Tuesday, January 19, 2021

{ Cooking from the freezer and pantry }

January 19, 2021 

I love meal planning, it's something I have done since before I was married, when I would help my stepmom plan our meals. 
I took that into my marriage because I realized just how helpful it was, not only in taking away the pressure of figuring out what to cook when you're already running late, but it was a must for keeping the food budget on track.

To be honest, I don't think I could cook without it, I mean, ok that's not completely true, if I absolutely had to, I would, but I'm so used to it that it would throw my days off.

So, last week I brought out my slow cooker and planned all my meals using it.  Now it's time to work on the new two week meal plan, and this time I'm cooking from the freezer and pantry.

January 19, 2021 

I find that when I do that, I use up what I already have on hand, I end up not having to throw things out because they've gone bad, and I also save on the grocery budget.
I think we all like saving money, but it's easier to just go out and buy everything in one go because planning takes time and effort.  So many times, we forget we already have things in the pantry, in the freezer and the fridge.  Essentially we are throwing away money when we don't use what we already have.
Yes, it takes planning, yes you need to look through everything and make a list.  Yes, we don't always have time to do that, but I promise you if you just make some time, you'll be so glad you did.

How many times have you bought something at the store, only to come home and see that you already have 2 in the pantry?  *raises hand unashamedly* 

I've done it quite a few times, and usually when I'm having a busier month and not really taking time to check before heading to the store.

January 19, 2021 

I looked through my pantry today, and made a list of what I had, that I could use for upcoming meals. 
One thing I noticed right away is that it needs organizing and cleaning.....AGAIN!!!
I can't possibly be the only one with at family that goes in to get something, and never seems to put it back where it belongs, or makes a total mess in there.  Goodness!!
Anyway, looking through the canned goods and bottled goods, I can see that I have some spaghetti sauce, alfredo sauce, soy sauce, ketchup and a few other things.  I can certainly work them into the meals I will be making.

January 19, 2021 

Now, let's look into the freezer, and right off the bat I can see that we have some lunch options with the chicken bites and chicken patties.
There are also some burritos too, so along with leftovers or a sandwich here and there, lunches are taken care of.
 January 19, 2021 
I have a few veggies, which is great for side dishes, or shepherd's pie, chicken pot pie or something like that.
 January 19, 2021 
Those two brown packages are from the butcher, and that is a pound of chicken breasts and a pound of cubed steak.  I also see a package of chicken thighs, a package of chicken tenders and a ziploc with chicken breasts too.  Hashbrowns, mozzarella sticks and some hashbrowns.  We will work all that into the new meal plan.  

I also spot a package of frozen meatballs.  You guys I always have these in the freezer, they are really cheap and great for easy meals like meatballs and spaghetti, meatball subs, Ikea meatballs and so forth.

January 19, 2021 

Now looking into my deep chest freezer.......Last grocery shop I did, they had pork sausage on sale for 99c, so I grabbed 4 packs for the freezer. 
So glad I did cause those will now be used for meals too. There are more frozen veggies and some yogurt, cool whip etc.
There are another 2 packages of chicken tenderloins and one pound of ground beef.  
Friends, I need to desperately clean out my freezers, what a mess is in there.  I like things neat and organized and right now it looks like a small tornado whipped through.

January 19, 2021

So apparently I have another 2 packages of frozen meatballs *face palm*
There's shredded cheese, so I don't need to buy any, some burger buns which can be used for the chicken patties, for lunch, and I also see a container of sour cream.

January 19, 2021

3 gallons of milk, a box of fish sticks, frozen tuna steaks,  there is half a loaf of cranberry chocolate chip bread and there are two boxes of egg beaters.  (I've never used egg beaters, but these were given to us by my brother and sister in law, so I'll figure out something to make with them)

So that is basically what I have laying around in my freezers and pantry.  
I sat down and in just a few minutes, I quickly made up the menu for the next two weeks, so let me share with you the meals  we will be having.  Keep in mind that my weeks start on Friday's when I do the grocery shopping.

