Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hello? Anyone there?

I feel like someone returning to their birthplace after living away for years LOL

Is anyone even here still?

I'm sure by now some of you have moved on to greener pastures and more exciting blogs than my little poorly neglected corner of the world, after all what fun is there when all I have been doing or the past few weeks is posting the Happy Homemaker Monday and Slow Cooking Thursday and don't even have the time to go and visit all my lovely participants.

My apologies and I'll definitely do better from now on, it's just been, well.....crazy and busy and overwhelming. Too many things to do and not enough time.

You know everywhere I look and everyone I talk to has been complaining about the very same thing, the fact that time just seems to fly lately, the days run from one to the other and the weekends seem to be the same way. It's a little unnerving actually, I don't want to age that fast LOL

So what have I been up to, oh boy, I would tell you everything but you would more than likely fall asleep at the computer, nothing major or that interesting has been happening other than life in general. It also doesn't help that this Fall season coming up seems to have a ton and I mean a TON of new amazing shows on television.

Like Flash Forward and The Forgotten and The Goodwife, oh and Supernatural and Vampire Diaries and Cougar Town and Eastwich and we can't forget V and Modern Family you may understand more what I'm talking about *snicker*

But it hasn't been all about tv, though I have been devouring the Little House on the Prairie series and I'm now up to Series 6 and still loving every minute. I've also had a bunch of books for reviewing and when I mean a bunch, I mean a LOT, like stack my bookshelf kinda lot and all the extra copies to giveaway, but I know you like that part right?

Speaking of which, there's another coming soon :)

The kids are doing great in school, Nicholas is finally getting settled into the routine and is no longer driving me insane every morning.

Jasmine is absolutely loving 5th grade and loving being 10 years old, but I'm not loving the attitude and the overnight growth of girl stuff, like the fact that I need to go and get a training bra and I'm not ready for any of this stuff.....or the fact that she's talking about highlights and low lights and getting her hair cut all funky and the slang coming out of her mouth. "It's SMOKING" and "Tru Dat" when in fact, I have no clue what some of these things mean.

I do admit that I've neglected my cooking blog and I miss it, I want to get back into the rythmn of cooking and trying new recipes but since it's been so busy here I've fallen into the habit of cooking old family favorites and a lot of them have already been shared on "Full Bellies, Happy Kids". What's a girl to do huh?

Am I boring you yet?

I hope not.

So let's see....what else.....oh hubby's work injury or rather PT injury. He's doing a little better, he can move his arm a little higher but he's still on Motrin and Percocet, which of course he's not complaining about, it takes the pain away and knocks him out.

Hopefully the injury will heal on it's own and he won't need surgery. Keeping our fingers crossed and our prayers in the Lord's hand.

Here's what my days pretty much consist of lately

Just how many dishes can a woman wash in one day? Not just by hand but using the dishwasher too? Too many is what I say.

Because I don't believe in throwing out something that is still good just because of a tiny hole or tear....that's what my Great Grandma taught me and that is what I will always hold dear to my heart.


Oh for all you Cindy Woodsmall fans, this book is SO good and so sweet, and guess what? I will be reviewing it soon and one of you will get a copy too.


Forget the dishes, how much laundry can a woman do in a day? Cause the way things are at this house I'm seriously considering moving to a Nudist Colony just to avoid this mess LOL


Growing up one of my Great Grandma's desserts were the "cornucopias" or Cream Horns. Oh man, I could eat those by the dozen and it was one of those desserts that didn't get made very often. Well I've been craving them and I just got my order of Cream Horn molds.

Guess what I'll make this weekend? And yes I'll post a recipe, it's so easy.


My love for LHOTP doesn't just mean the show on tv, any book I can get my hands on I am enjoying. Like this one, the crafts book, I am loving browsing the pages and remembering hearing certain crafts talked about on the show and the books. We're making the Corn Husk Dolls just as soon as my husks are dry.



For the past few weekends we've been indulging in some I repeat REALLY GOOD Korean and Japanese food.

There is this little place just down the street, it's actually one of those holes in the wall kinda places, you don't see it unless you know it's there but man alive, they have the best food.

It's been all kinds of Kimchi and Bulgogi and last week this was my Beef Yakisoba. YUMMY!


Now I have to go and drink some coffee because I'm tired, like keep my eyes open and shove toothpicks in there kinda tired...this is what happens when I stay up way late watching Supernatural LOL

Anyway, I hope you're all still around and I hope that you're doing well and most of all I hope I get a few minutes to come around and say hi.

God Bless,


  1. I'm here and I'm happy to see what you have been up to. Time is flying and I hope that with Fall coming, things start settling into a routine.

  2. I am here! Glad to know I'm not the only one that is ready for life to settle down and slow down some too! Praying hubby's injury will heal and not require surgery!
    It was great hearing from you!
    Hugs and Blessings,

  3. I'm here too! I know I don't comment regularly, but I read faithfully! (You remember me...the anti-bullying nazi (okay, that's an oxymoron!) from Kansas (and now good friend of Blessed Beyond!).

    I too love the Little House series. We bought fire hubby, Season 1, for Father's Day/Daddy's birthday. My little ones LOVE it.

    I stil haven't down my Ingalls/Wilder home visit post, but when I get it up, I will definitely let you know. Have you ever been to one of her homes?

    Glad you're still around. I know we can all relate to the "busys"!!!


