Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Days of our lives....

I have honestly lost track of my days and nights and week days and weekends, everything seems to just run together from one day to the other.

At the moment we are all at home, trying to get settled into a new way of life.  Some are looking for jobs, others are learning to live in a new country, and in the middle of all this we have homeschooling.

It's been an exciting journey, that is for sure.

It's strange and I had forgotten about how different schooling is in South Africa, so the kids are having a bit of a hard time adjusting to American schooling, the subjects and how different things are.  But we'll get there, one step at a time.

The one thing about living in a house with 8 people is that you never really have much privacy or a moment to do things on your own, and I'm a firm believer in that everyone needs some time to themselves.  So, we all, in our own way take moments, whether it is going outside and sitting quietly, or reading a book, or going to the bedroom shutting the door and catching up on a show on tv or Netflix.

It's so crucial that in the middle of all the chaos and newness, that you don't forget who you are and what you like and that you take time for that.

So in my spare moments, I have been catching up on my shows, one of them which I'm really enjoying is Who Do You Think You Are?  on the TLC channel.  I love anything to do with genealogy and sometimes wish I could search up my own family, but for that I would need names and places and dates and it's quite hard to get all that info at the moment.

The new season of The Great British Bake Off started yesterday on BBC and I am soooooo excited for that one.  I told you all about a few months ago and since I love being in the kitchen so much it's one of those shows that is right up my alley.

The Real White Queen and her Rivals is a great documentary, especially if you've enjoyed The White Queen series based on Philippa Gregory's book.  You can watch Episode 1 and Episode 2 on Youtube.

Another I'm enjoying is Kirstie's Fill Your House for Free.  I'm a huge fan of Kirstie Allsop and all of her programmes so anytime she has a new one, I'm ALL.OVER.IT.

Of course in the midst of all this I am still enjoying my two Portuguese soaps and reading my books and doing puzzles on the Kindle Fire.

I think it's all about the little moments that you take advantage of, right???

How do you take time for yourself on a daily basis???


  1. I too have to have some time to myself, I would go nuts without some quite time. Having a house full of family all day and night when your not use to it could surely work on anyone nerves!! Ha Good luck to hubby with his job search

  2. Hi Sandra! Good to hear from you in the middle of all the busyness. We love watching Who do you think you are? The British Bake off sounds very interesting. I've never heard of Kirstie Alsop but may have to look her up.

  3. We have a "full house" too. I stay up later than everyone so I get private time late in the evening. It works for me and gets me "powered up" for the next day.

  4. Yes I agree taking time to yourself is very important. I'll be praying for your niece and nephew as the adapt to the US and education.

    I love that show, "Who do you think you are?" as well. I'm going to try to locate the British bake off as well.

    Praying for everyone out your way. Jobs to be found, education, and the wildfires.

  5. I usually read! I love reading right before bed. About the only time I watch TV is when I iron. Not keeping up with any series at the moment. I hope the wildfires up there are not affecting you and your family. Good luck with the job hunt. Been there done that, again and again. God will provide - he has for us and know he does for whomever has faith in Him. Enjoy your little snatches of time to yourself!

  6. Hi Sandra, you are one busy person with such a full house and homeschooling. it is great to hear that you can find time to recharge and look after yourself. I am very interested in the white queen , must check it out, I loved all the Phillipa Gregory books. Have a great week. :)

  7. This is a Karl Larson print. He is my favorite Swedish painter. We have several of his prints frames in the house.

  8. Love Your Blog!! It looks like you and your family are getting settled. Have a Blessed Weekend :)


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