Friday - January 22, 2021
Crockpot Nachos

Saturday - January 23, 2021
Sausage and Broccoli Pasta, Roasted Brussells Sprouts

Sunday - January 24th, 2021
Oven Chili Dogs, Curly Fries

Monday - January 25th, 2021
Chicken and Dumplings

Tuesday - January 26th, 2021
Meatballs and Spaghetti, Mixed Veggies

Wednesday - January 27th, 2021
Impossibly Easy Sausage and Bacon Pie, Fried Cabbage

Thursday - January 28th, 2021
Turkey Pot Pie, Creamed Peas

Friday - January 29th, 2021
Teriyaki Steak, Noodles with Stir Fry Vegetables

Saturday - January 30th, 2021
Chicken Strogonoff, Rice, Beans

Sunday - January 31st, 2021
Grilled Tuna Steaks, Garlic Butter Potatoes, Sauteed Squash

Monday - February 1st, 2021
Breaded Ranch Thighs, Macaroni Pasta

Tuesday - February 2nd, 2021
Curry Chicken and Chickpeas, Rice

Wednesday - February 3rd, 2021
Ikea Meatballs, Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Spinach

Thursday - February 4th, 2021
Feijoada, Rice

This all means that my grocery list this week, is going to be pretty small.  Mainly fresh veggies, coffee, creamer and things of that sort.

It feels so good to cut back on the food budget, even if just one time, every cent counts right?

Monday, January 18, 2021

{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 01/18/2021 }

Good morning dear friends, welcome back to my blog and to another Happy Homemaker Monday.  

I really hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready for the week ahead.  

I am just sitting down to work on this post, it is 7:30 AM and I've already gotten Jasmine off to work, did laundry and dishes.  It's shaping up to be a productive day.....and hopefully a productive week too.

Happy Monday friends, have a blessed week!
The weather outside is::::
Pretty chilly out there, and only 29 degrees.  Brrrr! 

Monday -  63
Tuesday -  53
Wednesday - 54
Thursday - 67
Friday - 62
Saturday - 63
Sunday - 72

On the breakfast plate this morning::::
I've had a cup of coffee early this morning, around 5am.  I am going to finish this post then make some Instant Pot Creamy Oatmeal.   

As I look outside my window::::
The sun is coming up giving off this beautiful orange glow.  There is no frost on the grass, thankfully which means no car windows to scrape.  Yay!!!
The birds are chirping, it is a gorgeous morning for sure.          

As I look around the house::::
Marley is walking around, Elliott is by the back screen door watching the birds on the feeder.  I need to vacuum and dust today, but aside from that, the house is clean and tidy.

What I'm wearing today::::
Grey leggings, grey baggy sweater and a cute headband.             

Currently reading::::
Halfway through Jeremiah in the Bible/
Grace for Each Day Devotional
The Harbinger II by Jonathan Cahn (I read the first Harbinger book on Saturday, zipped through it in an hour and a half)

On the TV for this week::::
Portuguese soap Bem me Quer
Portuguese soap Amor Amor
Vlogs on Youtube
On the menu this week::::
Loved the first week of slow cooked meals, it frees up my day so much and there's nothing like a hot cooked meal at the end of the day, without rushing.  
I have one more week of slow cooked meals, and I'm starting on the new meal plan for the next two weeks, which are going to be all about cooking from the Freezer and Pantry.  

The meals for Saturday and Sunday of this week, are being brought from the last menu, since I didn't get around to making them.
Monday - Crockpot Spinach Alfredo Lasagna, Copycat Pizza Hut Breadsticks
Tuesday - Slow Cooker Turkey Chili, Steamed Broccoli
Wednesday  - Slow Cooked Pizza in a Pot, Mixed Veggies
Thursday - Crockpot Tuscan Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans 
Friday - * Grocery Shopping*
Saturday - Crockpot Nachos
Sunday -  Grilled Tuna Steaks, Garlic Potatoes
Something fun to share::::
This morning I am bringing you a shorter video, but a good one nonetheless.  I truly hope you all enjoy this sweet song.
This one is from a channel called Homewood Stoves and it's called Hearth and Home
Favorite photo from the camera::::
Is there anything prettier than a photo of a cup of coffee and a sweet book?          
 January 14, 2021

Prayers, Inspiration quotes, Devotionals::::

Saturday, January 16, 2021

{ Five Senses Saturday - 01/16/2021 }


It has been a while, and I mean a whileeeee, since I've done my Five Senses Saturday.

It used to be a little feature I did every Saturday, because it helped me stay on track with my blogging, but didn't require me to think about what to write down, or if anything fun or interesting was happening to blog about.