  4. I'm here too!!!My side of the world has been super busy too! It's good hearing from you and knowing that all is well with you.
    ((hugs)) Sandy

  5. STILL HERE!!! Will be happy to have you back have been looking for your posts and I would love to know how you get all these books to review)

  6. I'm so glad to see your post. It's definitely been a whirlwind for everyone I think. Your LHOTP craft book looks so interesting. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

    ~Mrs. M

  7. Homeschool started and so internet time has been WAY CUT BACK!! The days are flowing together for me is so hard sometimes at the end of the night to reflect back and think and "what did I exactly do today?"
    I love LHOTP also and my dd and I watched all the seasons last winter...I will have to check out that book and I also love Cindy Woodsmall...thanks for the recommendation!

    Blessings for your busy fall! :)

  8. Hey Sandra! I'm still here, too, although my blog has been sadly neglected and although I read all my fellow bloggers in my Google Reader every morning, I've been lousy about commenting! I'll try to be better. I am NEVER bored by your blog. I love to hear the ins and outs of your day, and what's up with the kids. All my favorite blogs are just like yours, families who deal day in and day out with everything and nothing and blog about it all. One of my blog friends was saying how fun it would be to all get together one of these days - what a lot we would have to talk about!

    I hear you on the Nudist Colony - I am so fed up of doing laundry, I could scream! And if there was a way to have disposable pots and pans and dishes and cutlery and still be environmentally-conscious, I'd be first in line!

    We're all just as busy as you here in Rhode Island. Fall is upon us and the smells of pumpkin pie, apple crisp and anything with cinnamon in it are filling the air. I've got all my fall decorations up and I'm loving the nip in the air in the mornings.

    It's school and work as usual for all of us - Sophia is a freshman in high school this year, I've gone back to school to take a French class, Vic is still working on his Master's. We've been busy around the house and that's taken up a lot of time.

    So, this has turned into rather a long way to say that although I may not always comment, I'm always staying connected with you through Google Reader.

    Happy Fall!

  9. I'm here as well! And I don't feel neglected because I love your Happy Homemaker Monday and Slow Cooking Thursday posts! :D

  10. Glad to see a post from you! Since I hadn't seen many post lately I popped by earlier the old fashioned way. I was worried that google reader might not be picking up your feed.

    Not that I want to rush time, but I am looking forward to some long winter days. It just seems that some of the busyness goes way during that season.

    Have a great evening!

  11. Sandra, as always your writing amuses and enthralls me! I love your writing style. It's like I can almost hear you in front of me and we're sharing a cup of coffee.

  12. Been here, and glad to know you have plenty to share! Thank you:)

  13. Still here too!! That Korean food looks INCREDIBLE - I'm all about FOOD these days. In fact, a Korean lady in our church gave us egg rolls (homemade) just today - and I ate 2 immediately (even though I'd just eaten supper)! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Good to hear from you again!

  14. I'm still here :) I've not been able to keep up with blogging either, I hear you on that!

    Praying Curt's injury continues to heal and he's without pain soon!

  15. I'm here, and I hear ya on the dishes and the laundry and the time flying by!

  16. I'm here! I hear ya about time flying! =) can't wait to see the recipe for the cream horns!

  17. I don't get to read blogs much anymore with a new baby...or update mine much either. Thanks for continuing to blog! :) I'll still stop by when I can!

    God Bless,

    PS. Thanks for your prayers! I went into labor naturally and was able to have my daughter VBAC! (No-c-section!!!)

  18. I'm here. I keep coming back.

  19. Still here also! And my blog has been rather neglected the last 2 months also!

  20. I am actually a new reader but have been enjoying your blog very much...I have been in the same boat as you have been in and mine has been very neglected as well!! Have courage we are here!!

  21. Here too. We were talking just yesterday about how time seems to be flying here lately. Get up and get the day started and then in the flash of an eye *poof* the day is gone. WOW! Good to see you post.

  22. Fall is coming soon I will continue to visit your blog and watch for any updates and what you are doing

  23. Still here! Loved your post and hearing all you've been up to. Have a good rest of the week.

  24. Sandra,

    Can't wait to see just how cute these corn husk dolls are. Hopefully you will post instructions on how to make them?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  25. i'm here sandra, checkin in on your daily...

    have a great day..

  26. Glad to see you're alive and kicking. We're prayin for Curt's shoulder. It's not a fun time for him I bet...

    Oh oh!!! Could you post the corn husk directions TODAY? :) I have a TON of corn I'm husking. If I know what to do/how to do it (dry out the corn husks) then I wouldn't just toss the husks away.

    Keep up the great work of just keeping your home going. :)

  27. I'm glad to see you posting. I was getting worried. I mostly lurk here and drool over the great food pics. Oh my gosh that food looks good! I'll be praying for hubby's injury. Glad to here you were just busy.

  28. I'm glad you posted and you're doing well. I missed your daily posts. Love to hear how you spend your days. Will be praying for your husband.

  29. Still here but been pretty busy lately. I'm finally able to sit down and read blogs.

  30. I'm still here Sandra!
    Been busy as well but always love checking in on you and the great things you come up with to keep life fun. :-)

  31. I've been busy too ... it seems to be the way things go in life!

    I have finished watching Little House on the Prairie up til the end of Season 6 too. I am eagerly awaiting the release of season 7-9 into Australia before I can continue. We've redirected our attention to episodes of 'Home Improvement'. My 9yo son needs a turn at something that thrills him, too.

    I have a Cindy Woodsmall book my TBR pile too...different one though.

  32. We've been busy too and because I don't have Internet at home right now, it's hard to find time to browse blogs when i actually do get on. I miss visiting and I miss blogging. I manage maybe once a week to get a post in.

    Have a great week

  33. I wish you would come and move into my house. I could use you around here. (It's nice here in Maine....70's in the day......high 50's at night.)


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