Thursday, July 11, 2013

Doing the dishes!

Doing dishes

I used to loathe doing the dishes, and sometimes when it's been an especially long day in the kitchen and the dishes are all piled into the sink, I want to be able to snap my fingers and make them all disappear.

Doesn't work that way though, so I load them in the washer and get the chore done.

Fast forward to today.

All this great country living and moving aside, one of the things I'm having to get used to is paying utility bills. Now I know that most if not all of you who read this, will think it crazy, but the truth is that we've always lived on base and never had to worry about paying electric, water or gas bills or trash pick up or anything of that sort. The rent went straight out of the pay check and that was it.

Doing dishes

Now of course, leaving that life behind, I feel a little out of sorts because those things that I never had to worry about, I have to take into consideration. A budget needs to be made, or rather, a new budget for this retired military that focuses on the bills we already have but a different monthly pay check and added utility bills without really knowing how we spend electricity or water or gas.

It's going to be a learning month for me, that's for sure.

One of the things I plan on doing is cutting back on using the dishwasher. It may sound ridiculous but doing the dishes by hand is something I am more than capable of doing, and the kids can do it too as one of their chores, and it doesn't involve running the washer.

Doing dishes

Growing up, we never had a dishwasher, those things were only in the movies. All dishes were done by hand and I'm talking about washing dishes for 12 or 13 people at a time, and come the holidays, oh my....they piled up so fast.

We survived though, we didn't NEED a dishwasher, we didn't have one and didn't know any better than the kitchen sink, soapy water, clean water for rinsing and a drying rack.

So where did we go wrong???

When did we decide that doing dishes by hand is something of the past, something to be frowned upon?

Doing dishes

Oh but it's faster with a washer. Is it really??? Because I can tell you from personal experience that the time I take to unload, rinse and scrub off the dirtiest dishes and load them into the washer, I could have already done the whole pile and had them drying.

And if I don't do them by hand, I don't get to enjoy pretty dishcloths, and sweet smelling dish soap, and feel the bubbles on my hands and the warm water dripping from my fingers.

Doing dishes

I also don't get to enjoy slathering some lovely scented lotion on my hands, or reward myself with a steaming cup of hot tea.


And now I'm going to work on some items for the Etsy shop, because my chores are done and it's time to relax :)



Carol said...

You're not alone! I'd say 90% of the time we handwash dishes too. I use the dishwasher if we have a lot of people over and/or once or twice a month just to make sure it's in proper order. But I think it's faster & easier to just get the dishes done by hand.

Rachel Lynn said...

ugh. I hate dishes. It's something I have a hard time doing, so they get stacked up and worse than they should be. Thanks for being inspirational.

Kelly said...

I hate doing dishes and love having a dishwasher. But in the end we have to do our pots and pans because its a waste of power and water to do it any other way. My SIL makes me wash cloths for Christmas but otherwise I my vileda scrubber lol.

lndwhr said...

Try hand washing for a month and then using your dishwasher for a month. I think you actually use less water with a dishwasher, believe it or not. Plus, you can load tons of dishes into it and run it once, instead of doing lots of little loads of dishes throughout the day. Do a little study and see. I love my dishwasher because to me, it's more efficient and it gets all the dishes off the counter until the laod is full. I hate dishes sitting in the sink! Glad you are settling in, Sandra. Your new house looks terrific!

Sherri B. said...

I use the dishwasher and wash by hand also. There is always something that can't go in the machine, like things with wooden handles, my hubby's favorite mug with the grandkids on it, pots and pans and special vintage plates.

I like the suds and the nice clean smells and the lotion like you mentioned, oh, and of course, the best of all is when it's all done and time to relax. xo

Erika said...

Wear rubber gloves so your pretty painted nails will stay pretty and painted.. my paint chips off so easily when I was dishes by hand.

Annie Lee said...

What's your Etsy shop? I would loooove some of your dish clothes!

Connie said...

I almost always hand wash my dishes; only using the dishwasher when we have people over. Your dishcloths are so pretty.

Nikita said...