Since I'm trying to be more consistent with my blogging, this year, I thought now was a good idea to pull this one back up.

February 10, 2017

♥♥ HEAR ♥♥

A pack of coyotes coming by our property.  (we have a lot out here in the country)
My water kettle boiling for our morning coffee.
All Creatures Great and Small playing on the telly.
Worship music while I'm driving.
Marley snoring next to me.

♥♥ SEE ♥♥

White frosted grass in the early morning.
Elliott climbing his tower.
The most beautiful sunrise on the way to drop off Jasmine.
My breath as I take Marley out to potty.
Soup bubbling on the stove.

Favorite crochet corner

♥♥ TOUCH ♥♥

The yarn as I work on my new blanket.
Elliotts long fur as I pet him.
My husbands face as I see him off to work.
The cold steering wheel of the car.
Soft fluffy biscuits as we eat dinner.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte

♥♥ TASTE ♥♥

Bubbly fruity water.
Hot coffee in the morning.
Chocolate orange that I have been nibbling on, little at a time.
Home cooked meal.
The bitterness of my allergy meds.

June 14, 2007


Crisp morning air.
Lavender Vanilla candle burning.
Olive oil, garlic and onion frying as I prepare dinner.
My husbands cologne.
French fries from McDonalds.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

{ Windy day and new bargain books }

January 14, 2021 
The wind outside is raging. Goodness! 
Tree branches are whipping back and forth, patio furniture is working hard on staying put and the sound coming in through the fireplace sounds like something straight out of a horror movie. 

January 14, 2021 

If we had snow coming down, and the temperatures were slightly lower than they are, I would say we were in the middle of a crazy winter storm.   
My day started very much like usual, up at 5:30 AM, coffee and lunch for Curt and coffee for me.  Watched my Portuguese soap while he got busy for work, said goodbye to him, climbed back into my warm bed with the pets, and read my devotional and Bible.

January 14, 2021

This year I am reading the Grace for each Day 365 Devotions and Prayers.  I got it at Booksamillion in 2019 and have read it here and there, but not consistently.  That is the reason I actually picked it for this year's devotional.  

A couple of you had asked me where I got it because it doesn't seem to be available to buy any longer, but I did find some copies at Thrift Books, and there are some over on Ebay too, if you're still interested.  Yes, they are used but it seems to be the only way you can get this book.

January 14, 2021

I love that the devotionals are short, consist of a scripture, a little devotional and a prayer too.  Just perfect if you don't have time to sit and read a long devotional.

January 14, 2021

I am quickly moving through Jeremiah.  It is so crazy to look at my Bible and see the bookmark halfway through, knowing that I read every single page, every day, since May of last year.  
Well done me.

January 14, 2021

I've also been asked about my tabs, I got them at my local Christian Book store.  
We go by there quite a bit, because Curt is working on his Masters Degree in Christian Ministry and often has to pick up school books, and supplies.  
I go straight to the $1 and $3 bargain shelves and without fail, always find some gem to bring home with me.  What can I say, I adore books!
I got a few yesterday and I'll show you those down below.  By the way, we are still on a low spend January, and the money I am using for these books, if my pocket money from Christmas. 

January 14, 2021

January 14, 2021

January 14, 2021

January 14, 2021

Jasmine has been off quite a bit this week, so I've been completely enjoying all the time I am spending indoors.  
I finished my first book for the year, Four Perfect Pebbles.  It was a short book but it was so good.  It follows the Blumenthal family as they try to survive Nazi invasion.  It is another sad story to read, and my heart is never going to understand the brutality and horror inflicted on so many innocent souls.  

January 14, 2021

Aside from the reading, we have been keeping ourselves entertained, playing games as a family, watching movies, and I've also been catching up on some good ol' period dramas.
I cancelled Amazon Prime a while ago, and all we have is our Amazon Firestick and Netflix.  So with the money that would have been for the Prime, I got a subscription to the PBS channel.  It is only $5 a month and I get to enjoy all the wonderful series and documentaries.

January 14, 2021

January 14, 2021

The very first series I have been enjoying, is the new All Creatures Great and Small.  It's such a wonderful family show.  There are only 7 episodes, bummer, and I'm already on episode 5, double bummer.  
Thankfully there are other great shows on there for me to enjoy, like:
Seaside Hotel is premiering on the 11th of February, 2021
Victoria Season 3
Les Miserables
Miss Scarlet & The Duke premieries this Sunday the 17th of January, 2021 
World on Fire
Beecham House

Just to name a few that I'll be watching.  I also have some Laura Ingalls Wilder shows on my watch list.

