Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 33

Well, I woke up this morning and felt like everything was going wrong, and I mean just everything was coming at me.

If you are a military wife, I don't to see anything else, you all know that moment during a deployment/TDY where things break, go wrong, etc etc.

So aside from the daily battle with the ants, and then the lizard, last night I saw the biggest dinosaur sized cockroach trying to climb out from behind my toilet.  I about died.  You have got to be kidding me.

She was actually trying to come out of the wall from the hole where the faucet is behind the toilet, the metal ring was loose and there she gross, so so so so so nasty, I sprayed her with lysol which is what I had on hand LOL  and she ran back in and I quickly pushed the metal ring back on and hammered it into place.  *shiver*

Then this morning, wake up to ants again, an air conditioner that has frozen and it's 112 degrees outside, and a toilet that is making the weirdest humming sound.  Lord help me.

I do feel like it's all coming at once but I can make it through, I always do.....anyway, here's what's been going on today.

::::  after fighting with the ants again and trying literally ever single advice and tip and trick I've been given by friends and readers, I decided to get out of the house with the kids and go get something else to try
Day 33

:::: flatware caddy that I got at the BX for really cheap.
Day 33

:::: made a stop at the second hand book store in the BX little mall and picked up a few books and the Sense and Sensibility movie which was only $2
Day 33

:::: sleepy pug
Day 33

:::: she has not been enjoying the heat lately
Day 33

:::: I love Bisquick so snatched this book up real quick and it's full of really yummy looking recipes to try
Day 33

:::: Country crafts book, I've already browsed through it and there are quite a few things I want to make, like these carrots for my kitchen
Day 33

:::: starting dinner
Day 33

:::: enjoying a glass of Guava juice
Day 33

:::: fresh Portuguese rolls
Day 33

:::: dinner time. I don't care what time of the year it is, we always enjoy a bowl of delicious soup
Day 33

:::: vegetable soup, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, leeks, onions...yum
Day 33

:::: and always with a Portuguese roll filled with ham and cheese, this meal reminds me of my childhood
Day 33

:::: lots of leftover soup for a quick mid week lunches
Day 33


Christy said...

Things would always break whenever my husband was away on business too. The one thing I do not like about summer is the bugs and we get the really small ants every year. The ant traps do the trick for me. Good luck!

Liz said...

Hopefully today was the worst day you'll experience with your hubby gone. Your soup looks so good, and what a good idea to put it in the jars for single portions. I've been taking 4 oz jars of stuff I make to my in-laws every time I've gone this week. Between salsa, butter, and mayo, they're going to have all of my jars. Haha.

Tami said...

Those are the best ant killers you could have bought! Those are the ones we use. Ants drive me crazy too. We have some years that are worse than others. I have found that you just have to be diligent in keeping counters/floors clean (Seems like you are=) and after a while, they will just disappear. They may come back but just stay on top of them and they'll be gone again in no time.

Mahek said...

soup looks delicious... Your awesome pictures makes them look better...
What type of camera do you use?

Mary said...

Andro (ant killers) are the best for me...and I'm sure you now realize it is important to match the ant bait with the ant..some ants are attracted to sugar, some are not...

Despite it all, you sound like you are hanging in there and what a wonderful day otherwise..

Just Us said...

You got some great books to read and I love soup too, looks delicious! Hope the next few days bring relief without those silly ants. I had them all over my wall the other day combined with a wet week. Maybe rain is on the way?

Stacia said...

Awww, I'm so sorry to hear what a hard time you are having my friend. Know you are thought about and that in spirit you aren't alone. I hope by now the ants are gone and you are able to relax and enjoy your new reading list in peace.

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said...

so sorry to hear about your pest invasion...hugs to you. I've been there with the TDY's and NCO school. Something does seem to happen each time they leave. Hang in there!