Sunday, September 6, 2015

# september

Hello September!!!

Goodness is it really September already?  I can't believe Summer is all but done, Fall is right around the corner and we're inching ever so close to Christmas.

Where has time gone?

All around me the signs of Fall are showing up, and I don't know about you but I'm pretty chuffed with that, after all it is one of my favorite seasons.

Hello September

The trees are starting to change color, and at first I thought it a little early to be seeing these signs, but I guess maybe not as I've seen a few friends mention leaves on the ground.

Hello September

I stepped outside with the camera, and mind you, I don't like going out there really, because I want to be comfortable in shorts and flip flops and not have to worry about chiggers.

They got me so good about two weeks ago and I'm still not over the marks they left on my legs.  It looks awful and they itch so bad and I just don't want to mess with them.

Hello September

But, for the sake of blogging and getting some good pics, I ventured out there.  I once again threw on Nick's snow boots and made my way out, thankfully the grass is not tall either so I may not have to endure any more chigger bites.  Fingers crossed!!!

Anyway, low and behold, I have quite a lot of leaves on the ground already.

So pretty, so very pretty.

Hello September

I keep saying it, but I love the area I'm living in.  I'm a nature girl, I love the outdoors so this is a special treat being able to be surrounded by acreage of land and such a myriad of nature from animals to plants.

I didn't stay out there too long, just snapped those pics and ran back inside.

So, yes, September is here and I'm hoping that with this new month, a renewed love for my blogs and my food blog specifically, come into play.

I've started a new feature where I'll share my weekly meals every week, I'll take pictures of our dinner and on the weekend I'll do a review post so you'll see what we had.  If I have recipes already posted, I'll link you to them.

I just need to get back in the groove of cooking, and I mean cooking real meals and enjoying it because the business of my life lately has made it where I turn to quick easy meals, or we go out which is something we never did before, and quite frankly, both my family and I are just ready to get back to the basic good old homecooked meals.

So Hi September, welcome, I hope you bring good things with you.


  1. I hope that September brings great things your way, in the kitchen and elsewhere too! xx

  2. I am glad that things are slowing down for you. Sometimes busy sucks the life right out of you. Enjoy a September of slowing and home!

  3. Sandra I can not believe you said "Christmas"! Lol stop it!
    It is soooo hot and humid here that if we find leaves on the ground, it's because they smothered to death in this heat!

    I can't believe September is here already. One of our varieties of pecans are beginning to open. So harvest will start this month, I'm sure.

    I like the new blog look btw!

  4. It's just so beautiful where you are and just seems like the piece of heaven you've always talked about wanting. ;) So happy for you to be truly settled.

    I LOvE September and October too! The absolute best time of the year and prettiest of seasons.

    I'm so excited for your cooking idea and sharing on the weekends. I look very forward to that my Dear.

    Fall blessings to you! xo

  5. Fall is my FAVORITE season too. So glad to be moving back to the midwest just in time for it!

    LOL you do realize that Christmas is in 16 Fridays? Time to finish those handmade projects! I did at least get my Christmas cards finished.

    Can't wait for your first cooking post.

  6. I love everything about fall except for the darn wasps. And they are bad this year!


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