Saturday, January 23, 2010

What a crazy week!

It's been absolutely nuts around here, I guess that is what happens when you live in a State that is not really used to seeing a lot of rain. When it does come down everyone panics.

The rain has been pouring down for almost two weeks straight, there are floods, there are huge puddles, there are streets that if you're not careful you end up driving on the sidewalk because you just can't see the road.

Schools have been closing down early as the buses can not reach certain areas. All in all it's just been crazy.

Thankfully this morning we woke up to beautiful blue skies, not a single cloud and warm sunshine.....welcome to Arizona! *snicker*

Time to get out of the house, run errands, hit the local Goodwill and just enjoy the good weather, I'll come back later and show you whatever I find.


Mari said...

There has been a lot of cray weather al over this week. Glad the sun is shining today!

Nancy said...

Weather all over has gone bonkers!! Glad you have the sunshine today.

Sarah said...

We have almost permanent rain here - well it feels like that sometimes!

Glad you have some sunshine.


The Family of Logo said...

I hear ya! Here in the High Desert of California we've had some VERY unexpected weather as well! Check my blog for more info (if you'd like). Where my husband works tornados touched down and everything!

Christina said...

That's a huge change in weather. So sorry you guys got hit with so much rain. Hopefully that will be then end of it for now.

Have fun at Goodwill.

Lulu said...

weird wild weather...Man, i was scared some days, with the very high winds..
any pics of your granny squares?
have a nice Sunday.

. said...

We had so much rain that everybody had enough, even me. I like the rain so much but I was needing a bit of sun. It came now.

everyday mom of one said...

There has been way too much rain, snow and grey skies. I haven't seen the colour blue in weeks. I am starting to get fed up with it all. Glad you got some sunshine.

Elizabeth, Liz, Eli, Hey you! said...

Oh how I remember rain and rain and still more rain in the you can believe that I worked for the Flood Control District down in Tucson! I mean who would guess they would need flood management in the desert, but now YOU know! The smell of the desert after a mild rain, though, that is a wonderful memory. I hope you are now in for some sunny weather.

I'm glad you are back to blogging more often, I enjoy your stories and humor and recipes.


Elenka said...

That is weird, I guess you guys could use the rain though, no?

Susanne said...

Yeah for the sun showing itself! I thought about you when they were showing the floods on the news. Glad you are ok.