Monday, November 2, 2015

# happy homemaker monday

Happy Homemaker Monday - 11/02/2015

Good morning ladies, how was your weekend?  We had an ok one, nothing special going on, though yesterday hubby and I managed to clean and organize the garage, which was no small feat, my word.

I don't have anything planned for this week, just hoping for a quiet uneventful few days, I could honestly use the break from the stress.

Feel free to use :)

The Weather:::
Had really bad storms last week, ended up with some flooding, though south of us got the brunt of it and quite a few serious floods.  Don't think we have any rain on the agenda for this week, but it's cold people, and I woke up to foggy skies and dew covered grass.  Guess we kinda skipped over Fall and are headed straight for a cold winter.

Right now I am:::
In the living room sitting with Lola while I type up this post.  I know it's quite late but I didn't get good sleep last night and it's that time of the month, so I'm cramping and not feeling too good, tired and then throw in really dark skies, cold morning and after I got up to make hubby coffee and see him to work at 5:30, I crawled back into bed with Lola and fell back asleep.  I sorely needed it. 

About Thanksgiving, still need to figure out who is coming so I can plan accordingly.
Thinking about my daughter and her broken heart and how hard this is for me too, I just want to take the pain from her and I can't and it's just the worst feeling in the world.

On my reading pile:::
Lots of books, just haven't had the chance to read last week so I'm hoping to do that this week.

On my tv:::
On my DVR list I have:
Lockup Raw
The Last Kingdom

On the menu for this week:::

Monday - BBQ Ribs, Fries, Homemade Mac and Cheese
Tuesday - One Pot Garlic Ranch Chicken, Mash, Green Beans
Wednesday - Steaks with Pepper Sauce, Rice, Salad
Thursday -  Salisbury Steak, Veggies
Friday - Fish and Chips
Saturday - Thai Peanut Beef, Rice
Sunday -*Grocery Shopping*

On my to do list:::

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Still need to get on with the painting of the furniture but ran out of black paint and patience.  I'm working on a new corner to corner blanket and loving it so far.

Looking around the house:::
I have to do some tidying up, as always after the weekend.  Need to vacuum too.  It's kinda of bright right now, after the dark skies and fog this morning that lasted until about 8:30am, the sun has now come out full force and everything seems to be radiating in light.

From the camera:::

On my prayer list:::
My daughter, she is hurting and I'm hurting for her and I know she will be fine, but for this moment it's painful to see her like this.

Bible verse, Devotional:::


  1. Sounds like one of those gray days....and a true "monday" Monday. Continued prayers for your daughter too. HOpe you feel better my Dear and as we head into this thankful holiday season, that you're able to continue to focus on blessings and good days ahead.
    Blessings on your week Sandra!! xoxo

  2. 5:30am is such an early morning! I get up at 5:10am to pack my husband a quick lunch and send him off with coffee by 5:30am, finding time to feed and let out the dogs and take care of our flock of hens and ducks. (I'm quick! LOL) I wasn't able to crawl back into bed this morning...I've read that the corner-to-corner blankets work up quick. I just finished a shell stitch afghan, and as soon as I get more yarn, I'll be working on a simple DC striped one for my step-son. (He preferred the look of DC so it should be a quicker project.) I hope your daughter feels better very soon!

  3. Praying for your dear's so hard to watch our kids hurt, and even though we know they will be fine, it's still really, really hard!!! I hope you have a cozy and warm and wonderful day, friend!!!

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