Thursday, December 26, 2013

# period dramas

Sick in bed....

Not exactly how I had pictured my Christmas day or the following days, but we can't always have what we like right?

So here I am, sick in bed with a cold and a nasty cough that is keeping me from getting much rest.  The good thing is that in a house with so many people, I am constantly finding willing parties to help me out with whatever I may need.

I would have to say that the silver lining in this bed confinement, is that I'm being entertained by BBC and ITV and watching all the Christmas specials.  Have you been watching or did you forget about them?

No worries though because if you did, I am about to remind you and give you some ideas as to what you can enjoy at the moment.

Starting with Doctor Who and the Christmas special, which also saw the regeneration of Matt Smith's doctor.  I cried folks, I cried so hard because I loved his doctor version so much, and I'm not a fan of Peter Capaldi, just can't see him as the doctor, but since I'm a fan of the show I'm going to watch and see what happens.  Who knows, he may just surprise me.

If you want to catch up on yesterday's episode, you can do it through the BBC iPlayer or you can watch it online, I even have the video for you below.

Then, there's Call the Midwife and oh my word, I loved their Christmas special.  I think you will too.  Bombs, and weddings, and the closing of Nonnatus House???  It was such a brilliant Christmas episode.

Next one to watch is the Downton Abbey Christmas special, which I am just now watching so I can't tell you much about it other than the whole family is in their London residence and become implicated in some sort of scandal.  That ought to be good.

You can watch it on ITV player, or online as well.

So there's 3 to keep you busy, but there is another one that is actually airing at this moment on BBC One.  I've been trying to watch but being sick, my attention span is not as usual and I tend to doze off, so I'll watch again later.

Death Comes to Pemberley.  If you're a Jane Austen fan then you're familiar with Pride and Prejudice, well this mini series is based on the book by P. D. James.  A murder mystery set at Pemberley.  Ooohhhh juicy.

You can watch the first part of the 3 part series, on BBC's iPlayer or online, or below :)

Don't forget about Tudor Monastery Farm either, that is such a fun show to watch, which reminds me I need to add it to the Period Drama List as well.

Right, well I've given you a few goodies to enjoy, but I feel another cough attack coming on and my eyeballs feel like they're going to explode, so I'm going to sign off and catch up on Downton Abbey.

Hope you are all doing well and having a good Christmas week.



  1. So sorry to read that you're still feeling ill, Sandra. After reading about the sore throat before Christmas, I'd hoped it had gotten better. I too watched the Call the Midwife & Downton Christmas specials, and enjoyed both, especially Downton. I was so surprised to see Peter Giamatti, as Howard Levinson, and was really pleased by his performance. To be honest, though I'm quite a fan of his, and know he's very talented, Shirley Maclaine has been such a downer, I feared he'd be required to play the role in the same vein, but was so pleased with how he pulled it off. Well, you'll be in my prayers. Take care of yourself, so you can get well!

  2. you poor girl, feel better soon!

  3. Oh Sandra! So sorry to hear that you had to spend Christmas day in bed. Many prayers for a quick recovery.

  4. no fun being sick in bed, hope you feel better soon and can celebrate the new year healthy

  5. I hope you get feeling better quickly! Thank you for the links. I was so sad I missed Doctor Who. My husband was moving stuff around for the internet and it messed with my DVR, so it didn't record. :(


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