Monday, December 9, 2013

Digital Organization Campaign - Google Nexus Tablet Review and Giveaway!!!

I am so thankful to my blog, because it has brought me amazing opportunities to review some really great products.

Today, I'm joining Staples and collaborating in their Digital Organization Campaign.....and I'm also going to be telling you all about my husband's favorite new toy.  Yes, my husband's, because even though the tablet was sent to me, he quickly claimed it and it has been quite difficult prying it off his hands LOL

Google Nexus Tablet

Google Nexus Tablet

World's sharpest 7" tablet screen (323 ppi)
Powerful battery, up to 9 hrs of active use
Quad-core speed and performance, 2GB RAM
Powered by Android 4.3, the latest version of world?s most popular mobile OS

If I had to ask my husband exactly what he likes about it, his answer is quick and simple "Everything".  He is absolutely besotted with it and uses it not only for college classes, but for reading and even playing games.

I did manage to pry it off his hands for two days so I could enjoy it for myself.  Let me show exactly what it does because the possibilities are endless, it really is like having a mini computer in your hands.

First and foremost, I can access my blogs just as easily as if I was on my laptop, which makes it so easy for me when I'm in the kitchen and trying to cook from a recipe on my food blog.  

Google Nexus Tablet

The images are sharp, the text is easy to read, and it's so light that I can carry it to any corner of the kitchen, much better than walking around with a bulky laptop taking up valuable counter space in this tiny kitchen.

Google Nexus Tablet

I'm able to store recipes in the tablet, which I find very useful as I jot them down, save them, and then later I can upload them to my blog without having to go anywhere else.

Google Nexus Tablet

It's got everything I could need, right there on the main screen, and at the touch of a button, I can access all the other apps available.

Google Nexus Tablet

I use so many of these on a daily basis.  I was able to enter in my email information and now I can access my email account through the tablet.

Google Nexus Tablet

Netflix....brilliant quality and I haven't experienced any lagging or buffering issues whatsoever.  I've been able to catch up on my favorite TV shows, watch movies and best part, take it anywhere I go that has wifi access.

Google Nexus Tablet's like being on my laptop, same quality, easy to use and the pictures look amazing.

Google Nexus Tablet

Crochet patterns....because you know I'm all about those.  I LOVE having them on the tablet.  It's so much easier to slide the tablet into my crochet bag and take it wherever I need it, knowing that with just the touch of one button, I can have the pattern right there at my fingertips.

Google Nexus Tablet

Games.....I don't play them but my husband does and he LOVES it.  He's all about the good graphics and the speed and whatnot, and he has really been enjoying the tablet.

College....he has been able to access his grades and read his text books.

Homeschooling....I was so excited that I could access the online website and even do some of the lessons.  It's going to be soooo handy knowing that I can take the school lessons  with no matter where we go.

I have yet to figure it all out and I know for a fact that I'm nowhere near finished unlocking all this tablet has to offer.

I'm thinking this would be the perfect gift for someone on your Christmas list.  Can't tell you how much we are loving this tablet. 

For more information about the Google Nexus Tablet, you can check out this link.

Twitter: @Staples

Now, for the giveaway, up for grabs is a Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook!!!

The new Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine uses Evernote's Page Camera feature to capture the pages of your notebook with your smartphone or tablet. Plus, each Evernote Smart Notebook comes with a 3 month Evernote Premium subscription! Evernote Page Camera is the iOS version for iPhone and iPad. Evernote Ruled Smart Notebook features the unique "Evernote ruled" page style with dotted lines designed to ensure a clean image when digitally capturing your notebook. Smart Stickers introduce Smart Tagging into your workflow. When you capture a page with Evernote, the Smart Sticker icons become searchable, digital tags that make it easy to keep your ideas organized and to keep your digital and analog workspaces synced.

How awesome is that???

-- The contest is open to US residents only.  Please leave a comment including an email where I can reach you if you're picked as the winner.

-- Let me know in the comments if you would keep this notebook for yourself or f you would give it someone else, maybe a family member or friend?

-- Contest will run until Saturday 14th, 2013.  As always I will use to determine a winner and will then contact them.

-- Please remember you will have 48 hours to claim your prize, if you don't, I will draw another winner.  

Good Luck everyone, and feel free to share if you think that someone would be interested in entering the contest :)


Helena Dias said...

