Thursday, May 30, 2013

Interrupted by cuteness

So there I was, about to finish unloading the dishwasher and give it a good clean, when Miss Lola decided that the best spot in the house to sit and relax, was none other than my lap.

She saved me.....from this.....


She cracks me up.

Of course she's so cute I could not say no, could I? I immediately dropped the task at hand and proceeded to hug her and love her.


I asked her if she thought I would be able to go back to my cleaning and that I would reward her with a treat later


She just stared and stared and turned her head side to side......she is just the sweetest pug on earth and I can't help but kiss her and squeezer her every chance I get, and she's used to it because she just sits there and enjoys every single second of it


and no matter how many times I see this tongue, and believe me I see it pretty much all day long, I can't help but laugh


made me think of that saying that the dog owners resemble their pets, or the pets resemble their owners? I don't know, but I had to find out what this tongue thing was all about


and what I found is that as cute as it looks on her, it's really not MY thing LOL

I'll leave the cuteness to her and I'll just go back to my cleaning.   But thank you Miss Lola for the few minutes you sat with me, they made the chore at hand that much better to get through :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{ You have to have balance....}

It's a requisite for living a good simple life.

I never used to think that it was possible, I used to be one of those people that thought that everything had to be contained, every emotion, every incident, every change in your life.....for example, if you were going through something bad then you weren't allowed to throw in some good things, or if you were worried then you weren't allowed to smile because that would be like cheating on the worry.  So silly isn't it?

Thankfully, that phase of my life didn't last very long, because I quickly realized that you need a little bit of everything, you have to learn to find the perfect balance in life and inject a bit of everything into your day.

I'm going to be brutally honest with you right now.  I truly believed that we were going to stay here for another two years, I had even gotten myself used to the idea and started looking forward to it, to the things we would do, places we would go etc.

Last time I did this was back in Idaho, my husband had just convinced me to buy a house off base, and I said "ok, let's do it" and not even a month later we got orders to Arizona. 

And now it happened again, the minute I accepted Arizona (after 6 years lol), and said "ok, we'll be fine staying another two years, I actually don't mind" forward a few weeks later and we find out he's retiring.  Seriously, I couldn't make this up if I tried.

But all that just to say that the news of the retirement and moving back home hit me like a ton of bricks and the first two days I walked around in a daze.  I burst into tears, I was emotional, I was excited, I was scared and I felt like I was alone.

Then Sunday morning I had a nice talk with myself and with God and I finally let it go, put it in His hands and concentrated on what needs to be done.  I do my part, He does his.

And that is where the balance has come in.   Not only in my relationship with God, but in tackling this move across States.

May 29

For one, as a military wife you learn how to move and how to pack, you become an expert.  Really, if you ever have to move ask a military wife for pointers, we have that down to perfection  Hahahah
A deployment scares me to death, but moving the whole family across the country is a piece of cake.

As we get ready to leave behind a place we've called home for 6 years, deal with insane amounts of paperwork which are triple when you're retiring, look for a home, schedule movers and inspections, pack a whole house, gather records and so is very easy to get caught up in the moment and feel flustered and intimidated by the daunting move.

Much as I want to let out a little scream sometimes or throw something across the room, I don't, and the reason being that I have to concentrate on the end game and what is coming, and I have to be strong for my children and for my husband.  We can do this, together.

So I try to keep life moving along just as normal as can be, because in between the boxes and the paper wrapped mementos of our life, we are still living.........

May 29

In between boxes, bread dough is whipped up

May 29

This morning I pulled out a package of chicken thighs, still frozen, dumped them in the crockpot with half a bottle of Teriyaki and 3 chopped up garlic cloves, set it on LOW and let it cook all day.  One less thing to worry about while I muddle through all the other boring move issues.

May 29

Most of my kitchen has been brought down, set aside for the movers or packed into boxes that we will move ourselves, so it's looking kinda empty and sad....but I've left the flowers on the window sill, and when you pair that with a bowl of dough rising in the morning sun, it makes it feel like home no matter what is going on around it

May 29

Fresh watermelon for the kids and hubby to snack on throughout the day

May 29

And a pitcher of Mint/Lemon Sun tea to quench the thirst

May 29

Aahhhh bread done rising and headed into the oven, aren't those just beautiful loaves?

