Saturday, December 18, 2010

{ My Crafty Corner }

I'm a little under the weather, whatever Nicholas has and half the school had, has been graciously passed onto me and since I never say no to a free gift, well, here I am.  Congested, feverish, sore throat and just down in the dumps, which makes it perfect for some much needed down time in order to whip up some handmade Christmas gifts.

I've decided to add this little feature to my blog, it's not going to be a daily thing, or even a weekly thing, may not even be a monthly deal, it's just whenever it strikes my fancy.

So I've pulled out my hooks and my yarn stash and I'm getting to work, laying in bed with my cup of coffee, my laptop and surrounded by beautiful colors to inspire me.

If my kids read my blog, I wouldn't be showing you what I'm making for them, but since they don't it's safe to post.

For Nicholas:::::

 Image Credit: Julie K

Tiny crochet spider - pattern can be found here at Julie K's blog.

 Image credit: Julie K

Baseball bookmark - pattern is also from Julie K's blog, it's from her ornament bookmark which I'm using for Jasmine.

Image Credit: Roman Sock

Tree frog - you can download the pattern here  in PDF format.

These are all little things to add to his Christmas gifts, I like buying presents but I also like including a few handmade ones and usually my kids appreciate those even more than the rest.

For Jasmine:::

Image Credit: Julie K

Ornament bookmark - she loves reading and I thought this was just adorable.  Pattern Here.

Image Credit: Julie K

Contortionist Crochet Cuff - she loves stuff like this and I think for a tween girl it's adorable, another great pattern over at Julie K's.

 Image Credit:  Roman Sock

Greek Tortoise - she loves turtles and this one is so cute, you can download the pdf pattern here.

For Me:::::

 Image credit: Julie K

Fire Blossom Wash Cloths - so cute, you can find the pattern free on Ravelry. 

Image Credit: Julie K

Crochet Jar covers - I've had my eye on these since I first saw them on Attic 24, but I've tried making one before and it didn't turn out how I wanted it.  I'm going to follow Julie's directions and see if I strike gold this time.

Image Credit: Crochet with Raymond

Granny Mandala - I've been looking for this pattern for quite a while and was so happy to find it this morning over at Crochet with Raymond.  I can NOT wait to start.

As you can see I have quite a few projects to keep me busy today, I just hope I feel well enough to get through them all or at least a few.

There's nothing more rewarding than putting the time and effort into making something with your own hands and watching the smiles and joy it brings to the recipient.

Do you hand make gifts for the holidays too or do you prefer to leave that to others?  

If you do make your own, what do you make?  I would love to hear.

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