Thursday, May 12, 2016

Where have I been?


Good evening friends.

Well, it’s Thursday, or the end of Thursday. I always look forward to Friday's because I know I can stay up a little later and also don't have to worry about waking up super early the next day.

The day started out quite dreary and cloudy for us, matter of fact we had such a bad storm last night, that it woke me up around 2:30am. At one point I even wondered if there was a tornado around, that’s how loud and how strong the winds were, but thankfully it was just a thunderstorm.

So what have I been up to?

Life, just living life and trying to get through each day the best way I can.

Some days are easier than others, but overall, I try to stay positive and optimistic and keep my head up high. Motherhood is exhausting, it’s not just physically but mentally draining at times.

I have been promising you all to talk about what has been going on, and I really do need to sit down a compile a post. I just want to be able to do it properly and to really jot down all the emotions I’m feeling at the moment. Thing is, school is finishing up next week Wednesday and so we’re working extra hard to get things done, and truth be told, my focus and attention is on that obstacle and getting past it before I can concentrate on anything else.

I’m so looking forward to Summer break though, I think at this time of the year, kids and parents and especially teachers are just trying to get through the last few days so that they can breathe a sigh of relief for at least 3 months.


These beautiful roses above, were given to me by my daughter.  She went to the store, and when she returned she came with these 3 for me, and all she said was "I love you mamma".  It touched my heart that she would do something like this, out of her own accord.

She's been going through such a hard time, as I'll explain in another post, so for her to do this simple gesture, meant so much to me.


The wild flowers I planted about a month ago, are now starting to show up.  I can't wait to see them all blooming, it's going to make the front of my house look so much better.




My blueberries and blackberries are also doing really well.

I've been trying to keep my hand on my homemaking, gardening and hopefully blogging too.  It takes my mind off some things, and it helps keep me centered and calm, which is something I think I really need right now.


With that said, one of the things I'm trying to bring back, are the book reviews which I've always enjoyed doing.  I'm a huge book reader, I actually got rid of a lot of my books when I moved here from Idaho and now that I look back, I feel sad, because I wish I didn't have to get rid of so many.

The first 3 books for review came in this week, you can see them above;

Follow the River Home by Corran Harrington
The Secrets of Flight by Maggie Leffler
Forever Beach by Shelley Noble

The first one I'll be reading is The Secrets of Flight which will be reviewed in the coming weeks.  It looks like my kind of book so I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

Just going to have to make time to get all my reading in, because we'll be having another family reunion at the end of May, for Memorial Weekend, and there is so much to do




This time though, I have lists and lists, and designated meals for certain family members and who is bringing what etc.  Otherwise, I would be going insane right about now.

So yes, school is all but done, and I'm looking forward to 3 months of summer to do what I want.  To relax, to try and visit some attractions and museums around Texas and Oklahoma, to get back to daily blogging, to cooking, to photography, crocheting and all sorts of fun things.

I'm feeling very positive about it, it's just a matter of sticking to it.

Right, well it's already after 9pm and I need to get to sleep.  I'm going to finish watching my show and then try and get some rest.

Hope you all have a restful Thursday night and a wonderful Friday.



  1. The roses are beautiful and getting them from Jasmine makes them so special!

  2. Beautiful flowers! That was so sweet of her!
    It is a crazy time for us too what with school ending for this year. So much going on.
    Hope to hear more from you soon!
    Enjoy those books they seem like great reads! I can't wait to read your book reviews!

  3. Beautiful roses! I love reading as well so many great books out there to enjoy. :-) My heart goes out to you as a mom and I hope things get better. Being a mom is a tough job sometimes but just remember we are here for's nothing you have done and things will get better. All part of the learning experience. Take care and try to enjoy a restful weekend.


  4. Sandra what beautiful photos and what a lot for sure going we are here...gardening, home remodeling and updates....spring is such a busy time......I hope your brother has found employment as well....hope the blended family is doing well......

    Blessings for a wonderful weekend

  5. I do understand how exhausting and draining parenting teens can be. It is a challenge - but the rewards are great. Will remember you and your family in prayers. Have a restful weekend.

  6. Sweet gift of roses from your precious girl.


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