Sunday, June 30, 2013

Home Sweet Home!!!


We're here, we made it to Idaho in one piece and I can't begin to tell you just how happy I am at the moment.

It is almost surreal to be back in our old town, to drive the streets and see the same buildings.

The drive was long, oh so very long and though quite uneventful, we did have a few things happen.

The Betta Fish????  Didn't make it.  :(

The pugs almost died of heat stroke.

We came across a car that had just rolled into a ditch, out in a long stretch of road in the middle of nowhere Nevada.  We stopped to help, so did quite a few other cars and semi-trucks, though many just slowed down to see what was happening and sped off on their way.

I was so scared that it would be a family with children in that car, but thankfully it wasn't, however it WAS a 30 year old male who was pinned in.  We were 40 miles from the next town so all that could be done was to keep him warm in the desert heat, wet him down with some water and provide some shade.  The worst part is that there's never cellphone reception in that area so most of us couldn't call for help, but someone was able to use a satellite phone to call 911.

We couldn't stay there the whole time while waiting for the ambulance as my car was getting very low on gas and the pugs were dying in the heat, it just wasn't possible to stay and since there were so many others around to help we decided it was best to get on our way.

Literally drove into town on fumes, gas is so expensive and it takes at least 3 full tanks on each vehicle to make the trip.  Ugh!


But I can't tell you the joy of seeing the Idaho State Line and leaving behind the brown ugly desert, to be welcomed to farm land covered in the greenest grass you could ever see, lightning in the distance and rain.

We drove through country roads lined with white picket fence houses, red barns, cows and horses.

It's one of those moments when you wish you weren't driving so you could be snapping pictures. I'll definitely have to get back to some of these areas for some good pictures.


Had to get out and stretch our legs which felt so good after almost 12 hours in the car.

First day we drove 7 hours but hubby and I were so exhausted after spending the past 3 days moving and then Thursday into Friday morning we were up until 12am cleaning the house for inspection, then up again at 6am to finish and then on the road without a break.


These kids were SO happy to be back in their home State.  It was so cute to see.


And then big sis leaned in closer and the faces started LOL


So she really went in for it and his reaction is priceless LOL


Even saw a wild chicken by Snake River


So, we are now in a motel, spent last night and will spend tonight here and then tomorrow we move into the new house. We're heading to the base here shortly to drive around and see how it looks now and then heading by the new house just to see it.

I'm going to take tons of pictures, of course and then I'll be back later to share them with you :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Goodbye Arizona!

I am beat!

Emotionally, mentally, physically.  Just completely beat.

Finishing up the house for the inspection which has been a pain in the behind, but I'll tell you all about that later because as with any move there's always some wrenches flying around.

Within a few hours we'll be on the road to Idaho.

I am praying and hoping and begging God to help me with the drive because I'm so tired and SO sore, my fingers are swollen, I have bruises up and down my arms and I'm not sure I'm ready for a 13 hour drive.

But aside from that, we're fine, and we're excited to finally be going home.

Arizona hasn't exactly been my favorite place on earth but it's taught me so many lessons, some which I think I really needed to learn and hence why I've always said that God does things for a reason and he places you in certain situations so that you can grow.

And if there's one thing I can say that Arizona has done for me, is to teach me some very important lessons which will be with me for the rest of my life.

So I say thank you Arizona, thank you for the 7 years, thank you for the ups and downs, the hell scorching heat, the beautiful desert, the stunning sunsets and the ability to get closer to God.

See you in Idaho!!!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Moving - Day One!


Oh help matter how many times we do a move, I'm never prepared for the actual moving day and seeing everything just all over the house.

Movers arrived at 8am on the dot.  Punctual which is something I admire and am not used to with other movers.

There's two guys for the whole house.  Usually there's more but these guys are FAST, within an hour the outside storage area and Nic's bedroom were done, and half my kitchen is packed too.

For someone like me who likes having things neat and tidy, this is the worst part of the move.  Not to mention the fact that I don't like sitting around doing nothing and while the guys pack I am sitting here just watching them and feeling like I should be doing something LOL  It's driving me nuts!!



Isn't it funny though how your whole life just fits in these boxes????   Years of memories and mementos and your favorite knick knacks, all in there.

