Friday, March 20, 2009

Backyard Fun!

We have been enjoying the best weather yet, granted we're already up in the 90's and if you can believe it, I've already gotten my first tan LOL

I'm lucky, I tan extremely easy and quickly, I don't burn, I just become dark right away and this afternoon I walked by Jasmine and she says "Mommy, you got a tan, you're all caramel now" Hahahah

Anyway, I want to tell you, or actually SHOW you how we spent our afternoon. I tell you that living on a military base does have it's ups and downs, mostly ups for me because the benefits and that feeling of security far outweigh anything that may be viewed as a nuisance. One of the best things for me is having an Air Show right in my back yard.

Don't believe me? Every day we have the F-16's flying above, but when it comes to this time of the year and we have the Air Show, then our backyard becomes the stage for some of the most amazing stunts ever.

This afternoon the kids got out at 1pm and it was SO hot already that we came home and headed out to the backyard....the sprinkler was turned on and the kids got to play around in their swim gear while mama snapped pictures and videos of the air show practice RIGHT above our house.
The Thunderbirds flew so low it almost felt like you could touch them....amazing!

So here you go, just a preview of what's to come, because you can bet your sweet behind that we'll be over there tomorrow, indulging in aircrafts, watching the Thunderbirds and the parachuting and all that fun stuff.








Now how's that for our own private show? It was so much fun following the planes around and I'm so happy with my camera, the zoom on it is amazing.

The kids loved being out playing in the sprinkler and then I slathered on tons of sunblock and they sat in the sun for a few minutes enjoying the Thunderbirds above us.

It was such a great afternoon, and it left me yearning for all the summer days ahead.

I'm off to watch the last episode of Lark Rise to Candleford, I can't believe it's over, I'm so sad I don't know how I'll survive until next year waiting for the new season....I also have some more cupcakes to crochet, with so many of you interested in them, I may start making a few to giveaway and sell.

I'll leave you with a video I shot earlier, there are a couple of fly by's that I was able to shoot REALLY close, even my hubby is amazed at how awesome it enjoy.

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Mari said...

Great pictures and videos. My hubby and son would be so jealous! They are big air show fans.

everyday mom of one said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you. I love the pics it got me all excited. Love the thunderbirds.

Hey I have a skincare giveaway going on feel free to come by and enter.

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

When we lived in Illinois right outside of Scott AFB (Hubby was Army though), the Thunderbirds were practicing one day when we were in our backyard playing (we lived about five minutes off base) and all of a sudden we had our own personal show, too. I love when neat stuff like that happens.

We're dealing with just one vehicle right now, and when I took my hubby to work this morning (which I do only rarely), it was 23 degrees. I don't think I'll be tan and caramel for a very long time! Of course, I'm in Michigan where Mari is...that's where we ended up settling when my hubby retired at the end of last year, so we could still have snow.

Thanks for sharing your pictures. They brought back some cool memories.

Lulu said...

amazing pics..

Just me~ Bobbie Jo said...

What great pics. Love a good air show.

I love the little cupcakes you are making-I would love some. Let us know if you start selling them.

skywind said...

Oh, The fighter is F22?
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Cheri said...

That is a great video- my husband loved it too!!

JMR said...

Awesome pictures! I miss living near an Air Force Base--because of the jets! (I grew up in the Luke AFB flight training area so we saw them daily too.)

We had some nice days in the 60s this past week but we're back to the 30s today. I can't wait for spring to arrive here! Enjoy your nice weather before it gets too hot out! :)
God Bless, Meg

Renee said...

Great pics and video! My hubby and boys' came running over when they heard the music and loved it too. Have a wonderful weekend.

Susanne said...

We have airshows at our city too and I've been a few times. I really like them but when we have them in August it is hot and dry so the fam didn't want to go more than a couple of times. The best way to see the airshow was when we were invited into one of the VIP tents because one of my parents works for the little local airline. Now that's the way to see it. VIP parking, table and chairs to sit at, a huge tent to sit under if you want. Free lunch and then free drinks and snacks all day long. Yup definitely my fave way to view! LOL.

We have the Snowbirds here and they are amazing and fun to watch and like an idget I always end up crying watching them but the planes are nothing like those f16's. The one time the Blue Angels came up our way was breath-taking. And scary they were sooo powerful.

Mrs. Co said...

Wow that camera of yours does have a great zoom! Wonderful pics and video. I just loved living on an base that hosted an airshow. 3 days of pure fun!

Anonymous said...












Pat aka Posh said...

So neat!!
We live on the east side of the state and just across the river in Illinois is Scot Air Force base.. north of us is the international air port and they let the air force fly and land on their unused air strips.. then they do all their fancy flying over our house which I too think is really neat.. other then the noise :)

Wendi said...

The Air Show is always lots of fun! My hubby is a former Airman and was ahh & oohhing over the pictures. The only down to having the airshow in your backyard is the noise.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Kirstin said...

very cool!!! I can't wait for warm weather..

eda said...