04 January 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday - 01/04/2016

Hello, Hello!!!

I am so late in posting this today, I apologize for that, it's just been a weird morning for me.

But let's get right into it.

The weather outside is::::
Beautiful morning, bright blue skies and 37 degrees.  

On the breakfast plate this morning::::
Cup of coffee with Hazelnut creamer, and a sandwich on wheat bread, with cheddar cheese and pimento loaf.

As I look outside my window:::
It's such a pretty day, the birds are flying around from tree to tree, there is no wind at all and the skies are a beautiful gorgeous blue.    

Right now I am::::
Sitting in bed, still, at 10:15am.  I don't know if I'm quite ready to get back to a normal schedule quite yet, it's always so hard coming off the holidays into a new year. 

As I look around the house::::
I have a bit of cleaning to do but not much.  I'm glad that all remnants of the holidays are now gone and we can start fresh on a clean slate.

On today's to do list::::
Laundry....My wonderful husband did all of my laundry, and I didn't even ask him to, he just did it on his own.  I'm one lucky woman.    
Cleaning....In the kitchen.... Unload the dishwasher and reload with breakfast dishes. 
In the living rooms....Tidy up, vacuum, open curtains.
In the bedrooms....Make beds, open curtains.
In the bathrooms....clean the toilets, sinks and mirrors.
Homeschooling....It's back to school today but there is no much this week, the semester ends on the 12th, so we have until then to get caught up and no new lessons. 

Happening this week::::
Nothing really going on, just trying to get back into the normal swing of things

Currently reading::::
A Pioneer Christmas, and A Prairie Christmas

On the TV today::::
General Hospital....ok so here's the deal, I've always been a huge Jason and Sam fan and when they killed of Jason, I stopped watching.  I couldn't stomach watching Sam with that idiot Silas or with Patrick, it just wasn't right for me.  Yesterday, I accidentally came across an article on Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller and I was floored to find out that not only had Jason been recast but Jason and Sam were working their way back together.  So guess what I've been doing since last night?  Yep, catching up on the past 2 years of General Hospital...and I'm happy to say that I did and can now watch from today on and be caught up.  

When the Heart Calls Season 2

On the menu this week::::

Monday - Beans and Ham
Tuesday - Kielbasa Skillet Beans and Rice
Wednesday - Humble chicken stew & dumplings
Thursday - Sausage Pappardele
Friday - Freddy's Burgers with Ono Hawaiian Macaroni Salad
Saturday - Slow cooker taco soup 
Sunday -Beef Curry

What I am creating at the moment::::
This week I'm making some Patchwork Potholders, also plan on starting something with my new cotton yarn.

New recipe I tried or want to try this week::::
I've now made two things in my pressure cooker, rice and also made some chili and both were amazing.  I just realized that I didn't get to share the Chipotle Style Burrito Bowls, oh my word, I'm so sorry.  

Favorite photo from past few days::::


Prayers, Inspirational Quotes or Devotionals::::


  1. So good to see you post this morning...when you were late, I got a little worried. Sorry something happened to your morning that threw you off; I'm not a Monday person anyway, even though I've been in early retirement (health reasons)for 11 years, so my days are mostly my own to plan... and I look forward to YOUR HHMondays! Hope the rest of your day is cheerful!

  2. It really is hard to get back into the routine of things isn't it? It seemed like our Christmas break was so short around here, though we do have 2 more days of it before my boys return to school on Wednesday. I'm so glad you're still doing these Happy Homemaker Mondays. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. Hi Sweetie!

    Caught up on several of your posts - just trying to get back into life and the swing of things here too! It sounds like we both have some great plans and resolutions for this New Year 2016 and hopefully all the goodness it will bring!!

    Thanks for always being such a wonderful hostess for HHM. You're a blessing and wish you so many wonderful things for this bright shiny new year ahead.

  4. You're rolling right along. My weather in Okla is like yours today -beautiful winter day!
    You got my attention when you said your husband did all the laundry. WOW!
    My guy spoils me rotten but he never does laundry, but then I don't get up and make him breakfast. LOL!!

  5. Happy New Year Sandra! Love the photo of your pretty box. Wishing you a happy week.

  6. I love Jason and Sam!!!! But alas, I'm not even close to caught up...I didn't even know they had killed off Jason! Have a blessed week!

  7. As always I hope that you have a great week! xx

  8. Happy New Year. Are weather here is going tobe raining soon its a little gray outside. My husband did the dishes this weekend to help me out. That was wonderful of him. I loved tge qoute that you have today. Hope you have a great week and day.

  9. Looks like your temps were a litter warmer than mine today. Have a great week!

  10. Looks like your temps were a litter warmer than mine today. Have a great week!


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