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{ Doing what I've always wanted to }

I heard something the other day, that stopped me dead in my tracks and made me think.

It went something like....

"NO ONE chooses to be a homemaker, or a stay at home mom, like who chooses that?  You do it out of necessity, because given the choice, I'm sure nobody would want to sit at home doing the same chores over and over, what's the reward in that?".

I am not one to speak for others, never have been and really never will be, I can only speak for myself, but I have to say that I found that statement quite offensive.  I respect opinions, and I understand that every single person we come across, has their own views, thoughts and ideas on what they like and dislike, or what works for them.

This post is certainly not about debating what I heard, but more so about what I felt after hearing it and how I feel about it, as it pertains to me.

I sat for quite a while and let the words sink in, and I thought about it.  Am I really doing what I want to do, am I living the life I want or am I doing this just because it's what I've always done, or because my husband said I should?

The answer to those questions is quite simple.  I am absolutely, without a second doubt, doing what I love and what I want, and living the life that I want to live.  I'm not doing this because I have to or because I was told you.

When I look at that picture above with the family in the living room, it brings me so much joy.  It's almost like it transports me to a time and place and to tremendous overwhelming joy in my heart.

I've talked about this before, about how one of my oldest memories are from when I was about 5 years old, and even then, I already had a very strong sense of what I wanted in life and how I wanted to be a homemaker.  I wanted to be home, take care of my house, take care of my husband and my children.

It's a personal choice for me, and it works for our family.


Psalm 26:8 says "LORD, I love the house where you live, the place where your glory dwells."

It got me thinking about the ways that God is preparing a Heavenly place for me, and how in a certain way I'm living that right here on earth as I create a home for my family.  I want nothing more than for the glory of God to dwell in MY house, because truthfully I feel that He is being pushed out of so many places, and so many areas outside the home that this is the only place I have full control over.


I spent my days doing a lot of the same things, very true, but it's all in how you choose to tackle those tasks and the way you envision them as you're doing them.  I don't always go into the kitchen, knowing full well that I have another full sink of dishes, even though I just got the dishwasher running, and feel happy about that.


But I don't dwell on it either, I know that my job is important, even just washing a glass for what seems like the millionth time, is an important job and is always done out of love for my family.


Some may find it funny that these pictures show exactly what I do and what I enjoy doing.  I've been told before that it's sad, that it's not a glamorous job and that it most definitely does not convey a fun time.

But I choose to think that is their opinion, their thoughts, their ideas of what to them is considered a fun time.


Not everything we do in our homes has to be enjoyable, but it DOES have to be done with a purpose and the recognition that it's pivotal to a happy, healthy and clean home.


As I was picking up the fluff from one of Marley's toys, for what seemed like the 10th time today, I suddenly envisioned my own life.  How I sometimes seem to destroy and trash and rip things apart without realizing the full impact of those actions, and how lovingly, every single time, my Lord is picking up the pieces after me, knowing that before long I'll have it all a big unruly mess again.

And that is how I live my life as a homemaker.  Sure my kids make messes, still at this age, sure they seem to constantly leave things for me to pick up and tend to.  But if they can't do it at home, where they feel safe enough to be themselves and happy enough to grow and learn who they are as people, then where will they do it?

That is one of the reasons I love what I'm doing.  I'm raising them, clothing them, feeding them, nursing them, providing a safe haven for them to retire to when they've had a bad day or when the outside world seems to be a bit too much and too chaotic for them.


I am without a doubt, the best mom I can be for them, right here, at home.


I don't ever presume to know what other moms are feeling or thinking, or if they should be home or at work.  It is not my place and I wouldn't ever dream of presuming or assuming anything of which I don't know.

Again, I can only speak for myself, and I am living my dream life, doing what makes me happy, and thanking my husband for the opportunity to raise our children on a day to day basis.

My wish for you all, is that you too are happy with your life, that you're able to love what you do and love where you are.


  1. Well said.....I agree our jobs at home are more than anyone person who hasn't done it knows....I worked outside the house fir many many years now our children are grown and it's just us and our pooch I work from home I am a homemaker..wife...mommy to our pooch... a crafter..gardener...housekeeper and at times repair person I am a receptionist...scheduler...bill payer ...errand runner...and more I don't know how I did it all and worked full time... I love my job...I love my's not always easy but I love what god has given me......some may think it's boring or monteous....but I find full filling.....

    Great post! I think our jobs are very very important.......


  2. I've done a million other things and I am grateful I get to do this thing now.

    I have sons. I hope I don't sound hopelessly 1950's, although I do. But I hope they marry women like this. Women who will love them like I do. Women who value their families. That doesn't mean they don't do the things they love, just that they think this is important... I pray for that because I see a lot of craziness out there and hopelessness...pity.


  3. “The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only - and that is to support the ultimate career. ”
    C.S. Lewis
    I love being here for my boys. Every time I get discouraged and let the world tell me I'm wrong my Joe keeps the faith. He assures me I'm doing the right thing. He is positive the boys wouldn't be who they are without me being here. <3

  4. If everyone were honest with themselves they would see that every single person whether male or female is at one time or other a homemaker! It can be in an apartment, a room, a house, a camper, whatever. EVERYONE cooks, cleans, vacuums, does laundry--therefore, they are a HOMEMAKER.

    I love being a mom and wife and homemaker and now everyone in the family helps out as we all are either students, FT workers, PT workers.

    We encourage simplicity at my home and the family does pick up on this. My daughter is a missionary/teacher in Honduras and she must live even more simply than we do here in the US out of necessity. They have a lot less than we do.

    I wouldn't let negative folks get to you Sandra. They will understand some day.


  5. Very good words my friend. I always, always hated when I had to work outside my home. It is very uncomfortable for me. I do love to be home cleaning and fluffing my nest as we call it. I love cleaning and it gives me time to talk to God about things, and makes me happy!

  6. I've been in both places... working outside of my home (before my daughter) and being a fulltime homemaker. I named my blog my heart is always home because it is soooo true. When I was working my heart was home, when I am away my heart is home. It's my happy place. It's sad that those of us who love homemaking are looked down on. I always say my worse day at home is better then my best day working outside of my home. :)

  7. I agree! I think being a homemaker is the very best job and I wish that I could have done it full time. You are blessed, and I love your attitude about what you do.

  8. The first picture is great - no tv, no electronics. True family time the old-fashioned way.

  9. Love this Sandra! So well said. I did the professional life as a social worker for close to 9 years. I don't regret giving it up to be home with my kids for one second. I love caring for my family and my home. It brings me immense joy and peace as well.

    Thanks for sharing! Love the pics as always and how you share your life. ;)
    Blessings on your weekend. xoox

  10. I envy you. I have worked since I got married. I always wanted to stay home, but it never worked out.

  11. I envy you. I have worked since I got married. I always wanted to stay home, but it never worked out.

  12. I'm not a stay at home mom in the same sense as you as I always worked at home as a child care provider but boy that statement got my hackles up. But what I liked best was your gracious response to it. I hear and see your passion for homemaking all through your blog and never once did I feel you judged another person for the choices they made (or in some cases, lack of a choice that life gave them). Lots of grace and truth you wrote

  13. Yes Sandra, my heart has always longed for home too. Fortunately, the majority of work done outside the home has been part time, so I am fortunate.For the first time in 35 years, I am home all the time. I am never bored, and there is always so much to do. Other than inside, there are cars to clean, gardens to tend, things to bake and create and dogs to bath. I get immense satisfaction in creating a well cared for home for my loved ones. I am proud to have this opportunity.


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