Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A little crochet and a little cooking

Thank you all so very much for the prayers, I'm feeling slightly better today but still not well.

I've filled my day with usual housework, some crochet and some family fun for dinner.

::::  Brunch
December 12

::::  Then a little crochet, finished off the 4th row
December 12

::::  I am really in love with this pattern and I just find myself counting down the minutes until I can sit down and work on it a little more
December 12

::::  on to using my new Pasta maker.  I have wanted a hand cranked one for such a long time and my husband found one for Christmas, but was so excited that he ended up giving it as an early present
December 12

::::  It was a little frustrating at first, I was thinking I would completely mess it up, but hubby was right there to help me along
December 12

:::::  It quickly turned into a family affair, both kids pitched in and as a family we fixed dinner
December 12

::::  and it was so delicious, not just because it turned out so well but because we did it as a family
December 12

We've already decided that this is going to be done again, and very soon.  We had THAT much fun in the kitchen. :)

But for now, this girl needs some hot tea, some medicine and some more crocheting.

Have a wonderful night,


Jill said...

That is such a beautiful piece you are making! Hope you are feeling much better! I've been sick since Thanksgiving and just starting to get back on schedule. :-) Have a lovely week!


Debby said...

Oh my gosh, that is beautiful!! So very, very pretty!!!

Heather said...

Your blanket looks better and better every time you show it. I found a class I can take in January and I can't wait to have someone show me. I'm still working on teaching myself though.

I have to say you are amazing for being able to get up and make homemade pasta while you are sick. I'm sick and I made everyone fend for themselves last night. Blah.

MamaBoz said...

Gorgeous!!! And fresh pasta? YUM, YUM, YUM!!

TheFishie said...

It's really challenging to make pasta with a hand crank machine by yourself. My machine had collected dust since we moved a year ago until just a couple weeks ago when I roped my aunt who was visiting for Thanksgiving into helping me. Homemade pasta is the tastiest!