Sunday, October 13, 2013

Laundry Day

Laundry Day

All day the blanket snapped and swelled
on the line, roused by a hot spring wind....
From there it witnessed the first sparrow,
early flies lifting their sticky feet,
and a green haze on the south-sloping hills.
Clouds rose over the mountain....At dusk
I took the blanket in, and we slept,
restless, under its fragrant weight.

Laundry Day

I spent all day yesterday doing laundry.  It seems to multiply from one day to the other doesn't it?

As I went about my day, my daughter brought to my attention that I was doing laundry all dolled up LOL

I had gone out in the morning for an errand and didn't want to change before taking on the task of laundry, besides I happen to believe that just because we're doing household chores doesn't mean we have to be sloppy or messy.

Laundry Day

It was such a beautiful Fall day, just a bit of a breeze, cool temperatures but not cold and that crisp sharp sun shining over head.

Laundry Day

You may find it crazy that I have my camera on me at all times, but I never know when a good photo opportunity will show up and I do so love being able to record all these memories for a future day. 

Laundry Day

As the day went by, I walked in and out of the house, loads of laundry on my hip and the exchange from line to basket and basket to line becoming a fluid motion without much thought going into if my body was on auto pilot.

Laundry Day

I washed, I dried, I ironed, I packed away and all while looking *dolled up*, as my daughter put it.

Glad to say that I am all caught up and the laundry baskets are empty.  Well, they were until last night but after everyone's shower, they're filling up again.


Tomorrow is another day right?


Deb said...

I sure know how you feel about laundry day. At our house, that is about every day. I also hang my clothes to dry, but have to do so in the house (back bedroom) since our Arizona HOA would never stand for a "unsightly" clothes in the backyard. I find I like hanging clothes and rarely use my dryer any more. So nice that you are enjoying fall. Have a good Sunday!

Our photos said...

Beautiful laundry photos!
Greetings, RW & SK