Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kicking off the Christmas season

December 1

You know it doesn't really mean Christmas for me, until I can smell the sweet gorgeous scent of pine in my living room and throughout the house.

And I can finally say that as I type this up, I'm sitting in my comfy chair with my beautiful Christmas tree and my favorite smell surrounding me.  Now yes, now the holidays are officially on for me.

Spent a very busy day, my legs hurt, my feet hurt and oh my brain needs a break.

Started with a grocery trip, then back home to get everything put away.  While I was doing that my poor husband was outside with a few other neighbors trying to catch two stray dogs that has been living between two houses on base.  People have been leaving food and water for them, but it's not a good situation.

I don't want to get into it here, but I can tell you that I have no patience or respect for people who neglect their pets.  If you don't have the time, or the money, or the patience for an animal, please do us all a favor and leave them be.

My husband was able to catch one of them who was actually limping and hurt, the other is pregnant and they've been trying all day to catch her but she's a fast one.  Hopefully someone grabs her and takes her home.

Anyway....after all this drama, we headed out to get our tree.  We always get a real one, I don't do artificial trees.  I HAVE in the past more out of necessity than anything but it just never felt right to me.  I just love real trees for the holidays.

December 1

We ended up buying two trees.  Now folks, we're not rich, we don't have money to throw around......but we have one in our living room, and the other we set outside our house with a sign saying "free tree".  Within about 30 minutes we had a young airman knocking at the door and asking if he could take it.  I'm hoping that it made someone happy, or gave someone a nice tree if they weren't able to afford one.  :)

December 1

We went with a shorter tree this year.  I saw it and it was love at first sight, and I have to go with my instinct right?

The tree was decorated by the kids, and being the semi perfectionist that I am, I can tell you that there are things on there that are driving me bonkers and I want to fix.  But then I remind myself that my children are growing so fast and that one day they won't be decorating it I'm going to enjoy every second of it.

After the tree was up and some final decorations were done, we jumped in the car and took a night drive.

December 1

It's one of our favorite things to do especially during the Christmas season, it's fun seeing all the decorated houses in town.

We ended up at the Arizona Celebration of Lights, fun place to drive through and check out all the twinkling lights.

December 1

December 1

December 1

December 1

And you know what I love?  Christmas tree lots.  They just make me so happy :)

December 1

Lots going on, overload of the senses, and I'm just ready to go relax. 

Have a great night everyone,


~Carla~ said...

Love the purpose of the 2nd tree!! :) What a blessing!

Bobbi Jo Nichols said...

I am with you on the smell of pine. Yummy! I am also agree with you about people and their pets.
Great pictures! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Mari said...

I'm with you on the smell of pine. It really makes it feel like Christmas. What a nice idea to give away a tree,
Love the lights!

Debby said...

What a wonderful tradition to give away a tree!!! We have lots of artificial trees but still have to have a real one as well. Can't wait to load up and go enjoy Christams lights this year. What a great way to spend the evening

JC said...

That was a very nice thing to do with the second tree. We know how much young Airmen's families appreciate kindness during the holidays. Back in the E-2 years we were gifted a whole Thanksgiving dinner from a group on base and I've never forgotten how much it meant to us. As for the drive through light show, we have one almost exactly the same in Las Vegas! Some of your pictures could have been taken by me last week. It was definitely a great way to start the holiday season. Happy Holidays!

Susanne said...

Love the smell of pine too. We have an artificial tree and that is what I do miss is the smell. Sweet of you guys to put the tree outside for takers. I'm sure someone who needed it was very appreciative!

Jenna said...

Beautiful Christmas pictures! That reminds me that I really want to drive around and look at Christmas lights! So pretty!

xo, Jenna

Angie Church said...

looks like an awesome way to kick the season off we attended a christmas parade and had a great time as well

Jenna said...

What an awesome way to share the Christmas spirit with someone! I'm sure that airman and his family were very happy for their tree. That was very thoughtful of you!

Lulu said...

love all the lovely pics of lights..