Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Beginning of a Journey

We are but a few days away from a big change in our lives, the beginning of a homeschooling journey.  Our study area is all set up and ready to go.

To say that we are excited is but an understatement but mixed in with the feelings of excitement is also some fear on MY part.  The kids are unaware that I'm even worried a tiny little bit.


Well, because it's such a huge undertaking and such a huge responsibility as a parent.  We try so hard to do what is best for our children and we never want to in any way impede their development, so taking on the task of teaching and being in charge of their education is something that brings me a little anxiety.

I know I can do it, I have no doubt that I can do it, but will I do it right is the big question, and I know I'm not the only one to ever have these feelings as I'm sure it's pretty common when a family first begins their homeschooling journey.

One of the things that really struck me when I received Nicholas' school materials is that up until this point I really did have no clue what they were doing at school and what they were using to learn.  It's quite a scary concept to realize that so much of your child's education and well being is placed upon the hands of teachers who you really don't know from a bar of soap.

Often times I felt like I had no idea where my children were in their studies, it just feels as if over the years the schools have disconnected more and more from the families and have tried to create their own little world where parents are just not welcome.  On the one hand, they want your input and help and on the other hand they are constantly putting up barriers and keeping us from being TOO involved in what they are doing.

Knowing that I am going to have first hand access to what goes into their little minds is so thrilling.

It's a change, a huge change for us and until we find our footing we may stumble about here and there.  I like to think of it as a learning opportunity for us all, what works, what doesn't, what schedule best suits us, what are my children's strongest subjects, what are their weakest, who is a visual learner and who is more hands on etc etc.

I do plan on taking you all along with us as we step into the unknown and you may from time to time find me whining or complaining or begging for help from the seasoned homeschooling mama's.

I have a small request to make, with school starting next week I still don't have a Christian curriculum set up for the children, I have looked through all the ones you suggested and even got some catalogs in the mail....but to begin, I would like some links to something I can print and use right away.  Any suggestions?

Could you give me an idea of how your homeschooling day goes, do you start with prayer or do you leave the Christian learning for the end of the day?

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