Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wonderful day

November 20

Have my wonderful husband home the whole week, and I'm so glad because today we had a school function to attend.

At the Wildlife World Zoo, the Arizona Connections Academy had it's annual Thanksgiving get together.  We were able to meet the teachers and other students and enjoy a full day at the zoo, which we always enjoy.

I don't know about you all, but I could go to the zoo all the time and never get sick of it.

I took a few photos, so let me show you a little of what we did and saw.

Love otters, they are so cute.
November 20

Sea horses, another of my favorites and this one is just gorgeous
November 20

Pink flamingos, my favorite color :)
November 20

Hubby snapped this one of me and the kids, they're getting so big, I feel like I'm shrinking when I stand next to them hahaha
November 20

Nicholas and his teacher
November 20

This ostrich was just cracking me up, she stood right against the fence and stared straight at me everytime I aimed the camera in her direction
November 20

Giraffes, love love love them
November 20

and I love these two boys too :)
November 20

Jasmine and I declined this one, we don't like hanging from heights on these things
November 20

Ended off the day with the kids on the Flume Ride....nothing like cooling off since we're still in the mid 80's here
November 20

It was just a wonderful, relaxing day for us all.

And then we arrived home and I found a huge package waiting for me at the door. Also really excited about this one because I'm doing a review in a few days AND this one also includes a giveaway for you all.

November 20

As I mentioned in previous posts, you will see quite a few reviews and giveaways going into Christmas, and the reason is that I am hoping they will give you all some ideas if you're looking for some great Christmas gifts, but also because with giveaways, it's a sure bet of winning some great items for yourself or to gift. :)

But now, I'm going to relax with a cup of chocolate latte and my book.  Tomorrow I'll be starting on the Thanksgiving preparations and even though it's always just me and my little family, I still make a huge meal which we enjoy for a few days.

Are you cooking this year?   Spending it with family, or alone?


Carol said...

I love otters too! Looks like you all had a great time. I'm cooking for 9 on Thanksgiving. Love the holidays!

Christy said...


Your pictures are just amazing. Thanksgiving is at my house and we are having my parents, sister, brother in-law, nephew, and a friend from church. So with my 5, there will be 11 total, so not too bad (although one more than can fit at my dining room table). I am making the turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, and rolls (although they are only pillsbury). Mom and sis are each bringing a side dish and a pie, so no complaints! I love Thanksgiving!

Marie Moniz said...

beautiful pictures and beautiful family <3

Theresa said...

Your son looks so impressed that his teacher is hugging him :)

Susanne said...

What a great family day!

MamaBoz said...

Ha ha! My husband always jokes that I must be shrinking too! These kids grow too fast!

Nancy Wolbers said...

Looks like you had a super time!!! You have a very fun family. I also want to thank you for prayers lifted on behalf of my husband, we have felt the peace of God thru this ordeal.

Amy said...

What a fun day!!!