Friday, February 07, 2014


And more snow

This snow, it just doesn't let up does it?

I would have been happier with it around Christmas time, that is when I wanted to see it turning the whole world white.  That is when I wanted to feel the bitter cold and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa while watching the flakes floating down by the light of my Christmas tree.

Not now.

Now I'm ready for it to disappear and not come back for a very long time.  It doesn't help that I was looking through my blog earlier this week, and looking at this time last year I was already talking about my vegetables growing and the sprinkler going.  Wow, what a change!


This one doesn't seem to thrilled with the weather either, but he/she ventures out there anyway for a little munch here and there. I do so love watching them from my deck, and as long as I don't make any sudden movements, they are quite happy just watching me back.

But back to what I was saying about the growing plants etc. Even though I can't plan anything outside (owners don't allow it), I continue to grow things inside the house.

Or rather, regrowing things. I've talked about it before here and here on the blog.

Regrowing Celery

Regrowing Garlic

I do have to get the celery into soil very soon or it won't survive.  I'm also, for the first time, trying to regrow onions, I know you can do it but I've never attempted it before so we'll see how that goes.

Yesterday I started my second crochet blanket. I shouldn't get into any other right now because I don't want to get overwhelmed, but I couldn't help it. And I do love this new color combo, it's not my usual colors, I'm more into the pastels and Cath Kidston inspired colors, but though this one is very unlike any of my previous choices, I'm still loving it.

New blanket

And because I obviously don't think I have enough going on, I am also making some cute little granny hearts out of my cotton scraps so that I can do a little garland for Valentine's day.

Valentine's Garland

Just something quick and not complicated that I can whip up fast.

It's been a bit of a tiring day for me, I did manage to get all my laundry washed and then ironed. A few loads worth of laundry to iron but it wasn't so bad because I caught up on The Musketeers and last night's Reign episode.

Candle light

Now, my dear friends, I'm enjoying the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony on TV, while working on those crochet hearts and pretty soon I may just be heading to bed.

The snow is still falling outside, it's very cold in this house and I'm just plain tuckered out.  Not quite sure what I'm doing this weekend but I'm sure with this storm we have going, it will be spent indoors.

How is the weather where you're at?  Are you as tired of the snow as I am?


  1. I'm so tired of the snow! It's been nonstop since December 1. We've set quite a few records this winter and I'm ready for it to end and Spring to come. :)

  2. Yes I am tired of the snow! Oh and the bitter cold too. This is the 4th snowiest winter so far and it isn't over yet. I am trying to keep positive and enjoy the beauty.

  3. Oh my we here in Ohio are frozen as well.... I am so so tired of it,I am ready to get my hands in the dirt... I am loving your afagans. Are you using all the same worsted yarn? Stay wasrm, I am hibernating this weekend again doing some sewing watching movies from the library and cleaning..

  4. We are very tired of the snow here in Delaware. have domestic rabbits living wild in your area? Many years ago the woods near us had hundreds of domestic rabbits of all ages...they were so husband used to take our kids biking over to see them. Until the property owner got rid of all of them....they said some people left off rabbits and they multiplied. And the coal mining book...I'm from NW Pennsylvania and my grandfather was a coal miner, so I will visit that site..thanks.

  5. No snow here ... it's the middle of summer! :) I like coming to see the snow here at your place though :)it's so pretty!


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