Saturday, November 24, 2012

Comfortable Saturday

Morning started well, I had my latte, I checked the internets and then I pulled out my Christmas Village and got it all set up.

November 24

Always brings such a smile to my face. I love looking at each individual building and imagining if I was that small, walking through this village, how I would feel.

Every little intricate sign, each street lamp or wagon. Just brings me joy!

November 24

By mid morning however, I started noticing that my husband was blowing his nose continuously, sneezing and starting to feel unwell.

The quiet, relaxing beautiful morning quickly began unraveling.

Within half an hour my Jasmine was sneezing, sniffling and blowing her nose.  So I immediately put water to boil and readied a pot of tea.

I also, thankfully, decided to throw dinner in the crockpot, it was like I knew what was about to come my way.

November 24

With dinner taken care of, I started an assembly line of tea cups

November 24

Honey, lemon and cups being passed around, along with tissue boxes.

November 24

It seems the tea made everyone feel a little better, and soon hubby and daughter were off riding their bikes, while Nicholas stayed home with me.

I turned on the TV to the Hallmark channel and watched some more Christmas movies while finishing off all the cutting and block sewing for the quilt.

Once hubby returned, he sat with me on the floor and together we arranged, rearranged, moved, removed, switched this one and that one and on and on until we were both pleased with the end result.

And here it is....the quilt top.

November 24

By the time I took this photo my nose was running, I was the one running to the tissue box and sneezing like it was going out of fashion. Oh boy!

Needless to say, I packed everything away by row, numbered it all so I know what goes where and will sew all the rows tomorrow.

So thankful for taking care of dinner in the morning, as we were all able to sit down for a quick dinner

November 24

The rest of the night is going to be spent with my Kindle Fire. I've just finished "Captive Trail", it was a cute short read. And just started Livvie's Song.

 Have you read any good books lately?


  1. I don't have a miniature village, but when I see them I imagine myself in them too. Such fun!
    The quilt is looking gorgeous. Hope you all feel better quick!

  2. I love my village. This year we've added our "dream" home. A farm house with a barn! YEA!

    The quilt is beautiful! We have a small quilting shop just up the street from us. I plan on going there in about three weeks. :-)

    I pray you all feel better soon.

  3. Yummy, those sloppy joes look delicious!

    Hope you are all feeling better soon! We're all fighting something around here too.

  4. Oh your quilt is going to be gorgeous!

  5. Join the club, Sandra. Thanksgiving evening I started coughing like there was no tomorrow (and since then been sneezing coughing and having a sore throat off and on). Spent yesterday afternoon in bed, and nearly all day today as well

    My roommate is sick too. We both feel lousy!

    I consider myself very lucky right now that I only have 2 cats to take care of, and their needs are minimal. Same for my roommates 2 birds.

    Hope you all feel better, I intend to buy some lemon on Monday and have tea with honey and lemon if I still feel this bad

  6. nice post thanks for sharing...blessings

  7. I miss putting our Christmas village out but until the grands get a little older they will stay packed up. Hope the family doesn't come down with colds

  8. I hope you are all on the mend today.

    I LOVE my Christmas Village, too, I've been adding to it for maybe 30 years now...mostly from the thrift stores, it's amazing what lovely things make it into the Salvation Army store!

    The quilt looks's not my thing to quilt, but I have one made by my hubby's own dear grandma crocheted and I have a full blanket that she made. Sweet Heirlooms, and yours will be one too.

    Sorry, don't have a good book idea for you! I watch what YOU are reading :-)

    Have a lovely day.

  9. Yay! Finally the blogs are scrolling! I think I have already told you I love the quilt, Sandra. Gorgeous. I really hope the colds all vanish rapidly as well. Books... I love all the Jennifer Chiavereni ones - all set around quilting. They are not free, but you can get the first three in a big book much cheaper than individually. I think you would love them, now that you are quilting!

  10. Love the quilt!!! Surely hoping all of you will feel well, nothing like a good cup of hot tea for the cure. I have read so many good books since getting my kindle it would take a month to list them all. Enjoy your reading.

  11. I have always loved other peoples villages. Just not something I have ever cared to do.

    Your quilt top turned out beautifully!! Congrats!


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