Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend in Pictures!

We've had rain, not too much but enough to make my children run outside and celebrate. I love watching them splashing around and having fun.

So how has your weekend been?

Mine is slow and quiet and uneventful and just the kind of weekend I enjoy. There are no parties or barbecues to attend, no schedule to keep, everyone doing their own thing like reading, watching movies, playing games and having fun.

So here you go, I think pictures explain a lot more than words ever could.


My lemon tree is growing and producing the cutest little lemons



There's a little girl in this house who has just joined the school band.....she is playing the Clarinet and loving it.


Peach Pie has never tasted so good as an afternoon snack


Rain and more rain, it smelled heavenly, it felt wonderful and I just can't wait for more














Mari said...

Sandra - I love these pictures! The rain shots are beautiful, and the ones of the kids are just precious!
I like quiet weekends too. I am working this weekend and the holiday, but the evenings have been quiet.

Just me~Bobbie Jo said...

Great pics!
Welcome to the wonderful club of band moms. I have 2 that play the clarinet-one in HS who has played since 5th grade(now is a JR) and one in MS who has been playing 1 year so far.

Leigh said...

Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!

Anonymous said...

Great Pics. Thanks for sharing. Love, Debbi

Katrina said...

love the pictures! =) that pie looks delicious! Hope you have a great labor day!

Bonnie said...

I love it Sandra !! It's such a great post. The rain looks so refreshing !! I love what you're doing with your photos these days ... they are getting so good !!

The Bookworm said...

Living across the ocean in the land of cloud and drizzle, it is hard to imagine celebrating rain!

everyday mom of one said...

I love lazy weekends defenently a fav. THe pictures of the rain are gorgeous we will send some your way.

Wendi said...

Wow, those are some great rain shots!

Have a great day!

Tina Leigh said...

Looks like a great weekend to me!!! I have missed you blogging tho!

Susanne said...

I love a nice rain. After all the hot weather you guys experience I'll bet it's especially like a treat.

The Raggedy Girl said...

Thank you for sharing your rain, it looks so wonderful. I am just waiting for it to cool off a little.

The Raggedy Girl

Heart2Heart said...


WOW in addition to posting a great things on your blog each day, you are an amazing photographer. These honestly look beautiful and like they were taken by a professional!

My favorite was the one of the rain. Just looking at the picture I could hear the raindrops joining the others who had already found a place on your sidewalk.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Kirstin said...

love the pictures!!!

HuNnY aNd PoPpA LeWiS said...

Awesome pictures. I so love your lemon tree--tried to order one to see if I could grow lemons, but they wouldn't allow it to come to Texas :( !! Oh well, hope your daughter has fun in band --I played the clarinet & loved it.

Have a blessed day!

Renee said...

You're pictures are wonderful!

Jen said...

great the rain too...its good to have an ole fashion rainey day...and congrats on the band!