January 14, 2021

Now, let me show you the books I picked up from the bargain shelf.
Eat at Home Tonight 
Children of the Stars
The Harbinger II
Made to Move Mountains
Appointments with Heaven
Another to add to my cookbook collection.  I think what caught my eye the most was the mention of Instant Pot recipes.  I really enjoy cooking with my IP and want to build my recipe collection.
I haven't yet looked through it, so not sure if it's a good one or not, but I'm sure it will be great, and it has pictures which for me is always a plus in a cookbook. 

Eat at Home Tonight by Tiffani King 
Founder of the Eat at Home website and family meal-planning wizard Tiffany King shares recipes focused on simplicity, flavor, and healthy balance to help home cooks end every day with an affordable family dinner.

January 14, 2021

Children of the Stars by Mario Escobar 
Jacob and Moses Stein live with their aunt in Paris until the great raid against foreign Jews is unleashed in August 1942. Their parents, well-known German playwrights, have been hiding in France, but before their aunt manages to send them south, the gendarmes stop the boys and take them to the Velodromo de Invierno, where more than 4,000 children, 5,000 women, and 3,000 men had to subsist without food or water. Jacob and Moses manage to flee, but the road will not be safe or easy. This novel by internationally bestselling author Mario Escobar follows two brave young Jewish boys as they seek refuge in the French town of Le-Chambon-sur-Lignon and eventually Argentina.

January 14, 2021

The Harbinger II by Jonathan Cahn
Are the unprecedented crises of our times, the signs and warnings of coming judgment? Does an ancient mystery hold the secret to the events of our times, and the future of America and the world? Is this mystery even behind the shakings that have now overtaken the world and America? How much time do we have left?

January 14, 2021

Made to Move Mountains by Kristen Welch 

Life is an incredible journey with ups and downs. We soar, struggle, scale and stumble, and often stand at the edge of cliffs, afraid to step into the unknown, unsure of where we will land. But instead of running away, we are called by God to stand firm, muster up what faith we can, and take a step. Because we were made to move mountains.

  January 14, 2021

Appointments with Heaven by Dr. Reggie Anderson
When Dr. Reggie Anderson is present at the bedside of a dying patient, something miraculous happens. Sometimes as he sits vigil and holds the patient’s hand . . . he can experience what they feel and see as they cross over. Because of these God-given glimpses of the afterlife—his “appointments with heaven”—Reggie knows beyond a doubt that we are closer to the next world than we think. Join him as he shares remarkable stories from his life and practice, including the tragedy that nearly drove him away from faith forever. He reveals how what he’s seen, heard, and experienced has shaped what he believes about living and dying; how we can face the passing of our loved ones with the courage and confidence that we will see them again; and how we can each prepare for our own “appointment with heaven.” 

  January 14, 2021
Looking at these makes me so happy.  Books have a way of bringing a huge smile to my face.

It is now twenty minutes to 2 PM, so I'm going to end this post, wait for Curt to get home with the small Walmart pickup order I put in.  It was just for some milk, cat litter and food, some dog treats and some water.  Oh and some trash bags because I'm almost out and won't have enough until next week Friday when I go grocery shopping again.

I hope you're all having a fantastic Thursday.  I am happy that the weekend is right around the corner, yay to sleeping in past 5:30 AM, right?

Have a great day friends!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

{ Under the big ol' tree }

 Front Yard

There are days my mind wanders to years gone by. 
Places I lived, childhood memories, happy days and sad days.  Then it kind of gets stuck there for a while and I used to get frustrated, because I felt that I would get so stuck in the way things used to be, that it was hard to focus on the here and now.
The trick is to actually let it be.  Enjoy those moments of reflection, think back on them with love and affection and allow yourself the joy of reminiscing.
It just so happened a few days ago, that my great grandmother Ema popped into my mind, and I started thinking about all the time I spent with her, the stories she would tell me, the lessons she would teach me and what my childhood was back in those days.
From there, my mind started wandering and bringing back old memories, things I would do as a child, things I enjoyed or very much disliked.  To say that I was a lazy child would be an understatement.  Hahah
Matter of fact, my stepmom lovingly reminds me of just how lazy I was and how I did not enjoy housework at.all.  Me, the super happy homemaker, did not like homemaking.   

