Sunday, January 20, 2013

Five Senses Saturday


This is going up late.

I was out all day yesterday, had to run some errands with the family, do a little shopping and was also sent to Olive Garden to try out their new Lighter Fare Menu, for a review.

Busy busy busy day, so I didn't get a chance to sit down and do my Five Senses Saturday, but better late than never, so here goes.


- Need you Now by Plumb
- K-Love Christian Music on the radio/online
- Ripper Street Episode 3 on the TV
- Birds chirping happily in the backyard
- Kids laughing about a game they're playing


- a myriad of birds fluttering around my kitchen window
- portuguese soaps on the TV
- the colors of my stash of yarn
- lola's white whiskers
- tree leaves starting to grow



- bubbles as they shoot up from the sink
- the screen on my kindle
- wash cloth across my face
- hot water and vinegar as I give the washer a deep clean
- paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork


- Seafood Brodetto at Olive Garden
- oven chili dogs
- Crunchie chocolate bars
- Moscato wine
- homemade butter



- homemade refrigerator cucumber pickles

- coconut face scrub
- vanilla and musk candle
- omelettes my husband cooks for breakfast
- garlic chives

1 comment:

Tina Leigh said...

The coconut scrub sounds amazing! It has been in the 80's here until a cold front came Thursday. There was a 10 degree drop between 12 & 1 p.m. that day! Burr! 70 today.
Nothing like looking out and seeing the plum trees full of red color, the cardinals! Yellow finches are coming slowly. I can't keep my feeders full but wouldn't miss it for the world!