Friday, August 19, 2011

Today at home......

♥ enjoying folding a mountain of laundry with my sweet helper (he only folded 3 articles of clothing but I'm thrilled that my 8 year old BOY is learning to do these things)


♥ enjoying the fact that in his innocence he gets distracted from the task at hand and decides that the TV is way more interesting


♥ enjoying a little morning break with a cup of cappuccino and some hooky fun

Afternoon break

♥ enjoying adding a few little things to my kitchen baker's rack


♥ still enjoying and loving my apron


♥ enjoying doing dishes while watching the daily goings on of life outside the window

Kitchen window

♥ enjoying my Prairie Traveler's companion book and learning so much


♥ enjoying my fresh parsley drying near the window

Drying Parsley

♥ enjoying a few minutes with a cup of tea and some blogging

Blogging Time

♥ enjoying the little steps that go into dinner preparation and using colorful cookware to make me smile

Dinner preparation

♥ enjoying my family's face as they taste yet another Portuguese dish and delight in it's flavor

Galinha de Fricasse

♥ enjoying saying goodbye to a busy day and hello to the setting sun


♥ enjoying some new favorite artists such as Leddra Chapman from the UK.

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