Sunday, September 30, 2012

End of September

And here we are, the last day of September.

I feel that the minute we go into October, life will start moving at warp speed, all in a rush up to the holidays.

Oh it's my favorite time of year.   The shorter days, the cooler temperatures, Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas.

September 30, 2012
Early morning sunrises with freshly brewed coffee. This time of year I love to add different spices to it, whether cinnamon or nutmeg, or even pumpkin pie spice.

September 30, 2012
Getting the last of summer's fun out of the homemade ice cream

September 30, 2012
It's this time of the year that I start fervently looking through all my cookbooks, in anticipation of cute snacks for the holidays, comforting dinners etc.

September 30, 2012
Stepping outside to watch Autumn come into full bloom. Colors seem brighter, more vivid.

September 30, 2012
And decorating, because it's so much fun to do :) Some spooky characters are starting to show up around the yard.

September 30, 2012
Lazy weekends spent indoors, drinking hot chocolate, crocheting....

September 30, 2012
Yes, I do believe I'm ready for another holiday season :)


CaityClaire said...

We are beginning to warm up for summer here.....but mmmmm those coffee beans look SOO tempting! I think I can almost smell them from here :-) thanks so much for your lovely comment on my first post of my blog Sandra. It was really encouraging.
Ps. Your yarn colours for your cushion cover are such a good combo!

Debby said...

I am with you on fall just flying by. I think this is my favorite time of the year, until winter comes around, then spring, but they can have summer!! Ha

whitneycroy said...

Fall is my favorite time of year because it goes by so quickly. we don't really have seasons here in Alabama. We have summer and and a slightly cooler summer. haha