Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back to business....


As much as I love new adventures and new things, after a few days I start craving the normalcy of my days.

So it's time to get back to business, back into the routine and back to my blogging :)

I wouldn't say I took a break per se, more of a cut back on the amount of blogging these past two weeks while we welcomed the family and reconnected.

Oh it's so important to reconnect and to talk and chat and laugh....goodness to laugh, until your stomach hurts, until your snorting, until you have tears running down your face.  It feels wonderful.

Anyway, it's Sunday morning and the house is fast asleep, the kids are all camped out in one bedroom, some on the floor, others in the beds.  It makes me smile, I love them all so very much and they get along beautifully.

Is there anything better than cousins?   I don't think so.

Church this morning is not going to happen, I woke up with a sore throat and congested, my hubby and sister in law both have stiff necks and sore backs, my Jasmine has a sore neck too, my brother's allergies are bugging the heck out of him and I think we're all just a total mess to go anywhere.

We'll stay home, watch a movie or something, relax and just take it easy.

Yesterday we packed an easy lunch and headed to the lake for a few hours.  I do love going out there, it's beautiful and so peaceful.  The best place to forget any stresses that may be bothering you and to let it all go.


Along the way I stopped quite a few times for my niece Tiffany to see the horses and take pictures.  You have no idea how much this child adores horses, she just beams when she's near them.


And it melts my heart.  I would like nothing more than to get a horse for her.


Love, love, love this picture I snapped of her.  You can see in her face how much she loves these horses.


These two girls are so cute together.



Just a little glimpse of our day at the lake.

As I said, it's back to business now, I've relaxed, I've enjoyed myself but I do miss my blog something fierce and I miss knowing what you've all been up to.  I've started coming around to say hi but I'm afraid it will take me a little longer than a few minutes to get to everyone's blog.

No worries though, got all the time in the world right?

Oh and I didn't forget about the dishcloths for sale, I have one to finish and then I'll start selling the ones that are already complete.  I don't know just how many I'll be able to get to, as my time is going to be very short with all the family here......matter of fact I'll be homeschooling my kiddos AND my niece and nephew, so that's 4 kids which I'm sure will keep me really busy LOL

I guess I'll finish this post with what I have planned for today......


Lunch will be something easy, either sandwiches or I may even grab some tacos which the kids love and my niece and nephew haven't been able to have in South Africa, so they're always asking me if they can have some now lol
Dinner will be Chicken Curry


Doctor Who (got the family into it lol)
Haunted History
Who do you think you are?


  1. It is nice to be able to get back to routine sometimes isn't it! I was wondering whether you would be homeschooling still now that you are settled in Idaho, I think it's great that you'll be teaching all of them! Vince and I have decided that when Emma reaches school age next year we're going to home educate too despite it being SO taboo in the UK.
    Im glad your family watch Doctor Who too! Will you be watching the live show today? I can't wait to find out who the 12th doctor will be!
    Have a lovely relaxing Sunday :)

  2. It was so lovely to see your name in my comments! :)

    You've been so busy, what with your own move and your family coming over. But what blessings it's been for you. I'm so pleased for you.

    Your family are all beautiful, just like you!

    Huge hugs!

  3. Looks like a wonderful day! I cannot get over how much your niece looks like you! Wow.. she could definitely pass for yours! :) Love your daughters haircut! :)

  4. I absolutely LOVE that photo of your niece and the horse!

  5. Such lovely photos and so glad you are enjoying family time. Hope you all feel better, we also have some dreaded bugs lurking around, my boy had to have a whole week off school. It is our winter though so to be expected. Love the colour of your daughters hair :) cheers, karen@Huckelberryhomelife

  6. I love your pictures from the lake outing. You all look so happy and relaxed. Glad you will be blogging more again. I do enjoy your posts! Enjoy your week!

  7. I'm glad you had a nice time at the lake. I enjoy getting out to the lake and relaxing. There is really nothing better than relaxing, fun, family time with out anything to preoccupy you or sidetrack you.

    I'm glad you have had such a good time with your family. I hope your family is enjoying the US.Selfishly though, I'm glad you'll be back to blogging. Your posts make my day, and often make me not feel so alone when I'm at home cooking, cleaning, and occasionally feeling frazzled.

    Hope you had a wonderful day.

  8. I'm so happy your having such a wonderful time making memories with your family, and I'm so sorry you're all under the weather, hope you've had that relaxing Sunday you were after, and best wishes to all of you!

  9. Your Niece is a spitting image of you!! Holy cow must be like looking in the mirror each day! Ha I think I am over the whole summer thing. Like you I am ready for a routine.

  10. Lovely post and photos.

    I am working on getting into my own new groove. It takes time, but I am making forward progress.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  11. Your niece looks just like you. Looks like you are having a wonderful time with your family.


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