Friday, November 02, 2012

Checking in and a little update

Wow.  I can't begin to thank you all for the wonderful comments left on my "Birth Control" post.

You know sometimes we feel so alone when we're going through a certain something in our lives, and I think it's because we tend to shut ourselves out from the world.  We almost get this overwhelming sense that we're the only ones on earth dealing with this.  It's quite frustrating because it makes me feel like I'm not normal LOL

Like, if there is a certain side effect to something that I'm experiencing, my first instinct is to say "only me, I'm sure I'm the only one with this".  Ridiculous!

While I do love the fact that so many of you knew exactly what I was talking about and have gone through it all or some of it too, I also have to say sorry that you ever had to endure it.

So a little update.

I dropped my pill on Monday, didn't take it again and I'm already 7 pounds lighter, my bloated stomach is gone, my breasts have reduced, I don't have headaches and I'm feeling amazing.

Best decision ever and I think I finally confirmed that Hormone Birth Control does and I just don't mesh.  And that's fine.

Funniest part about all this is that while talking to my daughter about it on the way to the store, my Nicholas (who is 9 years old) chimed in from the backseat, "Mom, it's ok, you don't have to take that pill, it's not like you have to MATE with dad anymore"

Ummm.  Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Out of the mouthes of babes.  I laughed so hard I thought I was going to choke.  I love the innocence of children.

Been a little busy this whole week.  Lots of homemaking, cooking, baking and homeschooling.

Kids are doing so well and it's always such a joy to see how they learn.  Not to mention the fact that I've been learning right along with them.  I think it makes it that much more exciting and easier for everyone when you can learn together.

I have quite a few reviews and giveaways coming up this month.  I'm really excited about some of them and I think you'll be too.

This time of the year is just crazy, lots of opportunities, lots of emails, lots of great products for my readers to win or consider giving as gifts, especially with Christmas right around the corner. :)

Today I've been busy with some kitchen stuff and laundry.  Never ending laundry.  I swear there are days that I just can't even bear to look at that pile, it makes me want to cry.

One trick I've started doing for myself, I wash everything and then take it out of the dryer and fold it at the kitchen table, placing it in piles according to who it belongs to.

From there, I grab a pile at a time and it goes straight to the bedroom and straight to the dresser/closet.

I have stopped putting the neatly folded laundry in the baskets because half the time, it would sit in there for days.  No more.  :)


I also spent my morning making breadcrumbs.  Had half a loaf of stale homemade bread, so made some seasoned Italian breadcrumbs.

And a batch of Homemade Crockpot Applesauce for my girl. She loves it. Nicholas not so much, he has a major problem with certain textures in food, so he can't stand applesauce.

Homemade Crockpot Applesauce

Time is flying today and here shortly I will have to start prepping dinner.  Grilling some steak and serving them with a salad and oven fried zucchini rounds. 

I have some books to read, some cookbooks to browse and some Friday night shows that I love.

This weekend will be spent getting rid of any Halloween decorations, more time at the track running and maybe a little Christmas shopping, not much though because I'm keeping it super simple this year.

What are you up to this weekend, anything fun?


  1. Midway through grocery shopping I misplaced my list. Your post made me remember that breadcrumbs were on my list. I will try making my own this week. Thanks for the jaring my memory!

  2. that's one thing I too love about home-schooling is that I'm learning too!!!! :)
    Glad you're feeling better!!!! I'm one of the probably few who actually feel BETTER on the pill - but I'm such a hormonal mess due to my poly-cystic ovaries that I need the hormones to stabilize me!
    Anyhoo - have a GREAT weekened!

  3. Dear Sandra ~ So glad you are feeling better. I took the pill from 20-28 years of age. I had horrible headaches and my weight shot up from 118 when we got married to 135 in about 4 years. For personal reasons, we decided not to have children. I heard about tube tying and that's what we did. I stopped taking the pill cold turkey and went through a horrible time for several years of withdrawal. Lost a lot of weight, cried, paranoia, etc. (When I had this surgery, my dr. did not tell me to stop taking the pill gradually.)

    I now have 'hot flashes', I'm post-menopausal, and I am not going to go the hormone route. We try to stay away from pharmaceutical drugs as much as possible, going the natural route with herbs, vitamins, eating healthier, and using essential oils, massage, etc. Everyone has to make their own decisions, and our choices aren't for some people. I was taking Excedrin a lot back when I was on the pill, because of the horrific headaches. Once I got off the pill, no more headaches, except for the occasional tension ones.

    Anyway, I'm glad you decided to get off the pill. Your son saying you didn't have to mate his Dad anymore was quite hilarious.

    You have two wonderful kids and they in turn have wonderful parents who love them deeply.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. Your son is TOO FUNNY!!!! Maybe you will find more time in your day now that your not Mating!!!

  5. Enjoyed your post. Live on Long Island, NY and this is my 1st day back with power and internet since Hurricane Sandy. So happy to be reconnected with rest of country. Your posts always bring a smile to my face.

  6. your family is too too cute! that sounds like something my oldest would say! we luckily have a weekend of nothing planned... and arent those always the best!

  7. My first time coming across your blog and when I read your daughter's comment I about fell over laughing!!! Good idea with the bread crumbs for the stale bread. I have a quarter loaf I was going to add to the freezer to use for bread pudding later when I had more, but may follow your example. Will be checking back on your blog. Am also a long time stay at home mom and homeschooler.


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