Thursday, December 31, 2020

{ New Year Fun - 2020 Edition }

I love doing this meme every year, it sort of brings the whole blogging year to an end and also takes me back in time to reflect on what I was doing.

Post the first sentence of your first blog post of each month. You can also add a favorite picture from each month.

I would love for you to join me, just leave me a comment and I'll come by and check yours out :)

Happy New Year everyone!


 Good morning my sweet friends, come on in out of the cold and sit a bit with me.
It is just shy of 6pm, and the day is winding down.

Good morning dear friends, and a very Happy March.
Day 10 and I've lost track of what day of the week it is.
No words, just the past few days in pictures.


Good morning everyone, hope you've had a wonderful weekend.

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog. 

Good morning sweet ladies, how was your weekend?

Good morning everyone.  Hope you are having a good Labor Day weekend.

I have been extremely lucky to have been able to review the Almanac the past 2 years.

Good morning everyone, welcome back to the Happy Homemaker Monday headquarters.

On the 14th of September, 2006, I started a feature on my blog called Slow Cooking Thursday.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

{ The Amish Baker's Rival by Marie E. Bast - TLC Book Tours }

Mass Market Paperback : 224 pages
Publisher : Love Inspired; Original Edition (December 29, 2020)

This exciting new Amish romance is from Publishers Weekly bestselling author of The Amish Baker and The Amish Marriage Bargain.

She’ll do anything to protect her bakery… no matter the cost to her heart.

Small-town, Amish baker Mary Brenneman is devastated when handsome Englischer Noah Miller opens up a bakery right across from hers. Now she must win a local baking contest just to stay in business. But somewhere along the way, Noah and Mary’s kitchen wars are quickly warming into something more…

Still mourning the death of his parents, Mary helps Noah search for the Amish grandparents he has never met. And when a crisis hits Mary’s bakery, Noah volunteers his assistance.

After Mary’s now ex-fiancé broke their engagement so he could go live in the Englisch world, she vows to stay away from men…especially Englisch men. Even though she likes Noah more each day, she keeps her distance.

With her heart packed with distrust, Noah hopes to soften her resolve and convince Mary of their undeniable love. But trouble brews at the baking contest when Mary thinks Noah has stolen her recipe. After the surprising result of the contest, Noah and Mary must face their feelings and decide what road God has set them upon.

Purchase Links

Amazon | Books-A-Million | Barnes & Noble | Harlequin


About Marie E. Bast

MARIE E. BAST is the Publishers Weekly Bestselling Author of The Amish Baker and The Amish Marriage Bargain, and the first place 2015 contemporary winner of the Ignite the Flame Contest for The Perfect Client. She is also a finalist in the 2020 Book Buyers Best Contest for The Amish Baker. Her stories whisper words of hope, healing, and forgiveness through complex characters and twisting plots. Her books are sold all over the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland and Australia. She has published short stories and poetry in book compilations to include Chicken Soup for the Soul. She lives in Illinois with her husband of twenty-nine years. When she’s not writing, she’s walking, golfing, gardening, or spending time with her family. She loves to bake and enjoys her homemade rolls and bread way too much.

Learn more about Marie and her books HERE.

Connect with Marie

Website | Goodreads | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram


Well first and foremost, it is an Amish centered story, so what is there not to like about it, right?
I have loved anything Amish related, for as long as I can remember.  My family actually jokes with me all the time, that if I was able to, I would become Amish and go off and live their way of life.  They're not wrong lol
So we have Amish and baking in one amazing little book, and that just made for the sweetest read, ever.
I don't think there is anything about this story that is surprising, if anything, it is pretty predictable, but yet a joy to read.  I read it in one day, not just because it is a short kind of story, but because I enjoyed it so much and when I am enjoying a certain book I tend to zip through it really quickly.
Mary is a sweet Amish girl, dealing with a broken heart, trying to move on, and throwing herself fully into her small town bakery.  It's something she loves doing and she has worked very hard to get where she is.
When a new face comes into town, in the form of Noah, an Englischer, who so happens to open up his own bakery just across the street.   His arrival stirs up emotions she was not expecting to deal with. 

