Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday's Letters - 05/09/2014

Friday's Letters

Dear House....I wish I liked you as much as I thought I did when we first moved in, but honestly, I am looking forward to moving out in about 3 weeks.  Thank you for sheltering us for the past 10 months.

Dear Baby Birds.... It was such a pleasure watching you grow from little eggs into the cutest baby Robins ever.  I am enjoying watching you learn to fly.

Dear Books.... You bring me so much joy.  I love opening your pages and letting you take me far away into a beautiful land of imagination.

Dear Rain.... I enjoyed seeing you yesterday and this morning, there is nothing like your scent and your glistening drops left hanging on the tree leaves.

Dear Blog....  I am missing you very much lately.  I want so badly to go back to the way things used to be, and I count down the minutes and days until I can finally go back to normal blogging.  It's been almost a year since we started this crazy chapter in our lives and unfortunately many things have suffered, including you.  I'm so sorry.

Dear Crochet.... I thank the Lord for the day I took it upon myself to learn you.  You have kept me sane through so many not so good moments in my life, thank you.

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Felicias Red Door Life said...

Good luck in the prepping, packing and moving.

I really should learn to crochet but there is so much on my plate now.