Friday, December 12, 2008

Nicholas' First Kindergarten Show!


Last night we went to the school's Kindergarten Snow Show. As I sat there watching my little boy sing and act out the words, I had a lump in my throat. I was so extremely proud of him and the fact that this is the beginning of a whole new world for him. The maturing from a little toddler to a big school boy....there's something magical about their first school concert isn't there?

So be prepared for quite a few pics and a little video, I know it may seem like much but I just couldn't stop snapping photos and I know that the family is dying to see him. Nicholas is especially excited about Vovo (grandpa) in South Africa seeing that he can sing just like him. :)






After the show, they were all lined up so the parents could pick them, but of course there were a few straggler kindergarteners just wandering around LOL My son was one of course LOL


One of the really sweet things the kindergarteners do every year, is make Christmas Cards for the Luke AFB Airmen that are currently deployed and will not be home for the holidays.

The teachers supply all the materials and cookies to eat after the Snow Show and the kids get to make the cards and write whatever they want. Nicholas did this ALL on his own, he asked me how to spell "can't" and "sorry" but everything else he did alone, right down to his backwards G, and it makes me so proud of him. It brought tears to my eyes when I read the says:

I am sorry that you can't go home


And here's Jasmine's card, again, it makes me so proud of my kids. I think being a military family they are fully aware of what it means for a soldier to be away, Jasmine especially since she's been through it before when daddy was overseas during Christmas and New year's.


It was a great night, we enjoyed the children singing and seeing how happy they were up on stage. As with all 5 year olds, they started waving to their mommies and daddies and shouting out "I love you" LOL

It was so cute.

Here is Nicholas with his classroom's snowman, each class made one and put it up on the wall. he is pointing to his photo.


Here's the first song they sang...I couldn't get much more, I was so busy taking photos that I forgot about the video LOL



Lindsay said...

Too cute! The cards almost made me cry. My DH is leaving in a few weeks and I am so thankful that he will be home for Christmas. My daughter's 1st Christmas program is next week and I'm already afraid that I might break into tears.

Tina said...

How fun for Nicholas and for you :) My oldest son's 1st grade show was on Monday and I cried and videotaped at the same time - that's

He's too cute :) You should be proud of both of your babies - they're gems :)

Nothing Too Fancy... said...

OH, Sandra! How absolutely precious! I can't wait for "my" little ones to reach that milestone!:-)

Mari said...

Those pictures are so sweet. I love the blurry ones with Nicholas's face showing. He looks so intent on what he is doing.

Cheri said...

I just love how proud the kids are of themselves. So cute!

Susanne said...

So sweet Sandra! I love the effect you used where the other children are black and white or blurred compared to Nicholas. That is really cool.

Michelle said...

AWWW Sandra.I was waiting *impatiently* for this post how grownup he is ;-) I look forward to McKenna's first school show.Have a great weekend..

Cathy said...

How fun!! I just thought I'd let you know that I purchased a KOTA the Dinosaur at our Toy's r Us for $89.00 this afternoon. I know Nicholas wanted one ;).


..::Mrs. Staff Sergeant::.. said...

Adorable! Those cards are awesome :) I'd be keeping those forever!

Raggedy Girl said...

I adore the photo of your son with the snowman. The expression on his face is so darling. I am sure you are really proud. I hope the singing ends up in lots of snow for everyone for Christmas.
Roberta Anne

Anonymous said...

He is so cute! I can just imagine how proud you were! Kayla's program is next week! How sweet about the cards!

Michelle said...

Oops I accidently clicked anon somehow!

Melanie said...

'Enjoyed the pics and program. I know you're proud. Motherhood rocks!

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

So precious! :)

Posh And Trendy Living Frugal said...

Adorable!! You have wonderful thoughtful children but then that's because you're a great mom.

Karen said...

Very cute! The Midge's 2nd grade show was Thursday. I'm still waiting to re-live it via video, but I got some great pictures!

Anonymous said...

he is so cute

Nikowa said...

I just love school programs!

LOVE your header pictures :)

Terri said...

He looks so cute in the program. Seems like he was concentrating so hard. You got some great shots!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Awww! What great cards. They are tear-jerkers for sure!

We are all anxiously awaiting my son's Christmas program!

shopannies said...

this is fun for both the parent and the child. Great memories as I have memories being on both sides and cherish them both