For one she has an immense dislike for Englischers, since her ex fiancee ditched her for a life away from the Amish, living in that Englisch world so foreign to the Amish way of life.  His betrayal, and her broken heart, have made her determined to stay away from men, to focus on her bakery and do the best she can.

Noah's presence now threatens it all for her, so she must fight to keep what she loves.

Mary figures the only way to get that, is to win a local baking contest.  In her mind, if she wins it, it gives her the upper hand and maybe Noah will take his bakery elsewhere.  The problem is that she finds herself attracted to the handsome young man who is throwing her whole life into disarray.

Noah on the other hand has moved to the small Amish town, with his two sisters, after the death of their parents.  He is in search of his Amish grandparents, and dealing with his own issues.

Before long the two are attracted to each other, fighting those feelings.  

Just as all good Amish stories, it keeps you intrigued, it makes you smile, and it has romance but in a subdued sweet way.  Marie Bast did a fantastic job telling the story of Mary and Noah.

Thank you to TLC Book Tours and Love Inspired for providing me with a review copy.

Monday, December 28, 2020

{ Happy Homemaker Monday - Last one of 2020 }

Good morning my dear friends, and welcome to the last Happy Homemaker Monday, of 2020.  I have added a category to this last one, just because I think it is an important one for us to think on.
What 2020 has taught me.
Can't wait to read your answers.  So without further ado, let's close off our HHM for 2020 and set our sights on the new upcoming year.
My wish for you all is that the new year bring you abundant blessings, that you get everything your heart desires, that you are blessed with health and wealth, joy and gratitude.
Thank you, each and every single one of you who come by faithfully to participate.  It means the absolute world to me and I wish I could give you all a huge hug personally.  I can't though, so consider yourselves cyber hugged.
Now, let's get going and put an end to this insane year, once and for all.

What 2020 has taught me::::
That God is, has and always will be in control.
That I'm stronger than I give myself credit for.
That I have been changed by the Lord, that He is still working within me and is molding me into the Christian Woman He needs me to be.
That prayer and faith overcome everything.
That worry and fear are tools of the enemy, that we need to rebuke.
That in times of need, the real friends show up, while the fake ones pull back.

The weather outside is::::
Currently 41 degrees.  We actually had 70 degree days last week which was so strange.  My dreams of a white Christmas will continue to live just inside my head.  LOL  
We have a rainy/snowy week ahead so there's that.

On the breakfast plate this morning::::
Just had some coffee with sweet cream creamer.  Will probably make some pancakes later.    

As I look outside my window::::
It is morning, sun is already out but it is cloudy so not very bright at all.  Usually I get this post up earlier in the morning so my view of outside is nothing, but pitch black.  It's nice to see the trees and the birds, for a change.    

As I look around the house::::
I started taking down the Christmas decorations yesterday, just have to finish.  I set everything on the couch and today, I need to pull out the Christmas boxes and pack it all away until next year.  Thankfully I didn't go all out this year, so don't have too much to pack away.         

What I'm wearing today::::
In my nightgown for now.  My brother and sister in law gave me this sweet one for Christmas, it says "All I need today is a bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus.  Love it.              

Currently reading::::
Finishing up Isaiah in the Bible.  
Started Four Perfect Pebbles:  A Holocaust Story  

On the TV for this week::::
My Portuguese soap "Bem me Quer"
Vlogs on Youtube
Binged Bridgerton and it got me in the mood for more Period dramas, so with that in mind, I plan on watching:
The Windermere Children
The Secret Garden
The Luminaries
Thieves of the Wood
On the menu this week::::
Monday - Stuffed Smoked Sausage, Roast Potatoes, Creamed Spinach
Tuesday - One pan bacon cheeseburger casserole, Salad
Wednesday  - Feijoada (Portuguese Bean Stew), Rice
Thursday - French Onion Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Broccoli 
Friday - Cowboy Burgers, Seasoned Fries
Saturday -  Chicken Spaghetti, Salad
Sunday - Slow Cooker Kielbasa Hashbrown Bake, Garlic Bread
Something fun to share::::
So many of you are enjoying the videos I'm sharing.  That makes me very happy.  So, you ready for another one?  I absolutely adore Her86m2 Channel on Youtube.  I can't even describe for you how peaceful her videos make me feel.

Favorite photo from the camera::::
Just love these two, they are so sweet and getting closer and closer, as each day goes by.       


