Monday, November 5, 2012

Decorating help!!!!

Alright fellow homemakers, I need some help/advice.

I went by Goodwill this weekend and came across something that caught my eye, and I just had to have.

I don't know exactly what it is or what it's used for, but I love it and it was only $2.  I couldn't leave it behind.

So I'm asking you....if anyone out there knows what it is or how to use it, or has any ideas on what I should do with it, throw them my way please.


Closer look at the top...




itguyinsc (aka-scdesigner2003) said...

1. Looks like a frame for a beautiful mirror.
2. You could also add screen material to it and use it to display Christmas ornaments.
3. Add a sheet of tin to the back with a design pierced into it. Place a light behind it and the design will show up nicely.

Best of luck with whatever you do :)

~Carla~ said...

It looks to me to be something you'd hang a fire poker on and chimney broom... I'm not sure what d do with it but it s lovely! I hope you'll post what you end up doing with it! :)

Jen said...

I second what Carla said. We use to have something like this next to the fireplace. I would of bought it also. I love it.

Christy said...

That would be my guess too, that it is used to hang fireplace tools. Is it wide enough to hang a throw?

CaityClaire said...

Hmm. You could attach some more/drill in some larger hooks to hang coats from? And you could keep a basket at the base of the stand for shoes? Or you hang handbags? Lots of ideas- please be sure to post about what you end up doing with it!!

Jenna said...

I also agree that it is probably a piece to hang fire place tools on but it does hold a world of possibility. You could hang or mount a screen and use it to store jewelry. Are the knobs very big on the top? I think it would look cute on the front porch with a hanging flower basket if the knob would support it.

Misty Staley said...

I like the tin idea with holes and a light behind it it's such a wonderful item. Heart conversation piece.