The tablet looks amazing. If, I am the lucky winner, I would gift it to my husband. He is a florist and I am sure this tablet would prove very helpful in his business. Thank you for sharing with your readers and Feliz Natal.

Malorie Shepherd said...

Oh my goodness gow awesome is that! I would give it to my husband for xmas. It would be the first gift in 7 years because we usually worry about the kids firs t and never have any money to begin with no ddefinitely left over.... this would be a christmas blessing!

Melissa said...

My husband would love this for Christmas🎄. Thank you for the opportunity! Melissa K

~Backroad Treasures~ said...

Oh I would love it... I would have to gift it to myself :)

Melissa said...

The tablet looks awesome! I think I would gift it to myself :)

mindingmomma said...

I would gift it to my daughter, i think she would love having access to a computer when her little brother is on the desktop playing games and she has to wait her turn. Then again, maybe momma would like to keep it. hmmmmm.
mindingmomma at aol dot com

Nikita said...

As much as I would love a tablet for myself..I would give this to my MIL..she has been wanting a tablet and this would be an awesome one for her to have.

JC said...

This would be perfect for my daughter! She is always sketching and taking pictures of her drawings with her phone to send to the computer where she fine-tunes them into masterpieces.

Rachel said...

I would gift it to my husband as he really needs a tablet for work, but they won't purchase one for him and we don't have the money right now to purchase one.

Erika said...

My son would love this.

Conny said...

what a cool review and a great give-away!!
I think I'd like to keep this if I won ... but have a feeling my KIDS would take it from me immediately. :)

Angela said...

I have 4 kiddos and at the moment we all share 1 Ipad. Very tough! lol.
An extra tablet would be a HUGE blessing! It would be for all of us to share! Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!

Lisette said...

This is a great review! I would love this for myself since my children already take over my iPod to play games. Thanks for the opportunity!

Mama Boz said...

Wow this is an awesome giveaway! I could use it for myself and or my daughter who is always going to the library to use the computer! Good luck to everyone...Merry Christmas!

Johanna VanHoutan said...

I would love to win this! Would keep and share with the family :)

Abby Jo @ said...

Would so love to win this! I love gadgets too.


i would definetely give it to my husband!!!

gina frederick

Elisa said...

Teachers love Evernote! I wouldn't be able to pass it on to anyone else until I tried it at work myself. :)

eaa747 @

Luci said...

If I, Little Ol' Me, was the winner, I would use it for my kiddos in their homeschool work. Online curriculum this year, so that would be perfect.

Kristi Tuccillo said...

Hi Sandra,
I would give it to my husband and five kids as a shared gift! They would be so excited! Merry Christmas!!

crowned4him said...

Great giveaway,I would gift it to myself.

Jacqueline Parks said...

I would use it myself. I am sure it would help me with my digital organization! my email is

Lorie H said...

I have never seen this tablet before and I think it would be perfect for my 19yr old son in college!

Terri said...

I would love it - I think I would be keeping it for myself (with the family to use)

Stephanie said...

I'd keep it for myself. Everyone else in my family already has a tablet. How is it that mom is always last?!

Jennifer Ammerman said...

I think I would give it to my husband, he has an older kindle that is slowly dying. He loves to read and watch netflix!

Jennifer said...

Oh my this looks fabulous. I would gift it to our family! My husband is out of work right now so our budget it tight this Christmas. Thank you for the chance to win.

Annie Lee said...

Would love to give this to my husband

Nancy Wolff said...

What a wonderful opportunity! I have to say I would love to keep this for myself, I could really use it!
-Nancy (nancy(at)prudentliving(dot)com

Alice said...

I would love to give this to my husband. He's not tech savvy but I think he would love this.


Mindy Gauthier said...

Looks like another awesome give away Sandra. My grandson would love to have this for games, netflix, school ~ everywhere.
Mindy :)

Amy said...

Hi Sandra,
I don't know who would get the tablet. But I'm thinking maybe I would keep it....I am intrigued with the part about carrying all the crochet patterns on one device :)

Jen said...

OH.MY.GOODNESS!! IF I were to win this I would SO bless my husband with it. IT would be perfect for his sermon preparations.

My email is jenbrandes(at)gmail(dot)com

Alice said...

Hey,I didn't add my email address. I'm Alice

Alice King said...

I would love to win this but not sure who would get it. Hoping to be blessed! Email:

autumnesf said...

I would love to have one of these! Not sure if I should thank you or not!!