Monday, November 16, 2015

# productive saturday

Productive Saturday!!!


I should have put this post up on Sunday but got busy and didn't get a chance to.  Doesn't matter really, I can still show you my productive Saturday, you won't mind that it's a few days late will you?

Over the past few days it's gotten considerably cooler in our area, and this weekend was picture perfect Fall.  Dark skies, cold, and lazy days.  We quickly realized that we needed to get the fire going but for that, wood needed to be gathered and chopped etc.

So began our productive day......

14 November 2015

I remember watching shows or reading books about families living in the country, and always wondering what it would be like to have to gather the fire wood, get the house ready for winter, or use what is at your disposal to decorate inside.

What would it be like to live that way?

I can't say that we are living or following in the exact same footsteps of the pioneers, but living out here in the country has sure provided us, and me in particular, with a greater appreciation for simpler times and for what it really means to become one with your land.

14 November 2015

We have tons of wood at our disposal, some easy to gather, other in the form of huge tree stumps which we need to chop down.

My husband and son have taken to that job very well, they quite enjoy going out there and swinging that axe, but then, what man wouldn't right? Maybe it's the male instinct in them, that need to chop and destroy.

14 November 2015

While they chopped wood for me to bring inside, I took a walk around the property and gathered a bunch of pine cones and some juniper for decorating.

My plan is to actually make some wreaths, one for the front door, and one each for the big windows we have in both living rooms, the windows that face the front of the house.

14 November 2015

We brought in quite a bit of wood and in no time had a fire going, it quickly warmed the whole house up.  Makes me so happy knowing that I don't have to depend on the central heating, which can get so expensive in the winter months.


So yes, a productive Saturday though it may not sound like it from this post.


Today we're expecting severe storms, mainly overnight, but all day long the weather has been super windy and weird.  It's certainly been causing these guys to go nuts, they've been flying huge flocks from one tree to another.



Aside from the crazy birds, one thing is for certain....the minute the winds come in, it  immediately kicks my allergies into high gear.  The sniffles, sneezes and the itchy nose are out in full force, oh my word, does anyone else find it so frustrating when you feel like you just want to scratch your face right off???

And unfortunately I'm all out of Benadryl so I'm having to suffer through it.  UGH!!!

Anyway, I started this post this afternoon and it's now a couple hours later and I'm finally finishing it up.  The life of a busy homemaker and mom right?

Well friends, I'm closing off, going to relax and maybe crochet a little, catch up with a show on TV and wait for these storms to move in.  I'm hoping we don't get very bad ones and that the tornado warnings subside, crossing fingers.

Goodnight all :)


  1. Sounds like a very good Saturday! I love those birds in the picture.

  2. Sounds like you've really adjusted after the big move.
    So glad. Always enjoy your beautiful photos!

  3. I always find it so amusing how men love to chop and gather wood!! It keeps them occupied in a great way though and does mean that there is always plenty of wood for burning so that is good isn't it! xx

  4. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. I love the pictures! Hope this week is going well.


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