Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't Blink.....

Another year just went by, a whole year, a time when I thought that I would have more of my little boy in kindergarten and my little girl in fourth grade.

But things don't work that way do they? You blink and it's gone.


We just got home from the school, Nicholas had his Kindergarten Field Day/Graduation thing going on, Curt and I got to go and watch the kids play outside and then head back into the classrooms to receive all kinds of goodies, finishing off with their Graduation Certificates and Report Cards.


I promised I wouldn't cry, but I should know that it's a promise I seldom keep because you see, the minute the teacher starts getting teary eyed, I find myself reaching for the kleenex and crying along with her. It's always such a bitter sweet moment.....the immense feeling of pride for you child knowing that they've grown and learned through a whole year and are now beginning a new period in time.....but there's also the sadness, knowing that it's a whole new classroom next year, new kids, new teacher and new bonds that have to be established.


We've been extremely lucky with the teachers our children have had, they have been nothing but the best, devoted, warm, kind, smart and absolute blessings to our lives.


Here's Jasmine with two of her friends.....and below the whole Fourth Grade class...bunch of little nuts they are, I told them to make funny faces for me LOL


So with that, it's done.....we are officially on Summer Break and when we return to school, I will have a Fifth Grader and First Grader. Boy do I feel old LOL

But all of this emotion today got me thinking about how quickly time flies and how one day I'll be sitting at home alone......there won't be any toys hanging out in the bathtub


when I go to sit down on the couch, I will no longer have to push all the stuffed toys aside to find a spot


there will be no little chihuahas hanging out above the tv


or little shoes thrown about in the hallway


when I fix dinner, I'll no longer have to remove the GI Joes from the counter


or listen to endless hours of Spongebob on the tv


and I'll be able to see the door of my refrigerator because it will no longer be covered in dozens of pictures made by little hands whether at school or at home


but thankfully, today is not that day.....I won't have to sit alone because I'm surrounded by laughs and giggles, by the loud tv with cartoons, by the music eminating from the game being played on the computer and the excited voices rehashing their final day of school.

No....for today......I'm going to enjoy every.single.second that I have with these extraordinary LITTLE human beings and thank the Lord for blessing me with them.


~Mrs Sandy~ said...

Great post!!! Thanks for sharing your days with us. Kids just grow up way to fast. It's babies today and grown tomorrow. I'm glad they have had a good school year!!!

cassandrasmom said...

What a wonderful post! I don't even know what to made me cry and think of my own little one (not so little anymore at 7). It does go by all to fast.

Tina said...

Beautiful post!

I found a sticky, little handprint on my sliding glass door today - I'm going to leave it right there :)

Mari said...

You just keep enjoying it! My baby turned 21 today and I can't believe it! You got some great pictures!

Susanne said...

Savor every moment because it's too true. It does go so fast.

Stacey said...

Thank you so much for this post! I am sitting here with tears running down my face as I type! It reminds me to cherish all of the Cheerios I have cleaned up off the floor numerous times today and all of the toys etc. It was a wonderful reminder on a day I needed it most!! God gives us these little blessings and time sure flies whether we like it or not! :-) Thank you for all that you share!


Jen said...

I just cant believe how much they are growing.....enjoy the summer with them.

Anonymous said...

Sandra, I am glad that you are enjoying your kids so much. Take it from me....this time with them will go by with the blink of an eye. I had a terrible time when my youngest left for college. I didn't know what to do with myself. There really is such a thing as "empty nest syndrome".

Hope you and all of your family have a wonderful and safe holiday week-end. Debbi

Laura L. said...

Oh, the end of the school year is always a little sad. Enjoy them while they are small and scatter their toys about.
They do grow so fast, but even when they are adults they never really leave. The relationships just grow and change and you get to enjoy them as adults and friends!

By the way, I made your cheesy meatloaf recipe this week. We really liked it. :)

Channe said...

What a beautiful post. You made me cry, too.

Jillian, Inc said...

I've shed my share of tears this week, too, over another school year finished. And now THIS even made me tear up *sniff* *sniff* Hope you have a great summer!

The Raggedy Girl said...

It is sad but over here it is the start of the old Great Grandmother's summer vacation and I am so looking forward to the kids being home with their teacher Mom. During the summer the only come on Fridays to give Mom a break. I have so many plans and so much I want to do that I cannot with a two year old. Enjoy your summer.

The Raggedy Girl

Lynn said...

This is such a sweet post! I love all the pictures you've taken of everyday life with your kids. Mine are both off in college now, and I must say, I sniffled through every year-end ceremony, and first day of school in new grades. So your post brought back great memories. Although your refrigerator will probably always have all kinds of pictures on it (at least mine does -- photos of the kids throughout the years, photos of their friends graduating, photos of far-off nieces and nephews, pictures drawn for me not by my own kids but by kids from kids' club where I volunteer, etc.!)

Conny said...

awwwww, what a sweet post! congrats to your son - what a big, bittersweet occasion!

Sarah in England said...

What a beautiful post. I find myself longing for those baby days with my girls, but like you I appreciate my children so much right where they are.

You are a lovely mum.

Love and hugs.


debra said...

Great post! It all goes by so fast doesn't it? Thanks for reminding us to enjoy it.

Renee said...

Beautiful post! Your kids are getting so grown up and they are adorable!

Barb said...

"You blink and it's gone."

Truer words were never spoken, Sandra. The only thing that keeps it from being unberably sad is that God gives you a short break and then suddenly you have grandchildren and the cycle starts all over again.

The photo of toys in the bathrub just about did me in. Sigh.

Linda said...

Oh, I remember this well. I still miss my kids' youth. I honestly think I would do it all over again. My grandkids are all great and I do love this time of life but I loved being a busy Mom, too.

gail@more than a song said...

"Blink and it's gone" SO true! And sometimes it seems to go faster and faster!

Tina Leigh said...

Sandra you are so right...I didnt get that when my boys were growing up. BUT let me tell you there will be a new season/ or seasonS. Danny and I got to have another honeymoon period. We grew closer and loved better. And then the grands come! Oh yes Sandra time goes by fast but they are seasons....good ones and special blessings in each. What you have learned early in your life is how to LIVE IN THE MOMENT and enjoy it for all its worth! You are a smart woman!!!!!!!!

Michele said...

Just like many of the other comments, this post brought back many memories of the girls (now 19 and 21) when they were little! Such sweet memories.
As for the fridge, couch, and bathtub... the "toys" change, but the story stays the same! My 19yo is a budding Black and White photographer, so I have her work attached to the fridge (as well as 2 year old grandsons creations)with the magnetic letters I purchased 20 years ago; the couch usually has teen magazines and a make-up bag or health club tote in the way; and the bathtub? Instead of barbies, I now have teen-scented bath gels, shaving creams, and neon colored razors!
I don't mind that at 19,she is still at home, but I have prepared for the day when she does move out and I don't have all of her stuff laying about. (Prepared or not, I will still cry that night).
Don't Blink... yep, that is SO true!