Friday, May 9, 2014

{ Friday Loving }

❤ dark stormy skies making me feel like I'm sitting right there, on those clouds


❤ quiet rainy days that make sleeping even better


❤ glistening rain drops hanging from tree leaves


❤ gorgeous crochet projects that bring a smile to my face


❤ mid afternoon cups of tea


❤ homemade breadcrumbs

Homemade Breadcrumbs

❤ wonderfully scented blossoms in the front yard


❤ beautiful reminders of spring


❤ watching the bees going about their business

Bee and Flowers

❤ bouquets of lilacs drying on the shelf


❤ lemon and mint water


❤ dinner preparation


❤ early evening sunlight



Elizabeth said...

Beautiful photos, a wonderful Friday to enjoy with you. Thank you for posting when you can...things will get more sane :-) When I read the caption which says "Bees going about their business", I thought it could read: "Bees going about their Beesness!"

Have a lovely weekend, Sandra

Connie said...

Beautiful pictures. Do you have a fancy camera or just a simple one. Your pictures are always so perfect.

Brandi said...

You take such gorgeous photos!!

Susanne said...

Lovely picture look into your day. Do you add herbs to your homemade bread crumbs?