We always buy the moving crews lunch, but frankly I am sure these guys are sick to death of pizza, so we try to get them different things.  Today we opted for Subway Sandwiches and the guys were SO happy hahahah


Squirt has been moved from his huge tank, to his temporary home and he is one happy turtle.  I never thought he would be so happy in here.


We also moved the Betta fish to a small container for the trip, but he's not looking so good.  He's been kind of acting weird for a while now, then again he's pretty old so I'm just hoping he makes the trip

I have to share with you these two photos of yesterday's sunset, it's like Arizona wants to give us a farewell, I haven't seen sunsets like these in a long time and this week we've had them every single day.


I've said often that the one thing I'll miss about Arizona are the sunsets.  One thing I will NOT miss are the constant triple digits.  Hubby and I always say that Arizona is a great place to vacation but it's not somewhere we would want to live all year long.


Alright I guess I should get back to watching them pack, hoping this goes by fast so I stop feeling guilty of doing nothing LOL

Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday - 06/24/2013

Happy Homemaker Monday

Well friends, here we are, the last week in Arizona.  Thought it would NEVER get here, come to think of it I vividly remember my first week here.  I cried, I threatened my husband with divorce LOL  I was soooooo miserable and I just really hated the base and the place and the people.

But 7 years later and I survived, now I won't say I grew to love it here because that would be a lie, but I grew to accept it and just go with it.  I will tell you that I never thought I would miss it, but I think I'm going to miss my house and some of the area around here, especially Flagstaff and Prescott, Tombstone and Grand Canyon.

Next week Monday I'll be moving into the new house, so I'm not sure if I'll have a Happy Homemaker Monday post up.  I may just because we'll be in the hotel and our walk through is not until 9am and since I wake up super early, it may give me something to do :) 

The weather.....Miserably hot.  Thankful that it's my last week in the constant triple digits.  Heading back home to some rain and cooler temperatures and I'm pretty happy about that :)

Right now I am....Sitting on my couch with a nice hot cup of coffee.  I JUST woke up to a sea of ants in my kitchen and living you know my yearly struggle with these beasts.  UGH!  Got them taken care of and hoping I don't have to deal with them again.

Thinking....About everything that is going on this week, we have to finish all the packing today and make sure the house is ready for the movers who are coming tomorrow to pack, and then Wednesday to move everything out.  Thinking about the long road trip, thinking about how I'll feel when I see that Idaho State Line and just thinking about the future in general.

On my reading pile....Only the devotionals.

On my TV.....Been watching Unforgettable on the laptop, am almost to the end of the first season, and actually enjoying this show so I can't wait for the new season to start.
The White Queen - Episode 2

What I found while surfing the net....Everything I've searched lately has been road trip related.  I don't know if any of you know of this site, Gas Buddy, I'm sure most of you do, but it's a great tool to figure out how much gas you're going to spend on the trip.  Let's just say that between my car and my husband's gas guzzler of a truck, we'll be spending close to $400 just on the gas.  YIKES! 

On the menu for this week....It's an eat everything from the fridge and freezer week. Monday - Homemade Fettucine with Maple Sausage Spaghetti Sauce
Tuesday - Ordering Pizza while the movers are here
Wednesday - No clue
Thursday - No clue
Friday - On the road
Saturday - On the road
Sunday - Out to eat

On my to do list....Finish packing the back of the truck.
Remove all pictures, shelves from walls
Place everything we're taking in the hallway bathroom and make sign for door so movers don't touch any of it
Last minute appointments
Hubby is finishing the outprocessing< In the craft basket....Making some owl crochet projects, trying out some patterns for the Etsy shop. &nbsp

Looking forward to this week....Being done with the move on this side, getting on the road, and being one step closer to starting our new life.

Looking around the house....Boxes, boxes and more boxes.  Empty walls, tons of pictures and shelves up against the walls and a sad looking house.

From the camera....
Lots of this kind of thing going on


On my prayer list.....Me, praying for patience and for energy to keep going, I'm pretty worn out and I'm just ready to crash, but can't quite yet.
For my family, for this huge adjustment we're making.
Family and friends going through different issues right now. 

Bible verse, Devotional....
“I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live,” (Psalm 104:33 NIV).