Once it was done, my Jasmine was immediately in the kitchen, ready and waiting with her hands stretched out. This child is like her mama, she LOVES fresh bread.

May 29

This is what it's all about, those simple things that you do to show your family that no matter what craziness may be going on around you, some things remain the same

May 29

It may seem nothing to some, but it really means a lot especially to kids, some sort of normalcy to keep them grounded and in the moment.

So you see, that is the balance I am talking about, and when I find myself about to freak out, these small things bring me right back to the here and now, and if that doesn't help, a step outside the door will do it.

May 29

My sunflower seeds are starting to fall off and I've been out there harvesting them so that I can take them back to Idaho.

May 29

Beautiful. It amazes me how absolutely perfect nature is, the colors, the details, it's just breathtaking.

The only thing I'm missing in all this???? My crochet.

Oh man, I need to sit down even if for 5 minutes and pick up my hooks, I think it would really make a difference :)

May 29

Now I bet you want to see how the chicken turned out, and let me tell you, for throwing something together it was really yummy, sometimes the best dishes are those that don't follow a recipe but are put together with what you have around you.

Slow Cooked Teriyaki Chicken

I'm going to go catch up on the DVR because there are way too many shows on there, and I'm saying goodbye to Dish Network in a few days, matter of fact we may not have any when we get back to Idaho, there's no need to pay so much money for hundreds of channels when we only really watch a couple shows on 2 or 3 channel and we can find the episodes online anyway.

Have a great night everyone, and thank you for always coming by to visit me, I love your visits :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Lazy weekend!

It's been such a quiet lazy weekend that I have found myself falling asleep on the couch, ever so often.

It is hot outside, the fan in the living room is humming overhead and everyone is really quiet, it's like you could hear a pin drop.

I don't like sleeping in the afternoon though, I do my best to avoid naps because they make me extremely cranky, nothing like waking up with a headache and not knowing what year you're in LOL

But it hasn't been all lazy, there has been quite a bit of packing and purging.


A designated area in the living room is stacked with stuff the packers will move, while the hallway bathroom is the "DO NOT PACK" room. They will not be allowed in that bathroom as that is all boxes that we will be moving ourselves.


Pictures are coming down off the walls so we can start filling in the nail holes and not leave it all to the last minute.

Packing also means that you run across things you had completely forgotten about, like for instance yesterday I got to sit and look through my children's kindergarten report cards, Nic's WIC folder with two checks that never got cashed, paperwork from our last base's primary school and all sorts of things that made me sad and happy and brought a lump to my throat.

And in between the packing and the emotional toll that it takes on you, there's playing and goofing around....


As hubby dismantled his armor for packing, he and Nicholas had a blast trying on the different pieces


You have to face it all with a smile on your face and the knowledge that you're fine and this craziness is just temporary.

So I have been fixing special treats for the afternoons......


So good! The other day it was warm Brownies topped with scoops of ice cream....mmmmmmm.


I have a review coming up for this adorable train set, and Nicholas loved trying it out, matter of fact, he and Lola seemed to enjoy it. Mr Nicholas put a treat in one of the train cars and then laughed as Lola tried to grab it while it was going around the tracks.

As for me, I tend to step outside when I start feeling a little overwhelmed. I look at all my beautiful flowers and imagine who the new tenants are going to be and if they'll enjoy this garden as much as we do.


My huge sunflowers have bloomed and wilted, now I'm waiting for the seeds which I'll be taking back to Idaho with me to plant some new ones in our new home.

As the big ones have died, the younger ones have burst into life...

These are so pretty, the prettiest blue ever.


And they also have dainty soft white and pink, they make me think vintage for some reason


My tomatoes are doing so well, and I plan on taking them with me. Matter of fact I have 5 plants that I need to move, so they'll be packed in a sturdy box and will sit in my passenger seat for the drive.

If you have any tips, advice for moving them, let me know :)

Miss Lola has been feeling as lazy as I have. I had to take this picture because she's just so cute. And she knows that we're getting ready to move, she actually grabbed two of her *babies* (toys) and dropped them into one of hubby's box. LOL We laughed so hard, I couldn't believe she did that.


Today I haven't packed one single thing, and that's ok, I needed a day off to just relax, remember all the brave women and men who have given their lives for our freedom, and all those who are still serving or have served.


Don't forget tonight on INSP, Courage, New Hampshire. We are looking forward to this one.