Just shows you how we change with age.

So one thing that came to mind, was how much I loved being outside in my back or front yard.  I had this fascination for trees, for the shade underneath.  I would take my dolls and a blanket and go sit under the tree, or I would lay back on the blanket and stare up at the leaves, seeing the sun rays cutting through, twinkling as the breeze moved the branches to and fro.


I don't know what my fascination was, but I thought of that and felt such a warm cozy feeling, along with a tug at my heart and an overwhelming feeling of homesickness.

You know that feeling, when you just want to go back in time to your childhood, or to a specific point in time?

I specifically remember one day, I was about 10 and we were going to visit some friends of my parents.  Everyone was getting ready, and I rushed so that I had some time to go out in the front yard.  I could see our big tree in the corner, as if it was beckoning me to come on over and sit underneath.

It was a hot summer day, and I had on a cute dress.  While everyone else got ready inside, I grabbed one of my dolls and a book and made my way outside.
I still remember the feeling of sitting up against the tree, my legs crossed in front of me, the doll to my side and the book in my hand.  I closed my eyes and just allowed myself to feel the warm air and smell the grass. 


Now, I don't know why that memory was the one that stayed stuck in my mind.  Why the tree, why me at 10?

And I think maybe it just means that I need to go back to enjoying the simple things, live more in the moment, shut down noise, grab the crochet, step outside for a few minutes and breathe in the fresh air, turn off the action movies or tv shows and watch good ol' family shows.

Maybe that's what we all need, more moments sitting outside under a tree, instead of inside consumed and surrounded by worldly news.

Monday, January 11, 2021

{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 01/11/2021 }

Good morning sweet friends, and a very Happy Monday to you!
It is a cold day here in Texas, but thankfully not as chilly as this weekend was.  I don't think we have ever had so much snow in our area, since we moved here in 2015.  It's nuts!
So here we are, the second week in January already, what?
Today is also my younger brother's birthday and though I've already messaged him, I just wanted to mention it here too.  :)
Now, let's see what is going on in our homes this week. 
The weather outside is::::
Currently 34 degrees.  Looks like we are having a pretty mild week ahead. 

Monday -  46
Tuesday -  55
Wednesday - 61
Thursday - 61
Friday - 54
Saturday - 56
Sunday - 55

On the breakfast plate this morning::::
Just had a cup of coffee with Vanilla Creamer.  Not sure what I'll eat for breakfast, not hungry yet. 

As I look outside my window::::
The grass is all wet, we had overnight rain/snow/ice showers.  Yesterday we woke up to an ice covering, it was freezing cold but so pretty.        

As I look around the house::::
It is still pretty dark.  I have the back screen door open, Elliott likes to lay right up against it and look outside.  I don't know how he does it, especially on cold mornings.
The house is clean, so aside from the daily tasks of dishes and cooking, I don't have to do anything else.          

What I'm wearing today::::
At the moment I am wearing my Cath Kidston winter pajamas, that my daughter gifted me back in August, for my birthday.  Will probably put on some leggings and a long sleeved top later.            

Currently reading::::
Middle of Jeremiah in the Bible, and I have to say, it feels like it was written for the times we are in at the moment.  Wow!

Four Perfect Pebbles:  A Holocaust Story   

Have a few review books lined up, so should start receiving those soon.  So excited!