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A moon and a cleaning tip!


So last night my husband had a dinner to attend with his coworkers and some of his bosses, they wanted to hang out with him a little, chat, buy him some grub and present him with a Plaque from his years at this squadron.

The kiddos and I didn't go, we had the option to and though at first I said yes, I then decided that it would be better for us to stay behind and to let him go and have one last night with his crew, talk airplanes and military things and just enjoy himself.


I'll have to get a better picture once we hang it up, the sword is HUGE, and yes it's a real sword :)

We stayed home and soon after hubby arrived he remarked that the moon was huge and it was gorgeous, which of course prompted me off the couch and outside with tripod and camera in hand.

I've always loved astrophotography, and I've dabbled in it quite a bit while we were still in Idaho, then after moving here it became quickly apparent that being in Phoenix, in the middle of all these city lights, it just would not be possible to see anything.  I'll be lucky to see a few stars in the sky on a clear night.

Another reason I'm super excited to get back home and to get to our country home, knowing that there will be no lights in sight and the sky will be there for the taking....picture taking I mean, and telescope viewing.

Anyway, all this just to say that I never pass up an opportunity to snap a picture of the night sky.  The moon can be quite tricky to photograph but if you are comfortable with your camera and know what you're doing, it's actually super simple.

Here are a few tips for you, I use a Canon Rebel T2i and my Zoom lens, the 75-300 mm.  I would love to get a greater zoom lens but honestly, I'm not one to spend hundreds of dollars on camera lenses if what I have does the job.

So I switch to Manual mode which is how I always shoot, I don't do auto and I detest flash on a camera, you have to really know what you're doing when using flash and since I'm no professional photographer, I steer clear and let the experts do it.

The settings I use for moon pictures is ISO 100, and I wish I could go lower because it still gives me a bit too much light, but it does a good job nonetheless.  My shutter speed is always 1/125, you need a pretty fast shutter speed because the moon is not standing still, it's moving across the sky even if it doesn't seem like it and any shutter speed slower than that can cause blurriness.

Lastly, I use an aperture of either f/9, f/10 or f/11.  I've tried other settings but these seem to work best for me.

Mount the camera on the tripod and I use my remote switch to avoid any shaking by touching the camera.

That's it!

Now let me show you the pictures I got last night.  The first one I zoomed in as much as I could......

Super Moon 06/22/2013

I just love the moon :)

The second one, I took another picture of the moon but not as zoomed in as the previous one, and then I took a picture of a sunset I shot the other day and I merged the 2 in Photoshop, just for fun.

Super Moon 06/22/2013

I love how it turned out. I see a lot of super moon photos where the photographer has super imposed the moon on another picture just to make it more dramatic. Isn't it gorgeous??

Now that we have the moon out of the way......oh I'm sure I'll try to get another photo of tonight's moon too and if it's any good I'll share it too ;)

But as I was saying, moon out of the way, I'm moving on to a cleaning tip.

As you know I've been cleaning the house for inspection, and since I'm doing that I'm kind of spring cleaning my furniture and curtains and couches etc as I go.   Might as well move to a new house with squeaky clean furniture, right?

So remember the new couches we got last year, the reclining micro suede comfy couches?

I love those things, you sit down, prop your feet up and within 5 minutes you're in la la land.  Or maybe it's just me, I don't know lol

The thing with these couches being such a light color, is that through normal wear and tear, and 2 kids and 2 dogs that love lounging on these, the arms of the couches and the feet area start looking nasty.

I'm a clean person, I'm always cleaning but even I was starting to get grossed out by these things.  Usually I just take a sponge to them because I was always so scared of using water for fear that it would stain.

So I started searching around and came across a website that suggested using rubbing alcohol and a sponge.  I was SO scared to give it a try, so I searched and searched more and read reviews and finally took the plunge this afternoon.

I tried it on a hidden area first just to make sure I wasn't going to stain my couches or ruin them and when I realize it was fine, I went to town.


You basically saturate the area that needs cleaning, grab a scrub brush and go to town.  I actually grabbed a white cleaning towel just to show you how nasty these couches were and how much dirt it pulled up.  I should be totally ashamed but it's not like I never clean them I just had NO idea the underlying dirt that was ingrained into the fibers.  GROSS!


