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{ Who's Who in the Bible by National Geographic - TLC Book Tour }


• Publisher: National Geographic; Illustrated edition
• Hardcover: 384 pages

Written by best-selling author Jean-Pierre Isbouts, Who’s Who in the Bible is the ultimate reference guide to the men and women in the Bible, featuring more than 2,000 entries spanning Genesis to Revelation. From the author of In the Footsteps of Jesus and The Biblical World comes a vibrant family reference that brings to life the fascinating characters of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. From the fall of Adam and Eve to Judas’ betrayal of Jesus, the key events of the Bible are expressed through the lives of hundreds of people. 

Told through exquisite art and artifacts, intriguing sidebars, and unique family tree features, this illuminating volume tells the stories of Biblical characters and highlights their greater meaning for mankind. Illustrated with lavish color photography and exquisite historical artwork, this reference runs chronologically, with each person listed by order of appearance.

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About Jean-Pierre Isbouts

JEAN-PIERRE ISBOUTS is the author of National Geographic’s best-selling books The Biblical World and In the Footsteps of Jesus and the director of Charleton Heston’s Voyage Through the Bible. He is a professor at Fielding University in Santa Barbara, CA.



This book couldn't have come at a better time, not just for me, but for my husband as well.
Last year we went through a 3 month desert, a horribly trying season that left both of us feeling vulnerable and unsure of our future.  Not only were we dealing with the affects of the pandemic (as so many of you were), but it was a separate issue that threw even more fuel into the fire.
We both turned even more to God, and together and individually started a spiritual journey that would lead us to where we are this day.
I started reading my Bible daily,  and my husband did too.  His journey led him to enrolling back in college to get his Master's Degree in Christian Ministry.  Wow!

As we both started reading more, we began really taking in the word of God, and became fascinated by the people in pages of the Bible.  Who were they really, where did they come from, how did they get to be featured in such an important book.

Who's Who in the Bible answers these questions and soooooo much more.  

The book is divided into 5 Chapters, each one focusing on specific books of the Bible.  

Chapter 1 From Genesis to Deuteronomy
Chapter 2 from Joshua to Kings
Chapter 3 from Chronicles to Maccabees
Chapter 4 The Four Gospels
Chapter 5 From Acts of the Apostles to Revelation

I'm currently reading through the book of Ezequiel, so that is the first one I looked up.  I really wanted to know more about this prophet.

Filled with information, brilliant illustrations as National Geographic is known for, and pages upon pages of interesting facts from the people in the Bible.

My husband has been able to use it for his studies, as he tackles theology and who is who in the Bible, this has come as a much needed companion for his classes.  

And if all of this isn't enough, we are privy to a ton of interesting pages filled with artifacts and treasures that have been found dating back to those times.  

We also have pages upon pages of maps of the areas, how they were in those days and how they are today.   Are you wondering about the Lineage of Abraham?  It's in there.

Do you sometimes wonder what all these famous places look like and wish you could travel there?  Well National Geographic have included photos of many of these important places.  It truly is like traveling to Israel without leaving the comfort of your home.

This book, is a must in any home library.  Not just for those who are reading the Bible, doing Bible studies or taking theology classes, but anyone who has ever wondered what the Bible is all about, who the people were, where did they come from and why were they included in these pages.
This beautiful book includes a running timeline on the bottom of every page, as you turn to the next you can continue following the dates and events that took place.  Brilliant!!!

5/5 for me.

Thank you to TLC Book Tours and National Geographic for providing me with a review copy.


  1. Dropping in from Malaysia. I remember the Children's Bible my parents bought for us kids. We read one parable every night. The pictures were amazing and interesting for children. I think Who's Who in the Bible will be a very useful "dictionary." Wonder why no one thought of compiling a book like this that's seems easy and interesting to follow. Visit me.

  2. I'm so glad you loved this! Thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours


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