I'm going to go fix myself a cup of coffee to see if I can wake up a little, I'm honestly falling asleep at the computer.

Hope you're all having a wonderful long weekend.


The Roots of the Olive Tree by Courtney Miller Santo - TLC Book Tour

The Roots of the Olive Tree PB

• Paperback: 336 pages
• Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks; Reprint edition (April 23, 2013)

Courtney Miller Santo’s compelling and evocative debut novel captures the joys and sorrows of family— the love, secrets, disappointments, jealousies, and forgiveness that tie generations to one another

Meet the Keller family, five generations of firstborn women living together in the same house on a secluded olive grove in the Sacramento Valley of Northern California. Anna, the family matriarch, is 112 and determined to become the oldest person in the world. Strong in mind and firm in body, she rules Hill House, the family home she shares with her daughter Bets, granddaughter Callie, great-granddaughter Deb, and great-great-granddaughter Erin.

While the Keller women are bound by blood, living together has not always been easy. And it is about to become more complicated now that Erin, the youngest, is back, alone and pregnant, after two years abroad with an opera company. Her return and the arrival of a geneticist who has come to study the family’s unusual longevity ignites explosive emotions that these women have kept buried and uncovers revelations that will shake them all to their roots.

courtney miller santoAbout Courtney Miller Santo

Courtney Miller Santo grasped the importance of stories from listening to her great-grandmother, who lives in Northern California. She learned to write stories in the journalism program at Washington and Lee University and then discovered the limits of true stories working as a reporter in Virginia. She teaches creative writing at the University of Memphis, where she earned her MFA. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Los Angeles ReviewIrreantumSunstone, and Segullah. She lives in Tennessee with her husband, two children, and dog. Her most prized possession is a photo of five generations of the women in her own family.
Visit Courtney at her website, connect with her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, and see what she’s pinning on Pinterest.

What a wonderful book.  I loved reading about and following the daily lives of these 5 women. 

The author tells the story from different perspectives, taking us on a journey through all of the individual women's lives, showing us what they thought, what they did, the choices they made and ultimately how it all affects each and every one.

Having grown up with my great grandma up until she was 94, I will say the the author managed to capture the difference in ages, and therefore the difference in thought processes between the oldest of the ladies in the house, to the youngest pregnant one.

It was interesting, it was fun, and I recommend it :)

Thank you to TLC Book Tours for providing me with a review copy. I

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hello friends....

I know, I know, I've been awful at updating the blog.  So much for daily posts huh?

I will tell you that the past 3 days have been something else, I'm so stressed out and overwhelmed right now, and there are so many important decisions to make that I hope we make the right ones.

That whole thing of "leaving it in God's hands"?

Yeah I suck at that.  Really, I suck at it.  I start off with the best of intentions and then find myself wanting to curl into a ball and cry.

I honestly need to suck it up, get it done and get over it.  And I will.

The initial shock has worn off, now it's just go go go.

The movers will be here the week of the 25th of June and we'll be leaving for Idaho the 29th of June.  Oh my.

Time is going to fly.


I've started packing as we'll be doing a partial DITY, just like when we PCS'ed to Arizona. So the movers will be taking some of the stuff and we'll be taking some too.

I've started packing the things that will go with us, aka the things I do not allow the movers to get anywhere near.


Need I say more? Hahah

So far I have all our dental records, the dogs vet records, waiting on the medical records because they take 30 days from the day you fill out the form (good ol' military "hurry up and wait").

TLF (temporary housing facility) is a pain in the behind, I'm sure military folks out there know what I'm talking about. I call up to make a booking and first she tells me that they only take bookings 3 days prior to the date we need it and it's not guaranteed, it's a first come first serve basis...then I tell her I need pet TLF because we have pets and she says they only have 6 designated for pets and they have none available for those dates I need them.

Am I missing something??? If you can't book until 3 days prior then why are the pet ones already taken? Whatever!

We have decided to stay at the house until the very last day, once housing does the inspection, the kids and I will go hang out at the park with the dogs, while hubby does the last out processing, then we'll hit the road.

SO not looking forward to the 13 hour drive, especially driving through Vegas which was just horrid last time I had to drive through it. Wish I could drive all the way there and then fly over the strip and land on the other side LOL Wouldn't that be something?

