Saturday, March 28, 2009

Helping the planet and having fun!


The lights just came back on after one hour in darkness. One hour by candlelight, and one hour spent with laughter and jokes and a game of Gestures where trying to act out clues became even more funnier when you can hardly make out the person standing before you.

Why you may ask? Because we contributed to Earth Hour 2009. Just 60 minutes of turning off the lights in your home can do so much for Global Warming and I can't even begin to describe the excitement in my children's faces knowing that they're a part of something so important.


Forcing ourselves to switch off for that hour was the best thing we could have done, we had so much fun together as a family. I'm thinking we should carry this on not just once a year but maybe once a week.


Nicholas was beyond thrilled to be doing this, look at the excitement on his face.



Listening to daddy's stories





Have you ever read by candlelight? I think it just adds to the relaxing feeling of opening a book and immersing yourself into the story.

It makes me feel like I'm back in the pioneer days, sitting near the fire with my shawl wrapped tightly around my shoulders and my book in my lap, with nothing but the candlelight reflecting off the pages.



And now here I sit, in bed, preparing my menus for the next two weeks, surrounded by new cookbooks and delicious recipes from the internet.


It's getting late and my eyes are starting to close. It's funny, I vividly remember the days where I could stay up into the early hours of the morning without blinking an eye, but now, by 9:30pm, I'm ready to snuggle under the covers and get some sleep....which is exactly what I'm going to do.

Sleep tight!


Bonnie said...

I see you have The 19th Wife on your shelf !! I just started that yesterday and am totally hooked !! I think it is going to be a great book. Have you read it already ? What did you think ??

Looks like your hour of darkness was a hoot !!! I love candlelight ... need to do that more often !!

Raggedy Girl said...

That is really neat. Since I don't do the news on TV or read the paper I didn't know about this but it is a neat idea.

Roberta Anne

Pat aka Posh said...

I use to think it was neat to read by candle light until our power went off for two week in the dead of winter.. only heat was camp stoves and candles to read by.

Conny said...

hmmmmmmmm, totally missed out that it was earth day somehow...although I'm not real sure what I think about the whole "global warming" thing....BUT that said, turning everything off couldn't hurt anyway - and look how much fun you all had!! I just love the idea when it gets warmer here (it SNOWED FLURRIED last night!) that I can turn off the heat or a/c and open windows - that has the same effect on me - I feel like a pioneer woman with wind blowing through my house, fresh air, fresh scents of the outside world....ah, but I digress. Happy Sunday to you & yours! Glad your hubby got some down time.

Michelle said...

Love the look on Nicholas's face ;) I've never read by candlelight.

Linds said...

Yes, we did it too, and it was great! My daughter did it in NZ as well, and I loved being a part of something so big, and necesary!

You are not going to believe the word verification, Sandra......cryps. I nearly choked on my coffee! Just take the y out and look!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog. I'm also a military spouse (Navy) and I have a 5yo girl and a 3yo son. Unfortunately, I have to work but, we are trying to pay things down so that eventually, I can stay home! I feel like I am getting tolive vicariously through you!

Rachelinwales said...

Hi Sandra,

I just love your blog, it's great to read how mothers lives are around the world. I'm in the UK and find it really amusing that you love our TV programmes so much. Earth Day looked like a real ball. I see you've got The 19th Wife on your bookshelf, I'm reading thia at the moment and am loving it, you should review it!!!

best wishes


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

How fun! I couldn't get my better half interested in participating, but it looks like you and your family had a wonderful time :) Love the pictures, those are not easy to take and do well :)

I vote for once a month for you guys to do, I bet you would have fun every single time :)

Have a great day and week ahead, Sandra!

Nancy said...

At my age I wouldn't be able to see a thing to read by candle light!!! Looks like your family sure had fun tho'. The pictures are really fun with that warm glow.

~ Tisha ~ said...

YAY for Earth Hour!!
We did it too.. Our kids were so excited about it too. It was fun and I'm like you its something that I think we should do more often. ~Tisha~

Nikowa@KHA said...

You are such a creative mommy!!!