Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Little corners of my home

Hello there, come on in and sit with me a little.

I thought I would show you a few corners of my home, just little snippits here and there :)

::::  my morning started with tackling this pile of laundry.  It really is never ending isn't it?
Little corners of my home

:::: once that was taken care of, I moved on to tidying and puttering around with a few things. One thing I love in my kitchen is to have lots of fresh herbs, I just love seeing green around me......here's my parsley
Little corners of my home

:::: early morning sun shining on my living room wall
Little corners of my home

:::: had to wait until the sun was up to show you better. I love wooden shelves
Little corners of my home

:::: stitched this one about a year or so ago
Little corners of my home

:::: looking from the entryway to the living room. I moved my homeschooling station from the window to this wall. Miss having the window right there but it's given my living room a lot more room
Little corners of my home

:::: just because I love my crochet basket
Little corners of my home

:::: new yarn I picked up at Joann's last week
Little corners of my home

:::: looking from the hallway towards the living room. Those are my husband's display cases housing all his military diplomas, pictures, awards etc
Little corners of my home

:::: bench that hubby made back in Idaho...it sits in my hallway
Little corners of my home

:::: kitchen wall displaying some of my favorite crochet potholders
Little corners of my home

:::: these two were crocheted by my grandmother, many many years ago
Little corners of my home

:::: I love them so much. See, she has osteoporosis and her back is severely hunched, and these were some of the last things she was able to crochet
Little corners of my home

:::: can't let you go without showing you dinner right??? Cheese Tortellini which I layered with the leftover meatloaf crumbled over the top, tomato sauce, cheese...yum.
Little corners of my home


Marie Moniz said...

love stopping by. You always have the most wonderful pictures and stories. You are a wonderful inspiration to all. Enjoy your evening!

Sweet Tea said...

II could look at those 24/7.
I always enjoy the fact that you enjoy your home so much. I feel the same way. Fun to see glitz and glamour but I'll choose "home" any day.

NITA said...

Can't wait to come visit you sometime now that we will be retired!!!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Good morning Sandra,

I loved all that stash of crocheting! Beautiful colors! And what a pretty bench you're husband made for you! Enjoyed seeing around your home. Everything looks pretty!

Enjoy your day! :)

kathie said...

Love your photos and how you decorate. Thank you so much for sharing your space with us and making me feel like I'm at *home*.

"The Smelly Lady" said...

Love your little corners! Thank you for sharing. I so wish I had time to be a true homemaker. Maybe someday I will be able to. If I showed little corners my my home you'd probably only seen piles of dirty clothes, boxes piled with things and dust bunnies galore. LOL!

Elise Martinez said...

Oh my... that dinner dish looks very delicious. I love blogger home tours! Thanks for sharing!

Elise Martinez said...
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Stay at home Mommy said...
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whitneycroy said...

I love your crochet basket.. I've been working on one particular project for about three years. I just can't seem to find time to ever work on it. I wish I could store it in a basket like that, but I have little hands that would love to get into it. I loved all your corners! they looked so homey :)


Marie Moniz said...

Sandra: I checked www.socialmediajobhunters.com and it sounds interesting. But, do we have to pay first? how does it work if you don't mind telling me.
thank you

Amber said...

I enjoyed looking at all the pics from around your home!