When my husband and I got married 7 years ago and I moved in with him, I unplugged the dishwasher and it hasn't gone back on since.. we didn't have one growing up and it didn't make sense to start using one then.. so off it went.

Felicias Red Door Life said...

I do about half and half on running the dishwasher verses hand washing. It depends on how many dishes I have and what time of day it is. Normally we don't have enough dishes to even justify running a sink of water during the day so I let them stack up and run the washer at night and unload in the morning.

If though I cook a huge meal or we host people I tend to wash as I go.

I am going to have to head to your etsy shop to get me a few of those rags. So pretty!

Theresa said...

I sometimes was dishes because I don't mind it. Your biggest heat savings will come by using your woodstove in the winter. Well that is if Idaho has harsh winters? I know a few people who heat exclusively with wood and they save huge!

Love, love, love those wash cloths you crocheted pretty!!

Judy said...

I don't have a dishwasher, that would be me :) Tho I'm not totally crazy about doing them by hand I have learned to enjoy it. I look out the window and do some of my deep thinking there, maybe that sounds kind of crazy but I do. I love your new header.

Breahn Royal said...

I love this post! There is nothing more relaxing to me (house work wise) than doing a sink full of hot soapy dishes. I love the way it feels. Thank you for your posts and your pictures! I'm praying for your family! =)

Unknown said...

Just a could probably ask the various utility providers for an average use report for the past year for your house. That would at least give you some idea for budgeting purposes. We hand wash dishes as a family for the most part. It's quicker and provides some of the most interesting conversations! Blessings, Terri in AZ (Mesa)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I've never had a dishwasher. I have used them at other people's homes through the years, and while it was kind of nice, for the most part they were noisy with every cycle. I can only imagine how much water and electricity they must use. I enjoy looking out the window while I wash dishes, the scent of the soap is nice, and sometimes soap bubbles that happen and float away are fun to see, and having my hands in the hot sudsy water is relaxing. My husband occasionally washed the dishes for me and that was always a treat!

I enjoy using your dishcloths that I won in a giveaway you had. They make me feel happy and loved and I can picture you crocheting them.

Love and hugs to you dear Sandra as you settle into your new home and way of life.


Threeundertwo said...

You're like me - forget the rubber gloves! I think it's quicker to just get in there and do them and slather on the moisturizer later. Love your pretty dishcloths.

Susanne said...

We never had a dishwasher growing up either but now could not live without one. When you have a dayhome of 6-7 kids and a family of five dishes add up way too fast. I'd be at the sink all day long. I do love your home knitted dish cloths though!

Naomi said...

We have never had a dishwasher, my mum did have one for a year or two but I could never shake the feeling that things were never as thoroughly cleaned as by hand. I don't love washing the dishes but it is much more enjoyable since starting to use my own dishcloths!
Gorgeous nails by the way! Love the orange!
Have a lovely weekend in your new country home :)

Sweet Tea said...

I put my dishwasher in the same category as "toilet paper" and consider it a necessity. Spoiled? Yes, I admit it!...Glad you are getting settled. You will soon adjust to this "new normal". You're sort of on an adventure now as you make the adjustments. I hope you absolutely LOVE all the newness, and I think you will. ;-)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I actually like doing the dishes, and I sort of like laundry too :) I'm weird, I know! I love both more in the winter, warm sheets and towels out of the dryer and I love to wash dishes when it is cold, because it warms my hands up!

As far as the energy bills go though, I've heard for years that it is actually more economical to run the dishwasher than wash them by hand. I sort of split the middle - I load the dishwasher with plates, cups, bowls, silverware and glasses. I wash everything else by hand - cookware, pots, pans, cookie sheets, prep bowls, etc. See if this link will work:

I was always surprised to hear that it uses less water and energy to run the dishwasher!

Amy said...

Well imagine this! I have that same lotion by my kitchen sink, in the "Love" scent :-) I come and go with using the dishwasher. It's definitely nice to have when I want it, but most of the time, I enjoy washing the dishes by hand and gazing out the kitchen window.