Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Would you like some free books???

As you all know I get a plethora of review books, there's pretty much one book every other day popping up in the mail.

I enjoy reading them all, matter of fact there's nothing that makes me smile more than to look at my Review Basket and see it overflowing.

But truth be told, I have way too many books of which I will never read again, I can honestly tell you that the only books that I have ever kept and read numerous times and still go back to over and over, are the Jane Austen Classics.

I do have books that I have kept because I really enjoyed but for the most part, I'm trying to get rid of the piles and piles I have on my bookshelves.

All this just to ask a simple question........would you be interested in some books???  They're all in new condition, have only been read once for the blog reviews and I wouldn't mind sending them to someone who would appreciate them.

Let me know what you think and if enough people are interested, I will post a list of the books I have available tomorrow and then it will be a first come first serve basis.

What do you think?

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