Prayers, Inspiration quotes, Devotionals::::
Still praying for a few people, will leave the same 4 from last week, and just adding some more. 
Joca in Portugal - he is in the hospital with covid and having some issues with his respiration.
Ze - a dear friend's husband in South Africa, he has liver cancer and is hospitalized at the moment with fluid in the lungs.
Isabel - friend in South Africa, she is 42 years old and has ovarian cancer that unfortunately has spread.  She is going through a very difficult time.
Bruno my brother, and his family who all have tested positive for Covid - They were on vacation in Cape Town and must have picked it up there, because upon returning to their home in Johannesburg, they came down with symptoms and tested positive last week.
Nela - my stepmom watched their house while they were gone, and obviously interacted with them when they returned.  She also tested positive for Covid, although thankfully she has no symptoms  She is 67 years old, so there's always extra worry with that age.
Olga - My brother Bruno's mother in law who went with them to Cape Town and also tested positive.  She is 72 and has been admitted to hospital to receive oxygen and to lower her fevers.
My daughter's cowoker - also tested positive for Covid last week and has been home since then. 

For the whole country, the President, and the new year that is coming upon us.  My fervent prayers are for a year filled with the Lord's glory and blessings.  I pray each one of you and your families, have a wonderful New Year, and that we can all put 2020 behind us as the biggest lesson we have all learned.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

{ Recipe binder and new notebooks }

December 26, 2020 

Every year, I buy new notebooks to use for my budget and meal plan. It's something I've been doing for a long time, and can't really imagine trying to function without them. 
They keep me organized, they keep me on track, and I love having a record of everything I've done throughout the year. 

December 26, 2020 

This year, I also purchased a planner. I am not a fan of planners, I'll just throw that out there. 
Not because I don't think they're helpful, but because I have never been able to stick to one consistently. I start off great, and within a few weeks it has been set aside, and never looked at again. 

December 26, 2020 

But this coming year, I want to try and be consistent. I will probably not use it like others do, and I'll have to adapt it to my needs, so it will probably end up being more of another place to record weekly meals, birthdays or important dates, and blog posts I want to work on. 
I don't think it will be a place to keep appointments and so forth, because as I stated above, I don't stick to it, and I forget to even look at the planner. 

December 26, 2020

December 26, 2020 

I have a new budget book. I've mentioned before how I keep mine, but basically, I just organize it by month, I write down all the income that comes in and then all the expenses. 
As I pay my bills, I check it off, write down the total and the confirmation number alongside it too for future reference. 
I also got a new meal plan and grocery shopping book. Again, I've mentioned it before in my blog, you can read that post here.
On one side is the menu, on the opposite page is the grocery list. I take this book with me when I go shopping and if for some reason I can't find an item I need for a specific meal, or if something is on sale, I can easily change the meal plan, right there in the store. Love it, it's helped me immensely. And it also helps when I'm planning a new menu, to go back and see what we were eating and what our favorites were. 
The new book I got this year, is actually a dream journal. I dream a lot, like every night, and I usually remember all of my dreams. Some are strange, some are no doubt visitations by family members who have passed on. They tend to show up in my dreams anytime I'm going through a hard time. 
I just thought it would be fun to keep a dream journal. A place I can jot down my dreams, first thing in the morning. It will be interesting to go back and read those. 
December 26, 2020 
Next year, I also plan on bringing back my recipe binder. I used to have one, and for some reason I can't find it. I think with all our moves while active duty, and then state wide moves after retiring etc., it seems to have been misplaced or lost, I don't know. 
December 26, 2020 
But as much as I love my food blog online, and the ease of having thousands of recipes at our fingertips, I still feel like there is nothing as amazing as actual recipes in your hand. 
My recipe binder was one of my favorite possessions, so I've decided to bring it back to life. I've been working on it and will do a more in depth post, this upcoming week. 
December 26, 2020
December 26, 2020
December 26, 2020
December 26, 2020
December 26, 2020
December 26, 2020
Days have been otherwise slow here at home.  Curt is on leave, Nick is on Winter break.  I've spent a lot of time reading, baking and snuggling with these two sweet boys.