On the TV for this week::::
My Portuguese soap "Bem me Quer"
Vlogs on Youtube
On the menu this week::::
I did a post many years ago, about how I rotate all my kitchen appliances.  We all have so many, but they end up in the back of a cupboard and not really used much.  I like to rotate mine every two weeks, and so usually I'll plan my menus according to the appliance I want to use for that time period.
This time, I am pulling out the slow cooker, and pretty much every meal on the menu, will be cooked in the crockpot.  Except for one or two, like today's dinner, I am making a pot roast, but the old fashioned way like my great grandma used to.
Monday - Beef Pot Roast, Roast potatoes, salad
Tuesday - Crockpot Cheesy Kielbasa Hashbrown Bake, Creamed Spinach
Wednesday  - Crockpot Pork Chops and Gravy, Basmati Rice, Mixed Veggies
Thursday - Crockpot Honey Garlic Chicken, Aioli Spaghetti, Green Beans 
Friday - Crockpot Chili Mac, Salad
Saturday - Crockpot Nachos
Sunday -Grilled Tuna Steaks, Garlic Potatoes
Something fun to share::::
You all are so sweet, thank you so much for all the kind messages about these videos I've been sharing.  I find that I live a much happier life, when I tune out the news and just surround myself with calming, peaceful and educational videos.  I found a new channel yesterday, that I'm so excited to share with you all.  
This channel only has a handful of videos, but I really enjoyed watching them.  It's called The Ulengovs and posts videos about a family living in a village in Russia.   Today's video is called Making Pumpkin Belesh!
Favorite photo from the camera::::
Life is busy, and I know that a lot of times, due to everyone having different schedules, it is often difficult to sit down to eat together.  But, I have always made sure that dinner time, the family sits together to eat.  I set the table, even if we are having something small like a frozen pizza on a weekend night.   It's a habit that I want my children to take with them into the future.   
This was from last week, no one was very hungry, and hubby said to just throw in a frozen pizza, and that is what I did.  We still gathered around the table, chatted and enjoyed our meal.          

Prayers, Inspiration quotes, Devotionals::::
God, I feel depleted. Help me replenish my weary soul by Your Holy Spirit’s power. Make me more aware of Your presence, and help me carry on in devotion to You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Thursday, January 07, 2021

{ Plodding along with my Bible }


I used to watch my friends just pick up their Bibles and read, and enjoy every bit of it.  I even hate saying that because it sounds like I think the Bible is boring, it's not.  But, I did find it so difficult to read and understand, and especially the Old Testament, for me, was so hard to get through.
You know when you're reading something but your mind is elsewhere, or it starts drifting?  That was me.

Two years ago, God brought me to my knees.  I was hit with a bout of anxiety, that came out of nowhere.  I have never suffered from depression or anxiety, so when I found myself in the middle of it, I honestly felt like there was no way out and I couldn't stop my mind from going full speed.


This went on for a month.  It was a daily battle within my mind to rebuke the enemy, rebuke the fear and the thoughts that clouded my mind, and to just hold on to the Lord.

If you suffer from anxiety, you know exactly what I'm referring to.  It becomes a yelling match inside your head.  You say one thing and your brain immediately says another.  I believe that the enemy attacks us where he feels we are weakest, and for me, I noticed that the minute I went into perimenopause, I started becoming quite fearful of my health.  Maybe it was the fact that I couldn't control the way my hormones were making me feel, but goodness, health anxiety was staring me in the face and not budging.

It last a month.

Until one morning when I dropped to my knees in my bedroom, clasped my hands together and through ugly sobs, asked God to help me.  I gave it all to Him in that moment and asked Him to remove this craziness that was invading my mind and paralyzing me in fear.

I made the decision to open my Bible and start reading.  I also opened my Bible app, picked a handful of devotionals and said "no matter how I am feeling, I will force myself to read the Bible and a devotional every.single.night."


It was the hardest thing I have ever done. I'm not kidding you!
Some are probably saying or thinking, "how dramatic, it can't have been that bad?".
Actually, yes, yes it was.  It was so difficult to stick with.  The first 2 weeks was a battle.  I would go through my day battling the thoughts in my mind.

It went something like this:

"There is nothing wrong with you, you are fine."
"You keep telling yourself that, I mean you do what you gotta do to get you through the day."
"No, I know nothing is wrong, I've been to the doctor, everything is fine".
"What if the doctor was wrong?  Sometimes they get it wrong, something is not right".

My internal dialogue went something like this, all day long.  It was utterly exhausting. 

I have always had a very good instinct, since I was a child.  No matter what goes on around me, that little voice inside is never wrong.  
So try telling yourself to trust that word, because you've always trusted it and it was never wrong, and then turning right around and saying to yourself "you're just saying that to make yourself feel better, your instinct is wrong this time."
So all day the battle raged on, so much so that by the time I got into bed at night I was so exhausted, that I would try to read the Bible and fall asleep, wake up, keep reading, fall asleep, wake up, etc.  

But I forced myself to read through that chapter, and I forced myself to read the devotional.  Within 2 weeks, my anxiety had dissipated, and my faith was growing and pushing through the fear.