My husband received a flag at work, and next week he will be stopping in to do one last F-16 launch. I told him there better be lots of pictures :)

You know these military guys who have been all their lives, are so used to this life that it's very hard when it's over. He came home from work on his last day which was Thursday and actually had tears in his eyes. I felt so bad for my hubby. He loves his country to death and especially his jets, he's been working on them since he was 18 so it's going to be very big change for him. But he'll be ok :)

Me on the other hand, well....let's just say that I've woken up a couple times the past few nights and suddenly felt panicked. This morning I burst into tears. There's a lot of emotions going on inside me, for one I'm ecstatic to be going back to Idaho, but on the other hand as much as I hate this place, I still feel sad, and I will definitely miss the military life, it's been all we have known for so many years.

So I'm taking it easy, I'm letting myself cry when I want to cry, and then I'm pushing forward. It helps to have an amazing husband who calms me down, who listens and who reiterates over and over that we are going to be just fine.

It also helps when you have a glass of Captain Morgan and coke and a brownie with ice cream....just saying!


We are house hunting, we are in touch with realtors and calling and emailing back and forth, and my hubby will be going up here in a week or so to look at the last houses we narrow down, sign the papers and hopefully get our new home.

I feel like a fish out of water, this is our first home and it's so confusing, but we've been researching and researching and have really good realtors helping us out.  Thank goodness for that.

And there you have it, that's what I've been doing the past 3 days.  I haven't had a chance to crochet or watch anything on tv.  I've been surrounded by boxes and paperwork and constant phone calls, and it's just the beginning, so I'm hoping I don't run out of steam before the end of the month.  Say a prayer for me will ya?

Hope you're all having a fantastic Memorial Day, and if you don't know what to throw on the grill, why not these yummy sliders?


I am going to go back to packing *sigh*

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Doctor Who Giveaway Winner!!!!

Ahhhh we all love Doctor Who don't we????

I really do wish, with all my heart, that I could send you all a copy of the Who-Ology book because I just know you would love it.

Unfortunately, I can't.  One of you was just drawn as the winner, but for the others, don't let that stop you from getting yourself a copy when it release June 11th. 

Congratulations Jesse, I will be contacting you shortly.

Home bound......

Well, it is the end of June we will be heading back home to Idaho!

It is bitter sweet in the sense that we are all so excited to be going home, but bummed out that my husband didn't make this promotion.  The testing this year was excruciatingly hard, the cut offs were crazy and from about 20 000 that tested, only around 3000 were promoted, so that just shows you how hard these promotions are to make.

Nonetheless, I'm so proud of my husband for the 22 years that he has given to his country.  He has worked so hard, given it his all, defended this country at war, protected it at home and did it all with a huge sense of pride and love. 

It hasn't always been easy, military life is hard folks.

But, this chapter in our lives has come to an end and it's time to move on, and start another. 

How am I feeling at this moment????

Hmmm.  Well, I'm excited beyond belief, I'm nervous, I'm scared, actually I'm terrified if truth be told, and we have a lot ahead of us starting with packing up this house, doing tons of paperwork, buying a house in Idaho, transferring homeschooling etc.

It's going to be one heck of a ride, I can tell you that. 

And it's times like these that I'm so thankful for my blog, for an outlet to talk and vent and record every step of our journey.

Be prepared, in the next few weeks you will see all sorts of posts and pictures here, boxes and packing tape, excitement and worries, prospective homes, plans and lists etc.  At some points it may seem like you're along for a virtual move across States Hahaha

Anyway, I wanted to share the good news and I thank you all for the prayers and the words of encouragement, this waiting period was so hard for us, but at least now we know where we're going and what we're doing :)

We're going home.....home to Idaho and I can NOT wait to smell that fresh air.

PS  I am going to be visiting you all today, wanna catch up before things get even crazier for me around here :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The simple beauty of homemaking


Because it truly is, simple, and beautiful.  We complicate things, we make mountains out of mole hills, we take a simple task and make it seem impossible and unnecessary, when in actuality, every single thing we do as homemakers is important, and quite simple, and definitely beautiful.

What exactly does a homemaker do?  Well, a lot of things, small things and big things and little of everything.  We clean and we cook, we take care of finances, and we plan parties, and we clean runny noses and change diapers, and hear about our children's problems (however trivial they may be), and turn a structure with four walls into a home, into a safe haven for the family.