They've become so sweet with each other, a cute bond has been forming.  Yes there are still moments Elliott aggravates Marley and Marley will bark at him once, then it's done.  Hahaha

December 26, 2020

I do thank God daily for the blessing of Elliott in our lives.   It seems a strange thing to say since I've never liked cats, and now here I am, completely besotted with this little boy.  

The funny thing is that he has taken to me as well, and because he has been with us and Marley his whole life, he acts more like a dog than a cat.  It is quite funny to see.

  December 26, 2020

I have also been enjoying catching up on tv shows.  I binged the whole Bridgerton series on Friday.  So good, and I had been eagerly waiting for a new period piece to watch.
I will say, there were far too many sex scenes, it actually made me a bit uncomfortable at times, but it was a brilliant series and I'm glad I stuck with it.
Also watched The Christmas Chronicles 2, Virgin River Season 2 and something else that I can't for the life of me remember.  Goodness.
I will be watching the documentary on Netflix called, Diana in Her Own Words, later today.   And I'm sure I'll find some other period pieces to enjoy as well.
Right now though, I will finish off this post, then need to get dressed, have some breakfast and take Jasmine to work.
I hope you are all having a blessed weekend and I hope your Christmas was an amazing one.  I for one am very much looking forward to the new year, I think it's safe to say we are all ready to put 2020 behind us. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

{ Elliott got neutered, ready for Christmas and some bread baking }


We are inching ever so close to Christmas day. 

My word, has this year flown by. 

I don't think anyone is complaining because it definitely has been one for the history books.  But through all the chaos, grief, craziness, obstacles thrown our way, it has also brought my family abundant blessings and a huge growth spiritually.


I am still not quite there with the Christmas spirit, but I do remind myself daily that the reason we celebrate, is not one to let slip by unnoticed.  So for that reason alone, I am pushing on and trying my best to embrace the season.


The days have slowed down, the temperatures have been true to winter, well, somewhat, because the past two days we've hit the 70s.  Go figure!

I have been spending time in the kitchen, organizing and changing things around a bit.  I don't know about you all, but I feel that things are never quiet like I want them to be.  I think it should be one way, this drawer for that thing, or that shelf for this and that, and then as I go about my day, I realize that it's not working.

Guess what I'm trying to say is that, even 5 years into living in this house, I don't think I've yet figured out exactly where I want my kitchen things to go.  Hahahah 

Maybe one day I'll get there.



My Christmas shopping is completely done, everything is wrapped and under the tree.  Actually, I do have my brother's present still arriving, hopefully today.  That will be the last one to wrap and then yes, I can say I am officially done. 

We are spending Christmas Eve at my brother's house, and then Christmas day at home, as we always do, eating leftovers and enjoying all the new gifts we receive.

I will show you what I get in a post after Christmas, probably this coming weekend.


I've done quite a bit of baking, Portuguese rolls, Italian Bread and some amazing butter swim biscuits.  I really need to get these all on the food blog, but I just haven't had the time.

Switching gears a bit because I want to show you my Philodendron.  Remember I got her back in the summer?


She has grown sooooooo much.  She is actually now resting on my Peace Lily, crazy.

I have trimmed her, I have also propagated her and now have a new one growing.  I will take pictures of that one and show you as well.  Once it rooted, I transplanted it to a pot with soil and she is very happy in there.


 Our little Elliott got neutered yesterday morning.  It broke my heart to leave him at the vet, I always feel so bad leaving them with strangers.  I would like to say that I didn't cry, but that would be a lie hahah

I was counting down the minutes until we could pick him up.  When we did, the nurse asked us to go back with her because he was not happy at all.  He was still coming out of anesthesia, his pupils were dilated and obviously he didn't know anyone around him, so he was hissing and growling at the nurses.

As soon as we walked in, I called his name and starting talking to him like I do, and he gave out the sweetest meow and calmed down.  Curt got him from the cage and wrapped him in his blanket.  I held him all the way home and he just either stared up at me, or closed his eyes and burrowed his face into my chest.  Poor baby.


I will say, this was the easiest neutering ever.  He came home with no pain, no sutures and no cone.  He was starving, so was very happy to get his food and then even though he was slightly drowsy still, he started playing with his toys, jumping off and on things (much to my distress, but you can't really control a cat from jumping).

