Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hour to hour

Starting at 5am this morning, here is how my day progressed :)

5 am.....early morning light
Hour to hour

6am.....making the bed
Hour to hour

7am....adding a few more pillows, figuring out where they will go and deciding how I want to make the bolster
Hour to hour

8am.....pugs and children are starting to wake up
Hour to hour

9am.....making homemade butter and watching a movie on Netflix
Hour to hour

10am.....bread making
Hour to hour

11am......short break for mommy
Hour to hour

12pm....lunch time with the kiddos, and their choice today which was tuna salad
Hour to hour

1pm....kids play a little on their laptops
Hour to hour

Hour to hour

2pm......buttermilk bread all finished, two loaves put away in my bread bag
Hour to hour

3pm.....homeschooling under way
Hour to hour

4pm.....starting dinner as hubby had a college class to attend, watching The Paradise (new period drama on BBC One, will give you the link once it's up)
Hour to hour

5pm.....Ham and Cheese Sliders for dinner
Hour to hour

6pm.....tackling the dinner dishes, usually the time I want to run for the hills
Hour to hour

7pm....hubby at class and I sat down to work on the back of the mini hexagon pillow
Hour to hour

8pm.....starting to slow down, thinking I'll give the crochet a rest and watch a little tv with the family before bed.
Hour to hour


Jen said...

I know this will surprise you...but...we have the same cereal bowls. LOL!

Simone said...

I'm feeling unworthy of what I do as a work away from home bonus mom. I am visiting from Sweet Tea and I will be back. If only I could taste the buttermilk bread! Yum!

Mari said...

I enjoyed this hour by hour post! Someday I may try it too. Good for you in all you got done today!

Sherri B. said...

I love all of your pillows, they made such a happy bed.

The morning shot in your kitchen is my favorite, early morning is such a special time.

So nice of you to share your day. xo

Nimmi Kailey said...

fantastic :)
Loved it

Mahek said...

I always love to read your day to day posts...
Do you mind if I ask you questions?
When I see the pictures I always have some things on my mind...

Amber said...

Looks like a great day! A busy day for sure!

Marie Moniz said...

loved it <3

Wendi said...

Loved seeing your day in pictures. Those ham and cheese sliders look good. Another thing I might have to add to next months menu. :)

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

What a great post....great idea. I should do that sometime. You can REALLY see what you accomplish in a day this way!

I've been meaning to make your buttermilk bread. I pinned it when you showed it before! It looks so delicious!

I also love the ham and cheese sliders and this reminded me to add it to my next grocery list for a dinner!

Love all your crocheting, Sandra!

Enjoy your day!

Jill said...

Always nice to get a glimpse into other mom's days. :-) I'm a stay at home mom as well. Your dinner looks delicious and since my dishwasher is currently broken my sink looks quite similar in the evenings. You have a nice blog here and I will be back to visit. Have a lovely evening!


Susanne said...

I can't believe it's so light out at 5 a.m. over there. We are in the dark now when I get up at 6:30. It's made forcing myself out of bed that much harder.

Tami said...

Do you have the recipe for your buttermilk rolls on your blog? These look amazing but I'm gluten free so I'd love to convert your recipe.