That was 2 years ago. That anxiety filled month, was needed for me to grow in my faith, to wake up, to open my Bible again and to start walking daily with God.
It was the best decision I have ever made.  All the obstacles that have come my way since then, all the trials, the tribulations that I have faced either alone or as a couple with my husband, have been so much easier to go through because of the tools that God has instilled in me.
I wasn't reading the Bible in any order, I was just picking it up and jumping back and forth through the books.  However, this past June, in 2020, I picked it up and opened to Genesis.  I was thinking that within a day or two I was going to get bored or find it hard, because it can be quite dry reading especially the first few books with all the laws and names.
However, I found that I not only enjoyed it but couldn't wait to pick it up the next day.  
I have moved through all the books in the Old Testament and am now in Jeremiah, and I couldn't be prouder of myself for sticking with it and making it a point to read every single day.  I find that I can't really start or end my day well if I don't read the Bible that day.  Even if I'm falling asleep at night, I force myself to sit up and read at least one chapter.


I do the same with my devotionals. Read one every day and don't feel right when I haven't done it. 
And so I encourage you, if you are struggling with anything in life right now, open your Bible, open the word, read, it doesn't matter where you're reading, just read.  It is like eating when you're hungry, but you're feeding your soul and building your faith.
I would love to hear if any of you have a set Bible reading plan, or if you read it in a specific order.  Do you read it every day or only when you are feeling like you need God's help with something?

Monday, January 04, 2021

{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 01/04/2021 }

EDIT:  I am sooooo sorry, how did I forget to add the linky?  Thank you Tamy for reminding me.  *facepalm*   
It is now up, please enter your links, and again I am so sorry.
Good morning and welcome to the very first Happy Homemaker Monday, of 2021.  Goodness, we made it folks, made it through that crazy year 2020.
It is Monday morning, I think we are finally coming out of holiday mode and into normal routine, although my husband is teleworking from home this week.  But, for the most part we are done with holidays and I can get back to normal, or at least, knowing what day of the week it is.
Anyway, let's get right into our post, hope you all have a blessed week ahead!
The weather outside is::::
Currently 31 degrees.  Looks like we are having a pretty mild week ahead. 

Monday -  62
Tuesday -  63
Wednesday - 58
Thursday - 52
Friday - 50
Saturday - 52
Sunday - 46

On the breakfast plate this morning::::
Having a cup of coffee right now, will have either oatmeal or toast later.      

As I look outside my window::::
I opened my windows this morning, but it is still pitch black outside, so I can't see anything, but a few stars here and there.      

As I look around the house::::
All the Christmas decorations have been taken down and the house always look so empty after the holiday season, doesn't it?
But I like clean and organized and as much as I love Christmas, I always feel that all the decorations make everything look so crowded and messy.           

What I'm wearing today::::
Still in my pajamas, will put on some leggings and a long sleeve top when I take Jasmine to work.           

Currently reading::::
Started Jeremiah over the weekend.  I'm so proud of myself for sticking with my Bible reading, been doing it every single day since beginning of June 2020.   

Four Perfect Pebbles:  A Holocaust Story  

On the TV for this week::::
My Portuguese soap "Bem me Quer"
Vlogs on Youtube
The Windermere Children
The Secret Garden
The Luminaries
Thieves of the Wood
On the menu this week::::
Monday - Chicken Spaghetti, Salad
Tuesday - French Onion Salisbury Steak, Basmati Rice, Steamed Broccoli
Wednesday  - Alice Springs Chicken, Baked Potatoes, Brussells Sprouts with Bacon
Thursday - Meatballs and Spaghetti, Garlic Bread 
Friday - *Grocery Shopping*
Saturday - 
Sunday -
Something fun to share::::
Today I bring you another of my favorite Youtube Channels, this one is called 냥숲nyangsoop  
I just love watching her videos, they are so calming and beautifully made.  Be sure to turn on captions if you want to see what she is saying or typing on screen. 
Favorite photo from the camera::::
We had some snow last week, which we really enjoyed.         

Prayers, Inspiration quotes, Devotionals::::
My friends husband, Ze, unfortunately passed away last week.  My heart and prayers go out to Nellie, and her two daughters, through this difficult time. 

Psalm 34:18, “The LORD is near the brokenhearted; he saves those crushed in spirit.”



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