Friday, May 7, 2010

{ Wiglington and Wenks Winners }

Thank you all that entered, I think your kids will really enjoy this game :)

I used to generate 5 winners and the names that came up were:

#1 - Christina at All that Blog
#3 - Mrs B at A Home Keepers Journey
#4 - Conny at Welcome to the Hutchhaus
#5 - Renee at A Path of Joy
#8 - Becky at Can I have that Recipe?

Congratulations Ladies. Now what I need you to do is to log on to the Wiglington and Wenks website and create your free account. Once you have done that, email me at, with your username.

I will then email those usernames to the company and they will award you your premium accounts. That's it, quick and easy!


Conny said...

kewl! I just earned some "awesome mom" points from my kids by winning this!! ;)

Christina said...

So cool. I e-mailed you the info. today. Thanks again. This was a great prize.

Renee said...

Wow ~ Thanks so much! I'll send you the info tonight. Have a great week!