Here it is still drying.  It's looking SO good already, hubby even said they look like new couches.

I'll take a picture tomorrow when it's completely dry and show you.

Now please, remember, if you're going to give this a try, you MUST use a white or same color brush or sponge as your couch so you don't transfer color to it, so no blues or red sponges or brushes etc.  And also don't forget to try a small area first.

I noticed some of the areas on mine weren't really getting clean and I think what was happening is that the alcohol was lifting up stains deep in the couch, so I just pulled the fabric up and away from the padding and scrubbed it, and it cleaned it all nicely :)

Alrighty, now I have to get back to packing.

I'll still be here tomorrow morning for Happy Homemaker Monday.  It's going to be a crazy week but next week this time, we will already be in Idaho.  Can't wait.

Have yourselves a wonderful rest of Sunday and God Bless,

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Almost there....

We are now on the home stretch, actually in exactly one week from today we will already be in Idaho.  I'm so ready to be home, so ready to be in the new house, to unpack, to make it our house, to cook and relax and enjoy the pool and the land and everything that comes with this new chapter.

I started losing steam two days ago, I fell asleep at 6pm while sitting on the couch just watching a show on the laptop.  Next thing I knew my kids and hubby were waking me up and saying that I was literally drooling, my head laying back on the couch, mouth open, snoring kinda thing. 

They were amused because I don't ever do this when I'm sleeping, but I think the exhaustion is kicking in.

So, already had the walk through with the movers, already started packing the vehicles with boxes we're taking, already weighed the vehicles, registrations all done and up to day, etc etc and etc.

Next week the movers will be here and then it's really IT. 

Sometimes it's hard to imagine that we're at this point, you always think you have time, more time, more years, but it all flies by so very fast doesn't it?

I'm feeling excited and I'm also feeling extremely sad, I don't know if I'm ready to live this life outside the military, it's going to be such a huge adjustment for us all.

Anyway, I know I've been awful at updating my blog, and I ask that you bear with me just a little longer over the next week as things really kick into high gear.

So I wanted to come in and say a quick hi, let you all know that I haven't forgotten about you, I miss our daily visits and catching up on your blogs too.  Something else I am looking forward to doing when this move is all over and done with.

I think the best way to summarize my last week is with a little round up of what I've been doing.  Sadly, no pictures, though there will be some tomorrow when I shoot the Super Moon.....don't forget to look to the skies tomorrow, you won't want to miss it :)

On my bedside table:
Allergy meds

On the TV:
Unforgettable (really enjoying this one)
The American Baking Competition
The Haunting of.....
Devious Maids and Under the Dome are both premiering this week and I'm curious, so may catch those on Hulu to see if they're good.

Latest interests:
Finding as many Portuguese recipes as possible and cooking them
Learning to live off the grid

On my mind:
The move
The drive (please pray for me, I do NOT like driving and especially highway/freeway driving so this is very nerve wrecking for me)
New house
What life will be like, new things to do and see

To have a strong faith and to not worry
About chickens, raising chickens and everything involved with the process

Meals from the pantry and fridge
Lists, lists and more lists
Piles of boxes to move

Looking forward to:
A country home with land, gardening, canning, living quietly
4th of July Parade and Picnic
Farmer's Market every Saturday morning
Having chickens
Opening the Etsy store
My brother and his family arriving next month

Having my husband home every day, even if it's just for the moment
The excitement on my children's faces when they talk about going home

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So ready for this to be over with.....

Limbo. Just plain, boring, frustrating limbo and I'm not one to do well in these moments.

I guess because I'm a person who has to be constantly doing and moving and going, finding myself in the waiting period between leaving this place and moving to our new home, is driving me absolutely bananas.

Wanna see what's around me?


That is my Essentials box, what I'll be using until our household goods get delivered to the new house.  I'm taking the crockpot, or rather ONE of the crockpots and that first week in the house I'll be making slow cooked meals, just really simple things.  Other kitchen needs as't be without coffee right?


I've become quite good at dodging boxes, they get jumped over, moved around, pushed from one side of the house to the other etc.  Will be nice when they're all gone.


Pantry goods, this box will go with us.


