Tuesday, April 26, 2016

{ Rainy Days and Birthdays }

Rainy Day

Good morning everyone, it is quite early here, only 6:45am but since I had some time, I thought I would come in for a little chat.

You know the other day I was looking back through my blog, something I do quite often, and I enjoyed it so much.  All the memories, the stories, the good and the bad times, all of it recorded here on this little blog.  Then I started thinking that as life has changed, as kids have grown, as we've moved around from State to State, I seem to have slowed down tremendously on the updating.

I keep telling myself it's fine, it's normal, it's the crazy busy life I live at the moment, but on the other hand it saddens me because I feel there are so many things happening that I *SHOULD* be recording for later, and I'm not doing it.

It's a daily struggle, really.

Anyway, the past two weeks have been extra busy with school tests and birthdays and family gatherings etc.

Jasmine's birthday

My gorgeous daughter turned 17.  Yep, 17 years old.  I don't even know how that happened, it feels like it was overnight.  Do you remember when she was a little girl starting kindergarten?
I actually want to cry when I look at that picture.  I miss my little girl, I miss her needing me constantly, and I miss being able to just pick her up and cradle her in my lap. 

Jasmine's birthday

She is still sweet, she is still loving, she still hugs me and tells me she loves me, just the other night she actually woke me up around midnight with a text message that simply said "I love you mama".

That's all, just I love you mama and a heart, she wanted to tell me before she fell asleep. 

By the way, she is doing so much better after being to the doctor.  I was reluctant to start her on medication, I wanted to try everything possible before going down that route, but I have to tell you that the change in her is amazing.  She is well rested, she is smiling, she is up early every morning, she is out of her room and interacting with the family.  There is a glow about her that I hadn't seen in a very long time.

Thank you all so very much, for the prayers and words of encouragement, they got me through some of my darkest moments.

So yes, 17 years old, one more year and she is done with school, going to college and moving out on her own.  Oh boy, I am going to struggle through that I'm sure.

Rainy Day

The rain has been coming down lately, and sometimes it feels non stop, which is normal for this time of the year. 

While I love a good thunderstorm, the fact that the storms here are so severe at times, and could produce tornadoes, is enough to keep me on my toes anytime one rolls around.  I guess it's something I will just have to get used to, right?

Rainy Day

As the rain has been pelting down, I'm noticing a lot of mushrooms popping up all over the yard.  I wouldn't dare touch any of them as I don't know what is poisonous or not, but they do make for some pretty pictures.

Rainy Day

The ones above make me think of a forest and I can almost envision some fairies living under them. 

Rainy Day

There's something about rain, about the way the drops hang from the blades of grass, or trickle down a tree branch.  Or the sound it makes on the roof, even the thunder and lightning for me is therapeutic.  Now if I could just have all that without the tornadoes, that would be great  hahah

Alright, I have housework to do and I also want to quickly watch my Portuguese soap, so I better get this post finished off.

Oh and I do plan on getting my food blog up and running again, I'm so sorry that I've slacked on it, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that I miss having my recipes right there when I'm making a new menu plan or just looking for a family favorite to make.  I need to remedy that.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone, leaving you with tons of blessings :)


  1. She is a beautiful girl. I loved reading your post about your memories and that text is just so heartwarming. Bless her heart! I'm glad she is doing better.

  2. I'm glad to hear your daughter is doing better. Sometimes medicine is the best option. I was on medication for depression and anxiety for a long time and it helped. She's beautiful and has a bright future ahead of her. The things you said really made me emotional. My kids are still little but I know it won't be long until they are celebrating their 17th birthday and I'll be feeling those same emotions as you. It was a nice reminder to treasure these moments, even when they can be frustrating.

  3. glad your baby is doing well, she is a sweet and lovely young lady..
    i miss your crafting and the pics of things you did..
    have a good day sandra.

  4. Happy birthday to Jasmine. It's definitely a transition not only for the child but for the mom as well when they hit young adulthood! I had to think last month as my oldest got married that she is a quarter century old! What on earth????!!!! Now that is crazy! I don't feel that old. So glad Jasmine is getting back to her old self. Sometimes ya just gotta do what you gotta do. She's grown into a lovely young lady.

  5. o tempo passa tão depressa sandra, que quando olhamos para tras puff esfumou se... beijinhos algarvios!

  6. I am so glad Jasmine is doing better. I was always a "medicine is a bandaid" person thinking it just hid the problem, until I went on an antidepressant after Rylie was born for PPD. It was amazing how wonderful and normal I felt. I obviously am now a believer. I can't even imagine the babies moving out being a real thing. It seems so far away but I know it isn't. As for the college thing, Kansas University is a pretty good school ;) Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Lol


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