Monday, November 27, 2017

{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 11/27/2017 }

Good morning, and happy Monday :)

Here we are, after Thanksgiving and looking at the last few days of November. How insane is that?

I have a busy day ahead, as always, but I must say that I am on the ball this year with Christmas.  Usually I wait until December to bring out the decorations and some last year and the one before, I didn't even get to really do any decorating, until the week before Christmas, which was kind of a waste to be honest.

So, this year I'm starting early and really trying to go all out and bring back our wonderful Christmas celebrations.

Anyway, I will be putting up the Village today and doing our fireplace etc., and I'll show you all later in another post.  For now though, let's get going with our HHM :)

Breakfast time....what is on the plate this morning::::
Just had my second cup of coffee with Coconut Creamer, and a bowl of oatmeal to which I added a teaspoon of Hazelnut Chocolate Spread. 

Right now I am::::
On the couch, getting this post up and mentally thinking about what I need to do today. 

The weather outside::::
It is currently 50 degrees and quite a pretty day.  I love crisp mornings with a little bit of a breeze and that's exactly what we have :)   

Looking around the house::::
Christmas has started appearing, and there are a few decorations here and there.  I also have a few Christmas boxes out for me to go through today.  The house itself is pretty clean so I don't have to worry about doing too much cleaning this morning. 

On today's to do list::::
Laundry.....Mine and hubby's laundry is done and just needs putting away.  I have the kid's laundry to tackle today.   
Cleaning.....Empty dishwasher, refill again.  Sweep and mop kitchen floor. 
Homeschooling.....Had Thanksgiving Break last week, but today it's back at it.  Nick has a Sign Language video he has to record and then a few portfolios for Math, Computer Tech and Physical Science.  
Cooking....I don't think hubby will be home for lunch today, so I'm probably going to have a very simple lunch of either a sandwich or maybe even cup a soup.  Dinner will be Shepherds Pie. 

Currently reading::::
I finished The Austen Escape and was supposed to get my review up last week and it completely flew my mind with the Thanksgiving stuff that was going on.  I'll be putting it up this morning.  I'm still reading Soulful Simplicity for a review and need to go check my bookshelf for the next book review that is coming up, so that I can start on that one.

On the TV today::::

Last night's Outlander
General Hospital.
I finished Alias Grace and also finished Poldark. 
I did however start Lockup: State Prisons on Netflix and have binge watched that this weekend.

On the menu this week::::
Have meals planned until Friday, that is when I'm going grocery shopping.  I'll be working on the new Menu Plan some time today.

Monday - Shepherds Pie 
Tuesday - Roast Chicken Drumsticks, Buttered Rice, Salad
Wednesday - Beef Stroganoff with Egg Noodles
Thursday - Not sure, I have Chicken Tenderloins so will figure something out to make with those.  I was going to make General Tso's Chicken but I have no eggs left.
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday -

If I have a few minutes to myself, I will::::
Pick up my crochet hook again and crack on with my stuff.  I have a blanket I want to finish for my sister in law, also want to continue with my Liliana blanket and my Mandala Madness, so quite busy. 

New recipe I tried, or want to try this week::::

The Tofu Turkey was a big hit with my brother in law, he loved it.  Here is the recipe I used, it's actually for a Vegan Tofu Turkey

Looking forward to this week::::
Getting more Christmas decorations up, also cracking on with more Christmas gift shopping. 

Favorite photo from the camera::::
The beginning of our Christmas decorating. 


Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses::::


  1. Happy Monday!! Love the pic of the start of your Christmas deorations! I will be getting all of ours up this coming weekend! Have a great week!

  2. We put our tree up last night but haven't finished decorating. There seems to be more of a Christmas feeling this year, I've noticed. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. Happy Monday! Last night's Outlander was sooooo good! They did not hold back on the gross things to make you squirm though. I'm loving your outdoor Christmas decorations. Did you enjoy the book The Austen Escape? I picked it up this weekend at Sams and can't wait to get started on it. Have a wonderful week!

  4. Happy Monday! Love the picture of the start of your Christmas decorating! Have a great week ahead!

  5. Love the flag behind the tree! Know you're super busy so have a GREAT week.

  6. We put up our tree on Tuesday night and there it sits, I pulled a muscle in my calf Wednesday morning and then again on Friday so I have been taking it easy. My goal with my sons help, is to start decorating today. Happy December.


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