Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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Peek at my day

Good evening everyone, how was your Tuesday?

Well mine was pretty uneventful, at least in the homemaking department.  I got a few things done that needed tending to and then worked a little more on my blanket, talked to my grandmother, and meal planned.


Copious amounts of coffee are needed lately.  Not that I am not a huge coffee drinker to begin with but seriously, lately I am finding myself needing it more.  Now before anyone panics and thinks I'm downing pots of coffee like water, I'm not.

I'm a bit of an exaggerating fool.  When I say lots, I mean 2 cups in the morning and maybe one in the afternoon if the weather is cold and rainy.


Starting this one tonight, I need to do a review on it soon.  I love cowboys, love a good chick romance story and just look at that cover.....I mean....and it's titled Those TEXAS nights.  Yep, I'm sold.  Hahaha


The blanket is growing beautifully.  This was up to row 53, I'm now starting row 55.  I'm excited because in two more rows I get to add beautiful roses.  Oh it's going to look gorgeous.  It already looks pretty phenomenal doesn't it?

Don't mind the missing front post stitch on the top row.  I didn't even realize I had missed one until someone else mentioned it to me.  Yep, had to pull the row apart and restart but thankfully, it was noticed right after I finished the row.  *Whew*


Got through a good amount of laundry.  I hate seeing laundry everywhere, and to be perfectly honest and transparent about my current homemaking habits....with everything that has been going on, I've kind of slacked a bit in the organized department. 

This load took all day to fold.  I literally would fold one item, place it on the couch and walk off to whatever land my mind was in.  BUT it did get done, and put away.

I lie, it's still all on the couch.  It has been folded, the basket is gone, but it has yet to make it to it's respectful places. 


Been teaching this handsome boy some tricks.  He is so incredibly smart.

We're learning to fetch.  And yes, I gave him one of my laundry yarn balls, which is one of, if not THE favorite toy of choice.

He's great at fetching, the returning is a whole other thing we're working on.  Kind have to wrestle it out of his mouth amongst growls and grunts hahah


Does anyone else wash their shower curtain liners?


I know that a lot of people out there just throw it out when it starts becoming manky, but I have always tossed mine in the washer and they turn out fine. 

I got to talk to my grandmother for about 30 minutes today.  Long enough for her to tell me that she does not want to be in the nursing home she was put in, even though she was fine with it at first. 

We have so many family issues going on folks, I would love to say that my family was great and everyone got along and loved each other dearly, like it used to be years ago.  But unfortunately since my parents divorce, last year, things have been painful to say the least.

I'm so over the drama and the anger and grief, the lies, the games, the name calling and finger pointing.  I have so much to worry about with my own life, and these things just bring on added stress which I really don't want part of.

Anyway, I don't want to bore you with the details.  I just wanted to really come in and show you what my Tuesday mainly consisted of.

I'm going to go work a few more rows on the blanket, watch a little TV, wait for my daughter to call me and then call it a night.



  1. Sandra, before I comment, I've long noticed your electric kettle, it's blue and white and looks ceramic? I think I've seen that one in a few stores and wanted your opinion on it? I'd love an electric kettle but don't want a plastic one and the others I've seen seem to have cheap metal inside that would rust. I wash my shower curtain liner, as I try to get as much mileage as I can out of such things. I put it in the washer with water and a little bit of bleach and let it soak with the lid up for a bit, then close the lid and let it wash and rinse. Families can and many do have problems. Unfortunately when deaths or problems like divorce etc infighting does occur. I saw the not so very nice side of my brother inlaw when my mother inlaw died. It's sad but beyond all our control. I do love the photos and hearing about your sweet puppy. God bless you all! How is Kurt doing with the new job?

  2. Ha, I do wash my liner, but it's more of a fabric than plastic. In fact, I was thinking about washing it today. So funny. Your blanket looks great. I've been way too busy in the kitchen lately, to even have time to crochet. Then when it's pajama time, I'm too tired.

  3. Yes, we all have days that seem very unproductive. But we move on... ;)
    Hope the rest of your week goes well. Love that blanket. Can't wait to see it finished! :)

  4. so lovely to check and you have a new post..love it..
    have a lovely wednesday Sandra..
    prayers and hugs

  5. I wash my shower curtain liner. I didn't know you could do it until I recently saw it on Pinterest.

  6. Yes! I totally wash my liner! I actually have two, when one is dirty, i wash it in hot bleachy water with my towels(which are white of course), and I have a clean liner ready to go and on hand right away.The other then gets folded up and put away until the cycle repeats itself. Kind of like the sheets idea, instead of waiting for clean sheets, you wash the dirty ones when you're ready, but you've got clean ones on hand ready to go. I apply the same rule to my liners. I'm so sorry to hear about your family, time does change a family dynamic, sometimes fortunately, sometimes unfortunately. Your blanket is an heirloom in the making, absolutely gorgeous!

  7. You never bore us! I love the fact that you share the details and make something like laundry funny. your bit about it being put away followed by I lie had me cracking up. I always enjoy your posts : )


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