I have such a huge collection of jars of every shape and size.  Some will go with me, but the others will go with the movers.  And those empty boxes right next to them????  They're not going in the trash, they are used for packing and I'll show you what I do.


I simply cut one of the sides off, lay them on their side and pack all my spice bottles.


This was pre cleaning the tops, see that powdered sugar dispenser?  It decided to slip off my hands and pop open spreading a nice film of white powder all over my counter, stove and the spice bottles.  *sigh*


This wooden little crate came with 3 little pots of herbs that I bought, oh, I wanna see 2 years ago?  But it makes a nice little holder for spice bottles and they fit in there nice and snug.

Since I'm taking all the spices with me, they'll be packed in a box, stacked and that way they won't move.  It's an easy way to move spices without dozens of little bottles everywhere.


Another thing I've always done when packing, is to use my old phone books.  I don't need them anymore and there are tons of pages in there perfect for wrapping breakables.

So yes, I can tell you that OUR packing is almost complete, everything else that is left is what the movers will be taking next week.  Could it be next week already?  I'm just so ready for this all to be over and done with.

In the middle of all this chaos, we had a nice surprise yesterday.  Got some certificates for my husband's retirement, and of course being the wuss that I am, I burst into tears.

What can I say, other than you know how I've always told you that military life is not an easy life, and certainly not a lifestyle for everyone.  There's a lot of sacrifices not only on the military member's part, but the families as well.  It's nice to be recognized and acknowledge :)


The kids were each given a folder with a certificate on one side and a photo on the other.


See what I mean about crying?  I still can't read these without bawling, goodness.


That was the photo included, the kids with daddy's jet. :)


I received two folders, also with a certificate on one side and a photo on the other.  Love the one of my handsome husband, I'm so proud of him :)


This was the second folder :)


And my hubby got two as well, and there will be a few other things he gets next week before leaving :)


I am glad that they are recognized for their service and their sacrifice, after 22 years of service.

So there you have it, that's what is going on right now.

We are pretty much set to move, just a week and a few days left.

And as frazzled as I've been feeling lately, I was actually a little stunned to be able to get a photo of myself I actually like.  Looking at this photo you don't even realize the stress and craziness going on in that little brain lol


Alright my friends, it's time to get off here, go pack a few more boxes, get that laundry taken care of and make sure my ground beef is thawed for tonight's dinner....Spaghetti Pie.  Yum!

Have yourselves a lovely rest of Tuesday, God Bless,

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday - 06-17-2013

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hello everyone, hope you had a great weekend and are ready for this coming week.

I am looking forward to finalizing our move plans and getting on the road, granted that is not until NEXT week but still, time is just flying by. 

Let's see what everyone is up to with our Happy Homemaker Monday, shall we?

The weather.....It's summer in Arizona, need I say more?  I am not going to miss the triple digits at all, and I've been keeping an eye on the weather back home and it's wonderful, 70 degrees, rain, that's what I like.

Right now I am....Still in my pajamas, drinking my coffee, typing up this post and talking to hubby about what we have planned for today and the rest of the week.  Appointments, last minute errands, finishing packing.  

Thinking....That I'm ready to go home, and I'm ready to get this drive over with.  You don't understand, I am one of those people who really doesn't enjoy driving so knowing that I have to drive 13 hours and through Vegas, is killing me.  LOL

On my reading pile....Just my devotionals, have finished some and started others.

A Place of Security
Hope:  A Courageous Journey of Faith

Face to Faith
Battlefield of the Mind Devotional

On my TV.....So here's the thing, I cancelled our dish the beginning of June and it was so hard to do.  I don't even know why because it's so expensive and you pay for a gazillion channels but only really watch 4 or 5.  The first few days was terrible, it really is like an addiction that you have to break.  It's gotten so much easier and I don't really miss it, granted I don't watch my shows the day they come out, but I get them online the following day which is just fine with me.  So, will either get the smallest package when we get to Idaho OR may just do without it, we'll see what hubby and the kids think.  
What I found while surfing the net....Been enjoying the Girlfriends in God website.  I love that I can go back through the archives and find the devotionals. 
On the menu for this week....Folks, I am SO ready to be in my kitchen cooking real homemade food.  I'm done and over with the simple meals we've been having.  It's all great for a little while but then it becomes boring.  Let's see what's cooking.....