I think honestly, the only difference for me is that I do what a lot of other women do, just that I do it in a pretty Cath Kidston apron.  Why?  Because I can, and because it's my uniform, not specifically picked out by anyone other than myself and my need to stick to my roots and to continue in the steps of my greatgrandma, and grandma and every other woman who has been there and done that, before me.

But isn't that old fashioned?

Absolutely!  And that is what I love about it.  I'm in no hurry to remove all those links to the past, and for what purpose?

Wearing an apron is old fashioned some may say, but then so are the crochet blankets that I have draped over the back of my couches, and so are the doilies that are littered throughout my house, so is the way of making my greatgrandma's meatballs, or the way I make homemade pasta by hand, and the way I iron shirts, or place fresh cut flowers from the garden in a little mason jar on my bedside table.

Letter Writing

That's the simple and beautiful part of it, at least to me.

Every single task that I encounter, whether it's washing dishes by hand or cleaning the toilets or scrubbing the shower walls, I do with a smile on my face and the notion that it's for my family and nothing more than giving them a clean home to live in.

I am asked so many times how I get everything done?  How do I do it, how do I plan, how am I able to get the housework finished and still have time to bake and crochet and have fun with the kids.

Routines, routines, routines.  I can't stress it enough.

Now, I am nothing like the Flylady, and I know that many love her, but it's just never worked for me.  I stick to a schedule but I'm very flexible because I've learned over the years as a wife, mother, homemaker, that no two days are the same, really.  Some chores may have to be repeated every day, but the day as a whole is never the same, at least in my home, or maybe it's the fact that I don't allow them to be the same because I get bored easily and I change things around.


But for the most part, I do stick to a routine, there is definitely a set time for waking up, for eating lunch, for eating dinner and for going to bed.  Everything else in between is shifted here and there to accommodate for what needs to be done, and guess what?  If something doesn't get done today, then it gets done tomorrow.

I think that is one of the traps that many homemakers fall into.  They look at the chores and think that they need to be done NOW and there's no time for a cup of tea, or a book, or a little crochet during the day, and that if you do stop to do either one of those things then it makes you a bad homemaker.


I've shifted my priorities over the past few years, and I've stuck to a basic principle, one which is actually quite old and was used by many housewives back in the day.

Monday: Wash Day
Tuesday: Ironing Day
Wednesday: Sewing Day
Thursday: Market Day
Friday: Cleaning Day
Saturday: Baking Day
Sunday: Day of Rest

I used to think that this was crazy, I should just iron, wash, bake, clean, all on the same day, a few minutes of each....problem is that it got quite frustrating and I began resenting the chores.

And then I gave it a try, just dedicated each day to a different room/chore and all of a sudden the tasks weren't so daunting, and I even had time to hang out with the kids, read a book or crochet.  Well now....I guess that's something else the so called "old fashioned" homemakers had right.

My routine goes something like this:

Monday:  Laundry Day, wash all the clothes in the hamper, fold, separate what needs to be ironed
Tuesday:  Ironing, put away all the laundry
Wednesday:  Sewing (craft day, sewing, quilting, crochet, knit, garden etc)
Thursday:  Bedrooms (vacuum, change bed linens, dust etc)
Friday:  Bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming and mopping floors
Saturday:  Baking for the week (bread, cookies, freezer meals, dog treats etc)
Sunday:  Resting

Obviously during school months we have homeschooling every week day, and then of course we have cooking and dishes and basic tidying up every day.

Homemaking is not supposed to make you cranky and frustrated, it's not meant to make you hate being a stay at home mom and a homemaker or resentful of the fact that you have mundane tasks to do day in and day out.

It's meant to be simple, it's meant to be beautiful, it's meant to make you proud of the home you live in and the happy family you have around you.

Day 23

So go forth, put on that apron, tackle that chore, pick some flowers for your kitchen table, put away the frozen prepackaged food and cook a good wholesome meal and if you feel like it, set aside that laundry basket and go snuggle on the couch with the kids, or pull out that crochet or book you've been dying to get into.

Embrace it, embrace yourself as a homemaker and you will soon see that everything else just falls into place.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Praying for Moore, Oklahoma!

Folks it's been a tough day.

First I want to start by saying that thankfully, we are done with this school year. It kept me super busy last week finishing up, gathering materials, making sure that everything was done and turned in, so I didn't have much time to be on my blog or visit you all, or do anything for that matter.

