Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree!

December 2

Well folks, here we are, December 2013.  I'm not quite sure how we got here, it almost feels like we skipped, hopped and jumped over half a year and landed smack dab in the first week of December.

Christmas is just around the corner, like right around the corner and I'm looking forward to it in a sense, but then also wishing we weren't so close to the end of the year.

So much has happened, so many changes, so many adventures, so many stresses, but hey, it wouldn't be life if it was all happy and peachy right?

I tried so hard to hold off on getting our tree, but with 4 very excited kids around me, it was even harder, so we caved.....and we got the tree.

A beautiful scented tree that now sits in all it's glory, in the corner of my living room.  You can't help but smile when you see it, or at least, I can't help it.

December 2

Sunday night, I put on some Christmas music and we moved some things around to find just the perfect spot for our tree. The kids set right to work on decorating it and as much as I love doing that task, I left it up to them.

December 2

One thing I don't leave up to anyone, is the picture taking. I just have too much fun with my camera and trying to capture these moments for my blog.

December 2

Now that the tree is up and the decorations are in place, inside and out, it means I need to get cracking on the gifts.  Thankfully I can say that my nephew, brother and sister in law are all done for Christmas.  I just have my niece, my daughter and son and hubby to finish, but so far so good.

Also have my mother in law and father in law coming in for Christmas which we always look forward to.  I can't wait to sit and chat with them.

December 2

And these two are super excited with the tree and the decorations too.  They crack me up, especially Miss Lola with that tongue hanging out.  Hahahah

December 2

How are you doing on Christmas decorating, did you start or do you usually leave it until a little closer to the day?

I wanted to come in and say hi and let you all know that I'm still here, still busy, still trying to find enough hours in the day for everything and still missing my little blog like crazy.

It's going to be a very happy day when I can figure this schedule thing out and get back to normal, it's almost nauseating repeating myself on this subject, goodness.

Anyway, I best get on with my day which is going to be very slow as I got little to no sleep last night.  My sciatica is bugging me, a lot lately with this cold weather.  It made it where I couldn't lay on my right leg without it feeling numb and tingly and today it's making walking a tad difficult.

I'm praying for some strength to get through everything I need done, I'm sure I'll accomplish it, if only much slower than usual.

Oh and I almost forgot, I mentioned The Tudor Monastery Farm for those who are fans of Edwardian Farm, Victorian Farm etc....it's a new series on BBC and you can watch it online here.  I'm loving it, there's only been 3 episodes so far so you won't have much to catch up on.

December 2

Leaving you all much love and wishes for a good day :)


  1. I totally understand busy...I did not get to join Happy Homemaker Monday yesterday. I love your tree and decorations. Enjoy your month. Hoping for many good things to come your way!

  2. awww i love your pugs, such beautiful pics of them by the tree..
    have a wonderful day and i hope you feel better soon Sandra..

  3. Don't you just love how warm and cozy having the tree up feels? I got mine up over the weekend, now all I want to do is sit and look at it! Ha This is not the season for sitting, sew much to do

  4. Your tree looks beautiful!
    We decorated our fake tree for the living room during the week, but will get the real one for the hall this week, so we're just starting on adding a few festive touches here and there.
    Enjoy the preparations Sandra!
    Gill xx


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