Monday - Beef Curry
Tuesday - Baked Pasta
Wednesday - Fettucine Alfredo
Thursday - Crazy Pizza Bread
Friday - Roast Chicken
Saturday - Boca Veggie Burgers
Sunday - Soup

On my to do list....Get back in touch with Century Link to set up Internet at the new house.  You don't even KNOW the run around I've been given, right down to the part where they have told me continually that they have no internet service at the new address, when I know for a FACT that the current tenants have internet THROUGH Century Link.  I mean, really????   So it's back to that fun today.  Lord give me strength and patience.
Finish packing the stuff that we're taking
Remove all pictures, shelves from walls and spackle them
Start cleaning the house for inspection (I've been doing a little at a time so that next week once the movers have taken everything, our last cleaning won't be too long)

In the craft basket....Well, I've decided to open an Etsy shop for my crochet and sewing projects.  It's been many years in the making and I see how lately everyone and their mother has an Etsy shop and sells their creations, so I figured why not me?  Right now we could use the extra income to help with retirement.  I've been making little things to go in the shop, dishcloths, pin cushions, pot holders, things of that nature, have to start off small and easy.  Once I get settled in at the new house, then I'll start posting them to the shop :) 

Looking forward to this week....Last week I got to watch God in action, once again, and He came through BIG time for us with the perfect house we were looking for.  This week I'm just looking forward to continuing with our preparations for the move, and getting everything ready.

Looking around the house....Have dishes in the sink that need to go in the washer, need to vacuum AGAIN because a certain little lady is shedding big time.  Boxes, boxes and more boxes. 

From the camera....
At the Living History Museum, this beautiful quilt was on one of the beds and I just loved it so much, I had to take a picture

On my prayer list.....My husband and I for this move and this new journey in our lives.
My children, they are excited to go home but they're also sad to leave the house and area that has been home to them for so many years.
My brother and sister in law as they prepare to leave South Africa and make a HUGE change in their lives, next month.
All my friends who are needing comfort, or help of any kind with aspects in their lives.

Bible verse, Devotional....
Holy Father, Thank You for allowing me to come to You in prayer today. I humbly bow before Your throne of grace and ask that You would forgive me for all of the times I have failed to come. I need You more than I know. Please help me experience the fullness of Your life-changing presence in a fresh and powerful way.

For Your glory and In Jesus’ Name,


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekend Chit Chat


How has your weekend been?  Did you do anything fun or just stay home and relax?

I got to stay home, do nothing and get some rest in.

It felt good to not have to worry about paperwork or phone calls and to just pretend, even if just for two days, that we were going nowhere, doing nothing and had no boxes around.

Yesterday I puttered around the house, since the movers will be moving most of our belongings, the house is not full packed so it still looks semi livable, and there are certain things that are going with me in the car like my plants, which are still enjoying the kitchen window sill.

I still bring in flowers from the garden and continue on with my gardening, if anything i would like to leave a nice variety of wildflowers for the next tenant.

My husband thinks I'm crazy, but I think about who the next family will be in this house, what their story is, are they newly weds, do they have children, where they came from and where they'll go from here.  Will they enjoy this house as much as we have, etc.  I know it may sound silly but I guess I'm just a very curious person by nature.


I have an abundance of flat leaf parsley, more than I know what to do with. I usually use a lot to cook with but the past few weeks my meals have consisted of very easy, boring, simple meals so haven't used as much as usual.

Boy I can't wait to get settled in so I can get back to my usual cooking, I miss being in my kitchen making good home cooked meals.

My cilantro has gone to seed, and I'm taking them with me, going to either use the coriander seed in cooking, or I may just use them to plant some more cilantro at the new house. Either way, they've been potted, they're doing well and they will be making the trip back home.


Now while puttering around in the kitchen, I decided to make some Crazy Cakes.  I asked the kids if they wanted Chocolate or Spiced and an argument ensued where the boy wanted chocolate and the girl wanted spiced, so being the nice mommy that I am, I decided to just make one of each considering these cakes are baked in an 8 inch pan so small enough to make two.

Crazy Cake

The great thing about these cakes are that they use no eggs, no milk and no butter, so if you can't eat any of those, these are the perfect dessert for you.