We opted to do a laser treatment on his incision, which was done right after surgery and closed up the incision, there was no need for sutures and it also means no risk of infection etc.  For $25, I think it is well worth it.  He hasn't licked at the area, he hasn't messed with it, he is already acting like his old self.  It is great.


 He has been quite sleepy though.  They gave us some pain meds for the next two days, and I gave him one this morning.  He has been sleeping since then, which is wonderful to see, it means he is healing and not jumping up and down on things.


 I have also been enjoying my time with God.  I never thought I would enjoy reading the Bible as much as I have.  I will say, getting the right version makes all the difference in the world.  This is my first NIV version and I wish all my other Bibles were the same, it makes reading the word a breeze, I understand it, which is a great thing especially when you're moving through the Old Testament. 


Another thing I've been busy with, is creating a new recipe folder for myself.  I love old folders.  I won't say I don't like having recipes online, I mean,  I have a food blog for goodness sake, but I really enjoy having a folder with printed or hand written recipes.

So, been printing a lot of yummy recipes, some favorites that I want to have on hand, other new ones that I tried and have enjoyed too.  It's been a lot of fun.

Today I plan on going through my hand written recipes, I have some with my grandmothers handwriting, that I want to put in this folder too.


Also received some amazing Gooseberry Patch Christmas books from my sweet friend Tina.  She is such a sweetheart and knows how much I love Gooseberry Patch.  Thank you Tina :)

So there you have it, that is what has been going on here at home.

I am looking forward to the beginning of a new year, and to really get back to blogging.  If 2020 taught me something, is that life is short and time is precious, and we need to do what we love and enjoy, and stop focusing on things that don't matter.

It was a hard lesson to learn but it sure has changed my perspective on many things.

Anyway, I think I have talked for long enough, if you've made it all the way to the bottom here, thank you and God bless you hahah

I'm off to get dressed, start a load of laundry and then run to Walmart with Curt, I'm not sure what he needs but he wants to run by there quick.

Have a wonderful Wednesday friends.  Hope you are all ready for Christmas.

Monday, December 21, 2020

{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 12/21/2020 }

Good morning everyone, how was your weekend? 

Mine was good, did my last minute Christmas shopping on Saturday.  Can I just say how frustrating Christmas shopping has become?  Is it just me who feels this way?
I used to love Christmas shopping, but now it's just a headache.  I think we put so much pressure on ourselves to find the perfect gift, it takes all the joy out of buying a gift for someone.  At least for me.
Anyway, it is early Monday morning, Christmas is literally right around the corner.  Can't believe how quickly this year has gone.  
Oh and just as an update, I mentioned my blood work last week, everything is fine, the doctor says all levels are within normal limits and I'm good to go.  Thank the Lord.
Right, let's get on with our HHM.  BTW you'll be seeing me around here a bit more, I'm taking a break from Instagram at least until the end of the month and into January.  I will be on there once in a while just to check messages because I do need my page up for book review purposes.  I just won't be sharing anything about my life etc.  The new data policy changes are quite intrusive and for the moment, I do not feel comfortable being on there.

The weather outside is::::
Currently 37 degrees, but we will have a high of 65 today, so that will be nice. 

Monday - 65
Tuesday -  72
Wednesday -  51
Thursday -  57
Friday - 61
Saturday -  65
Sunday - 62

On the breakfast plate this morning::::
I'm sipping on some coffee with Sweet Cream creamer.  I'll be making instant pot creamy oatmeal for breakfast, later.  

As I look outside my window::::
It is pitch black outside, the sun hasn't yet come out.  I do have my window open, so I can hear cars in the distance and birds chirping nearby.     

As I look around the house::::
Aside from the lit Christmas tree, I don't think it really looks like the holidays in my house.  We've struggled with getting into the spirit and decorating, didn't even put up my Village.  Oh well.       

What I'm wearing today::::
For the moment I'm in my pajamas, not sure what I'll wear later.            

Currently reading::::
Reading through Isaiah.   
Also finishing up a book for review this week.  

