can download the files for yourself, thanks to Little Turtle Mama.

They're split up into days of the week and each day focuses on a room to clean. I think it's great because usually I'm more of a "try to clean every room EVERY DAY" kinda gal and it can get overwhelming. This will help me stay focused on just one room per day.

Next section is our Monthly Budget, Eden sent me the form she uses but if you want one for yourself, you can download some great ones online.....OR ask Eden for hers? LOL


Next section is my Contacts. I'm using both the form that Eden sent me plus another really great one I found online.

You can find it here, Phone Resources and print it for yourself. It has a place for family phone numbers, schools, doctors, vet, local hospital, neighbors etc.


In this section I also have menus and take out pamphlets for some of our favorite restaurants.


I still have a few sections to work on......the next ones will be:

Birthday & Christmas Lists - it will have a page for each family member that lists things they've requested and ideas for Christmas and Birthday presents

Bible Study - I'll keep track of Bible Reading schedule, Bible Study notes or devotionals etc.

Blogging Friends - I have quite a few of my bloggy friends addresses and will keep a list with their blog name, real name and info. It will make it easier for when I send out Christmas cards or want to surprise someone with a little gift in the mail.

Family & Health Records - shot records for the kids, I'll keep a record for each family member of shoe sizes and clothes sizes to make it easier to update as it changes, doctors visits and yearly well exams.

Hobby and Home Decor Projects - I always find some great projects in magazines and never know where to put them, this way I can clip them and add them to the binder.

And that's pretty much it, I'm sure as time goes by I'll probably add different sections to it. Hope I gave you all some ideas for your own binders and if you make one for yourself, I hope you share it with all of us too :)


supermommy said...

Very nice! I have one that I started about a year ago. I really need to pull it out and work on it again.

KrisinTN said...

This is a really great idea! I think I could probably use this to stay on track!

Karen said...

This is so pretty. I have a binder that I keep in the kitchen with some of the same things, but it's mostly info for the family -- extracurricular fliers, school directories, etc. It's called our Blue Book because, well, the notebook is blue. I think I could jazz it up a bit, don't you?

Barbara said...

I just redid my Home Manual last month, but just realized I never did post my pics of it. I'll have to add that to my to-do list this weekend :)

Tina Leigh said...

I love it! I too started on one last year but my schedule here got to be more routine (last year I was working different days every week) I could still use the organization tho...with Little Package here ever so much I could benefit from a home binder. I ordered the Fly Lady stuff and it helps but it needs adapting to my needs/wants. Thanks for the encouragment!

Mari said...

That's a really good idea. I may have to try it too, if I can be so organized!

elizabeth embracing life said...

I have never went to the pretty amazing extent that you have gone with the binder. I just have three binders that are white. However after looking at your I am going to cover them and make them at least look pretty.

One binder has seven tabs for each family member and then a pocket folder for person. I keep school records, medical info, birth certificates and ss# cards.

One binder, also a lovely white is all the bill paying stuff

One binder is the pictures I will someday put into a more orderly fashion, but untl now at least they made it into something. LOL.

I loved all your ideas

The Bookworm said...

I have thought of doing a home binder for a while, and I did start one last year but it never really took off. Now I do most of my organisation through Google Calendars - everyone's activities, menu planning, and my to-do lists (housework and other) are all there. I use Toodledo, which can be pulled directly into Google Calendar and checked off from my Calendar screen. The way I have it set up doesn't lend itself easily to printing out ... but then, there is so much other useful stuff it would be good to have in a binder. Maybe next year!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

This is such a great idea! I would love to have a home binder BUT to have one you actually have to make one :)

I just don't see that happening right now. Not with three ankle biters :)

Someday I will have that much GLORIOUS organization!


Lavinia said...

Wow, everything at your fingertips. I wish I was disciplined enough to do this! I make do with 'to do' lists, 'to buy' lists, and other adhoc arrangements. I have, however, been meaning to set up a devotional/prayer book. That *is* one thing I intend to do. Good luck with this, sounds like you are getting alot out of it!

Ambitious Redhead said...

I kind of have something like that for my oldest who is 7 and high functioning autistic. He likes to know what is happening all the time, he hates to have his routine altered. Great job on it!

MyJourneyBack said...

Oh Sandra,
You did a great job. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I know that someday(when she is a SAHM) my daughter will enjoy doing a binder like this. Thanks for sharing.
I especially like your blogging section. How sweet.
Many Blessings.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Well done Sandra! Pretty and practical!

Blessed Beyond said...

your book looks great! I love it! And your autumn day photos are wonderful! Thank you so much for always being so kind and insiprational!

MoziEsmé said...

I love this idea! I have a control journal I've been trying to keep up (Flylady influence...) but it's nowhere near as pretty.

JILL said...

What a great idea!

Michelle said...

didn't Eden have a great binder?! I'm so glad she posted it so I could see what all was inside :)

The Khaje Khronicles said...

Sandra! Your binder looks awesome!!! I love it!!

Amy said...

You are doing it again, Sandra!! Inspiring me and so many others! You know i never understood what a Homemanagement Binder was, and now I know! It is much much more than I thought, and now when I get home, I am making my own! this is so wonderful! Would you be alright if I emailed you next week for the budget pdf? Thanks so mcuh again, Sandra! You are such a blessing! Really really..alot alot..very very ;) (That's what my 3 year old says, and think it so fits sometimes :) Hugs.. Amy

autumnesf said...

I just started one of these recently also. I've tried it and flylady at other points in life and it just didn't work for me. This time it is working and doing great. Of course I have personalized everything to my own way of doing... but it really has helped me manage my time much better.

All My Blessings said...

I think this is such a good idea and to be honest I've put it off too. Today I printed a lot of the pages and will make it my mission right after I mop my floor...kae

Sarah said...

It looks lovely.

Hugs n' love.

Spanish Princess said...

I have a series of binders like this that I've made and actually teach classes at ACS. I've been meaning to post about them. Thanks for sharing.

Lu said...

This is the most fabulous idea!!!

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