Crazy Cake

And the flavors are infinite, you can make whatever you wish, chocolate, vanilla, spiced, lemon.....I'm going to try orange next.

The rest of my Saturday was spent reading my devotionals, reading blogs and doing some laundry.

Hubby helped me fold laundry this morning and I had to laugh, he tries so hard to help me but he is a military man and they are taught in basic training how to fold shirts into tiny little squares.  It DRIVES.ME.INSANE.  LOL

So I give him all his laundry to fold, that way he feels like he is helping me but I don't have to freak out when I watch him fold shirts LOL

I love that man to death!

Today, I've sat around doing absolutely nothing.  Enjoyed a simple lunch with the family, I made some grilled sandwiches with white american cheese, honey ham, tomato and some onion, mustard, thyme and mayonnaise sauce slathered on the slices of bread before grilling.   Delicious!

I started feeling a little off after lunch so I went to the bedroom to lay down for a few minutes, I turned on the TV and of course without any dish or cable, we just get the local channels, which is just fine for me.  I enjoyed an hour of Joyce Meyer on the Christian Channel and then dozed off.  I must be exhausted without even knowing it.

Think my body is ready for some relaxation.

I don't have anything planned for tonight, I think I'll do some more blog reading, watch a little tv and call it an early night.

We have but one week and a few days before leaving, so tomorrow it's back to last minute phone calls, errands and preparations.

Before I end this post, I want to tell you about The White Queen.  If you're a fan of Phillipa Gregory, like I am, and have read her Cousin's War series, then you won't want to miss this series.

It premiered tonight on BBC One in the UK, and will premiere here in the USA on the Starz channel on August 10th.

You know me though, I can't wait that long, so I watched it live and I even have a link for you all for the new episode which has already been posted online.

I LOVED it, it was so good and I can't wait for next week's episode.  Be forewarned though, as with all of these period pieces, there is nudity and some sexual content.  Just wanted to give you a heads up :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Just what we were dreaming of....

Oh goodness, where to even begin?

So remember how we were having some issues with the house we wanted to purchase and I told you that we had to put our dream of being homeowners on the back burner for the time being?

From the beginning mine and my husband's dream was to own a country home, with at least an acre, and some sort of fireplace or stove.  When we first started looking for homes we quickly realized that there was nothing like that available, so we thought "well, at least let's find a home with a huge back yard".

Hence where that first home came into play.  It wasn't exactly what we wanted, but the back yard was huge and it had that amazing fireplace.

Then things went downhill, the VA threw wrench after wrench into our path culminating in actually denying a loan because my husband is retiring and obviously, does not have another job yet.  That's fine.

It felt like I was fighting God, begging him to please give us that home because it's what we wanted.


No it wasn't, and God knew that so he worked to give us what we DID want.

Are you ready for this????

When it became obvious that we couldn't buy for the moment, I started looking for places to rent, and again, nothing was coming up that caught our eye, I searched and searched and nothing....and then a few days ago, I clicked on a link I hadn't before, just as a last ditch effort to find a place.

And there it was, a quick phone call, application in, quick reply, papers signed and we have a home, and even better, it was EVERYTHING we were looking for to begin with.

Oh God is wonderful isn't He?

When are we going to learn that when He doesn't give us something, it's not because He doesn't love us, but because it's NOT what is meant for us and it's NOT what we wanted.  He knows our hearts, He knows what we desire.

So let me show you our new home, and best part, we get into town at the end of June and move in July 1st.  PERFECT TIMING.....because that's what God is all about :)

Exterior view

Country home, corner lot, horse property, 1 acre, only 1 neighbor and the rest is BLM land.


Foyer and below is the stairs leading to the top floor with the living room on the left.

Foyer to upstairs

Downstairs from the front entrance


Dining room

Dining room 2

Kitchen with the white cabinets I have always wanted :)

Kitchen 2

Upstairs hallway


Living room

Living and hallway

And another view of the living room

Living room 2

Master bedroom....oh my word :)

Master Bedroom 3

Gas stove

Back yard, storage shed and the Horse Pasture in the distance.

Backyard and pasture




I think the Lord knows us pretty well, don't you???