On the TV for this week::::
My Portuguese soap "Bem me Quer"
Vlogs on Youtube
On the menu this week::::
Monday - Bratwurst Tray Bake, Salad
Tuesday - Fricassee Chicken, Rice
Wednesday  - Beef roast with Potatoes, Cheesy Cauliflower
Thursday - Christmas Eve (Shrimp Rissois, Sausage Rolls, Chocolate pyramids, cheeseburger sliders, yule log)  My sister in law is making ham, potato bake and a few other things
Friday - Leftovers
Saturday -  *Grocery shopping*
Sunday -
Something fun to share::::
Bringing you another beautiful video this morning, this one is from M vlogs, and it's called Delights of December.  Hope you enjoy!   

Favorite photo from the camera::::
Early morning light paired with twinkly Christmas tree lights.  Such a beautiful combination.     

Prayers, Inspiration quotes, Devotionals::::
Have a few on my prayer list this week.
Joca in Portugal - he is in the hospital with covid and having some issues with his respiration.
Ze - a dear friend's husband in South Africa, he has liver cancer and is hospitalized at the moment with fluid in the lungs.
Isabel - friend in South Africa, she is 42 years old and has ovarian cancer that unfortunately has spread.  She is going through a very difficult time.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

{ The Empathy Advantage by Lynne Azarchi - TLC Book Tour }


• Hardcover: 324 pages
• Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers; Illustrated edition (November 4, 2020)


We live in a time when empathy is not only lacking but on the decline. Kids are bullied because of the color of their skin, religion, culture, a disability and more. Bullying and cyberbullying are increasing, especially for black and brown kids, LGBT youth, and Jewish and Muslim youth. Fueled by decreases in respect, kindness, and compassion, the house is on fire!

Empathy may be not be a cure-all, but just a little effort can transform a child into a more sensitive, caring human being. The good news is that empathy – the ability to “walk in someone else’s shoes” – can be taught. This book is all about teaching adults to teach empathy to kids. The payoff will last a lifetime.

In this helpful guide, parents, caregivers and teachers are coached to help their children and students to develop social-emotional skills that will equip them to better navigate the world with self-compassion and empathetic concern.

The Empathy Advantage is for the busiest parents and educators. It provides tips, strategies, online resources, and activities that are fun and engaging and take just 10 to 20 minutes. It emphasizes the importance of starting early, being good role models, spending quality face-to-face time together, and more. It will help readers understand the dynamics of bullying and teach children to stand up not only for themselves but others. And it explores other topics including managing media in the home, the value of pets in inculcating empathy, active listening, and self-compassion – i.e. being as forgiving and kind to yourself as you would to a friend.

Purchase Links

Amazon | Barnes & Noble


About Lynne Azarchi

LYNNE AZARCHI, author of THE EMPATHY ADVANTAGE, is Executive Director of Kidsbridge Tolerance Center outside of Trenton, New Jersey—a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering bullying prevention, anti-bias, diversity appreciation, empathy, and empowerment strategies for youth.  She is a tireless advocate for improving the lives of at-risk youth in communities across New Jersey. Kidsbridge helps more than 2,500 preschool, elementary, and middle school students and educators improve their social-emotional skills each year.  Azarchi has won many awards and her articles have been published both in newspapers and academic journals.  She is a frequent speaker to parent and teacher groups, corporations and major educational conferences.

The more I look around our current world situation, the more I am convinced that we are not teaching our children empathy.  That may be a pretty blunt statement to make, but it's my honest belief, and when I started reading The Empathy Advantage, it just became more and more obvious that it is true.

I have always tried to be a good mom, wading my way through the crazy ups and downs of parenthood, from infant, to toddler, preteen, teen and now an adult child with another 6 months from being an adult.

As parents, we tend to question everything we do, whether we are teaching them right, teaching them enough, and while it may be true that life experience is something that we have to learn for ourselves, as parents, we can make a difference by molding our children and equipping them with moral values to carry forth in their life.

What is empathy?

Having the ability to put ourselves in someone's else's shoes.

Lynne Azarchi provides us with chapters filled with information, tips and tricks to teach empathy, how to be kind, how to be respectful. 
The author teaches us how to instill these traits in our children, and she focuses on a myriad of situations and daily life.  With chapters on social media, bullying prevention, self compassion, what parents want and active listening.
I think this is a wonderful book for parents of any age children, but I honestly wish I had had this book when mine were still little.  It would have helped me a lot.
Thank you to TLC Book Tours and Rowman & Littlefield Publishers