Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Waiting for the rain....

One of the things you learn to appreciate when living in a hot place like Arizona....is the rain.

Oh I love rain and I don't see it often enough so when I see the weather forecast and it's telling me we have some incoming storms, I grin, like real big and I sit and wait.

Many times I am disappointed because it never comes to fruition but I never stop hoping and when I looked outside about 5 minutes ago and saw the clouds taking over the sky, I think my hope went a little higher and maybe just maybe, I'll get that cooling rain....something to take away this 118 degree weather.  Yikes.

So I'm waiting......

and while I do I'm going to enjoy Pretty Little Liars, Deadliest Catch and Combat Hospital.  I like Tuesday night TV.

I think I'll make myself a cup of hot tea and grab some shortbread cookies, here's wishing you all a good night :)

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