But, it's done and I can get back on track, and I'm so looking forward to doing that.

Now back to today's events. We have family spread out through Oklahoma and anytime there is a tornado watch near one of them, we pray and we just hope everyone is ok.

Today was no different, other than the fact that my husband's aunt and uncle live in Moore, Oklahoma.

I have to tell you that the minute I heard about the tornado and saw the first images come through, my heart caught in my throat. I was a ball of nerves, so worried about them and all I could do was pray and pray and watch and pray some more.

Thankfully we soon got word on Facebook that they were both ok, their house was ok, even though the tornado passed just a mile from them. Unfortunately friends and neighbors lost their homes and everything they had.

It is heartbreaking, I can't even begin to imagine what it's like to lose everything you have and be left with nothing.  I just pray that the Lord wraps these people in His arms and guides them through this horrible time.

I've had the TV on all day, and I've cried seeing the little children from the elementary school waiting for their parents to pick them up, especially when a 7 year old little boy was asked by the reporter where he would be living if the house was gone, and he innocently replied "if my mom and dad are still alive, I'll be living with them".

It broke my heart.  At times like these we feel so incredibly helpless and just wish we could do something.

I'm fervently praying for the town of Moore, for those who have lost their homes, for those who have lost loved ones and for anyone who was impacted by this awful tragedy.


We pray for the people of Oklahoma devastated by the horrific tornado today. Give them strength to face this disaster and send your comfort to their community.


Happy Homemaker Monday - 05/20/2013

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good Morning, hope you had a great weekend and are ready for a new week ahead.

The weather.....
We've dipped down a little from the triple digits, and it's felt really good, but this seems to be our last week like this before we're stuck on the really hot weather for the rest of the summer.

7-Day Forecast

Right now I am....
Feeling slightly tired, trying to wake up and hoping the coffee does the trick.  
About everything I have to get done today, and also thinking that about this week ahead and what it means for us.  

On my reading pile....
The Dashwood Sisters Tell All by Beth Patillo.

On my TV.....
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares
Bomb Girls
Hubby and I need to catch up on Defiance, Revolution and Warehouse 13. 
What I found while surfing the net....
Did you know that Sig Hansen from The Northwestern on Deadliest Catch, has a new line of coffee out???  It's called the Northwestern Grind?  How neat is that? 

On the menu for this week....
Some Amish food, some Portuguese food, and basically just good home cooking :) 

Monday 20th
Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls
Grilled Cheese and Ham, veggies
Easy Chicken Casserole

Tuesday 21st

Breakfast: Buttermilk Pancakes, Milk
Lunch: English Muffin Pizzas
Dinner: Family Burrito Bake

Wednesday 22nd
Breakfast: Toast with Jam, Coffee, Juice
Lunch: Tuna Salad
Dinner: Meatballs and Spaghetti

Thursday 24th

Breakfast: Cereal, milk
Lunch: Amish Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Dinner: Lemon Grilled Chicken

Friday 25th

Breakfast: Banana Nut Muffins, Milk
Lunch: Chicken Nuggets, Mac and Cheese
Dinner: Grilled Hamburgers, Fries

Saturday 26th
Breakfast: Breakfast Burritos
Lunch: Pepperoni Pizza
Dinner: Busy Day Ham Casserole

Sunday 28th
Breakfast: Biscuits and Gravy
Lunch: Turkey Wraps
Dinner: Oven Beef Stroganoff

On my to do list....
Vacuum and Mop
Box up kid's School Materials

In the craft basket....
Still the same items, hoping to get to them this week.

Granny Square Blanket
Red, white and blue quilt
Crochet Ripply Blanket
KitchenAid Quilted Cover, Toaster Quilted Cover
Kindle Patchwork Cover

Looking forward to this week....
My husband turning 40 on Wednesday and us finally finding out what our future holds and which way we're headed. 

Looking around the house....
A house that shows it's Monday morning, after a weekend of everyone home having fun and being lazy.  I don't think I need to explain what that means to all you mama's out there, right???
Have cleaning and straightening up to do today :) 

From the camera....


On my prayer list.....
Friends and family going through different things right now.
For God to lead my husband and I, to help us remember that He is already there waiting wherever we're going.

Bible verse, Devotional....