Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's just around the corner.....


Am I the only one feeling like Christmas crept up on us this year? I could have sworn it was just August yesterday and now, here we are, just a mere 5 days away.

I'm happy to announce though that my shopping is done, the gifts are bought, wrapped and placed under the tree, the teacher and friends gifts are taken care of and handed out and all that's left is waiting for the day to arrive.

My in laws arrive next week on the 23rd and we're so excited to see them, there's nothing like spending the holidays with family and when you're military it's not always possible, matter of fact you spend more holidays alone than with anyone so it's extra special when you can sit back and actually enjoy the company of family.

Let me show you some of my favorite decorations on the tree, there's far too many to post them all and you know what? Half of the lights on my pre-lit tree have gone out LOL I should get in there and fix it but you know, that would require removing everything from the tree, redoing the lights and then redecorating and quite frankly, I'm too lazy for that.

Oh before I forget, I'm sure a lot of you already know about this site, but my kids love it during the Christmas season and they get a thrill out of tracking Santa.







In the midst of all these Christmas preparations, we've been blessed with the most stunning sunrises and sunsets.

This is our sunrise this morning:



Now if that beauty doesn't make you stop and take a breather, I don't know what will.

Actually I think that is exactly what I'll do, take my cup of hot coffee with my creme brulee creamer (which btw, is amazing) and I'm going to sit outside in the back yard and enjoy it.

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone :)


Mari said...

I love your ornaments! The one for this year is beautiful.
I'm taking a short break from baking. My other things are done, but I have to get some goodies made because Andy comes home Monday and I want to be done baking then!
The sunrise is amazing!

Sarah said...

Your ornaments are so pretty. I love the tracking Santa site, I've bookmarked it for tomorrow.

Enjoy your lovely sunset.

Love n' hugs

. said...

I feel the same. Looked like Christmas was so far and now it's here.

Young Wife said...

Beautiful pictures! Doesn't it feel great when you've got all your Christmas stuff done?

Bonnie said...

It has TOTALLY crept up on me too ! Your Christmas decorations are lovely.

Primary Work at Home said...

I love the sunrise pics. :) So cool and perfect. Merry Christmas!